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Does Themeing affect the ride?  

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  1. 1. Does Themeing affect the ride?

    • Yes, theming makes rides way better than they actually are.
    • It helps but it can't mask a bad ride.
    • No, Scream>Bizarro everyday! It saves Money!

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The theming on a good coaster is less important, since all the best coasters don't have slow enough spots to enjoy the theming anyway.


But as for pretty much any water ride, track ride, smaller coaster, etc, theming is literally the most important thing to me...

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I think that it helps make what would otherwise be a medicore ride good and standout. The best example of this is Apocalypse. If it didn't have the most theming on any roller coaster at six flags, it would just be another B and M stand up , and not one of the better ones at that. But the theming makes it a lot more fun and stand out from all the other coasters at the park

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^No amount of theming can redeem Iron Wolf/Apocalypse. But if you're stuck with a lousy B&M stand-up coaster, you do what you can.

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I'm going to play devil's advocate with the "can't make a bad ride better" bit...


Couldn't one argue that if you add enough theming, you potentially turn a "bad ride" into a Dark Ride (of sorts)? I mean, sure if a ride is downright painful then you can't fix that with a well-put-together story and surroundings... but you could change the entire "feel" of a sub-par ride by over-theming. Some of the more kooky parks out there like Bonbon Land already prove this to a point, in that they have some pretty average rides that have been made infamous due to theming making it much more fun (Dog Fart Coaster comes to mind). There are many rides out there that wouldn't even be what they are known for without the theming.



As for my personal opinion on the matter? I'm pretty much indifferent. If I have fun on a ride, I don't care if it's because the ride is just an awesome piece of machinery, or if it is partially because of the theming, or if it is entirely because of the theming. I don't feel the need to add theming to something that is already awesome (the eyes on the tunnel of Leviathan at CW comes to mind... like, why?). I think parks could use theming to make up for a ride that might be older (or not as thrilling or low on ridership or whatever) more interesting and more attractive. But I don't think it's the end of the world if they don't.

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