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Robb Alvey's Facebook Account

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WTF ... I've never heard of that other site until today:


Due to repeated abuse, you have been blocked from viewing this site.


I didn't register, didn't comment that I looked at that site ... nothing. What are they just going through everybody's IP address who visited today and blocking it?

Unbelievable. I would just like to take this moment to say their "TPR Hate Thread" has officially backfired on them.

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I just want to say that I finally found (site with people who I have to wonder why they exist) and read the (thread that really doesn't exist at least anymore). I am shocked. I have been brainwashed... I was un aware that by reading TPR I would be brain washed. I though I was an adult who could reason for myself, but I just learned that was not the case. I also am in shock that by being a member here I must give my first born the site.. I feel so used... I feel so duped... The only thing that must be able to fix this is a food binge. Then people here will probly make fun of me and I will feel sad. That will make me want find a support group and alas the EVIL DOERS will have won and their master plan will have taken place.


That sums up about four pages of (thread that really doesn't exist at least anymore) on (site with people who I have to wonder why they exist) for those of you who may have missed it.... Clearly they are of sound mind and we should all listen to what they have to say.

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Wow ...


Robb, I think the only alternative is to post his phone number so we can all return the favor.

I think that is a great idea. Robb sorry to here that you are having these problems, People can be so rude.


I love this site. all the people I have met here have been great, and I have have had a TON of fun. Screw all those TPR haters!!!

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Hahah finally got caught up on this thread and wow, what a bunch of jealous cry babies. Talk about getting there panties in a twist for there stupidity and getting banned.


Also like to thank you Robb and Elissa for TPR and all the hard work that you guys do for an amazing site.

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let's be honest here, we are all coaster dorks so how cool can we really be?


Look at that. This comment made me smile, not cry like I guess some people would do.




This one too, off of a site of "Industry Professionals"


I still think it's funny when 14 year olds say that Knott's is losing it's nostalgia. I'm like "really?". You were Flippig 2 when Cedar Fair bought Knott's!



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^Speaking as a 51-year-old man who grew up in California, I can say, with the strength of my convictions, that Knott's has, indeed, lost some "nostalgia"--whatever that was supposed to mean. (Really, can something "lose" nostalgia? You can feel less "nostalgic" about it--that's true enough.)



I was able to access the other site's thread yesterday (can't today) and noticed that they'd "closed" it, which was probably for the best. Frankly, there's very little there worth reading, anyway.

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Robb, even though I have never met you or Elissa, I've been reading TPR for nearly 10 Years and really wanted to chime in on this. I find it difficult to understand how people could say you are Rude/Mean/etc. In fact, I find it Laughable! You have Standards you Uphold and Rules you Enforce, is that so wrong? When you are Brutally Honest with people, I'm sure many people like me are in total agreement with you. I enjoy TPR because there are no Assholes here.


- Sid

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You know something? I have just realized that TPR and I have a lot in common. I make fun of myself first and foremost - that makes everyone else fair game .


I also want to applaud Robb for his handling of this. It would be EASY to become hurt and angry. It's human nature when someone is attacking you. Hell - I get offended when people spout this crap about the Alveys. I like them and consider them friends. I don't like people bashing on my friends. Robb, however, has handled this with wit and dignity. THAT, I think drives them battier than anything else.


You Go Robb and Elissa.



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Some people will just never learn. You don't bring a knife to a gunfight. And if you wanna bash someone bigger than you, do it in the privacy of your own gravy buffet line...not over the internet.


I think thats the wrong way to look at things.


Sorry this happened. With the importance assigned to them nowadays, a facebook page shouldn't be f'd with.

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Sad to see Robb get treated like this. I've never met the guy but hey he's a person who busts his @$$ for people giving us trips that are amazing from what I see and giving us one of the best sites that is maintained properly. Now I made my share of mistakes and I've even gotten a "time-out" from TPR but truth is if you handle it with class Robb will at least hear you out, not going on another site and bashing the poor guy. Like I said I've never met Robb but people who take it too seriously grow up it's a roller coaster internet site so have a sense of humor so we can all enjoy it. Once again Thank you Robb for the site it's my favorite by far because it's filled with awesome people I hope to meet one day.

-Cookie "Sorry for the Rant" Iorio

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