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Now, I don't post much on here because I'm a quiet person in general and that's just my personality, but I think this whole thing is kind of childish.


For me, the whole reason I read TPR is for the sense of humour, sarcasm, and fun. I'm a Canadian, and we're nothing if not good at making fun of ourselves lol, so why would I want to be a part of an online community if they can't do the same? I'm so sick of the whole world trying to be "politically correct" and I love that TPR isn't trying to be like that.


I personally have thought of joining other enthusiast sites before, but upon reading their forums (including the one in question that is saying all these things about Robb and TPR), I really didn't get anything out of the "politically correct sunshine and daisies" mentality (and yes, that is the technical term for it) that they seem to have going on. It wasn't as much fun as what I found on TPR, so I just couldn't be bothered lol. I've nothing against anyone on those sites, and I agree that nobody should feel like they have to "choose sides"... though I do think that the unmentioned "other site" is the only one making anyone feel like they do have to choose sides like that. All I seem to be hearing here is that you're welcome at TPR as long as you aren't a d-bag or troll, and as long as you have a sense of humor. And that's A-OK with me!

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I want to start with thanking Robb and Elissa for this wonderful site. I have been an avid reader for years now and I love looking at all of the pictures of parks I probably will never the chance to visit. I feel as though I can live it through you and the members that get to go.


I have finally decided to stop putting off going on a TPR trip due to the excuse of money and really started saving so i can go on a trip this summer. I now am going on the North East Trip and I can honestly say I have never been more excited for a vacation in my life (well unless it was a week in Disney World hehe). I can not wait to finally meet the creators of this site as well as the other members I have come in contact with over the years here. I feel as though everyone will be welcoming and no one will put off they are better then anyone. Plus I paid all that money for the passport so now I want to put it to use for future trips.


I have read what is being said on other sites about Robb and TPR. I do not agree with any of it. I think if he was such a bad person then no one would want to be part of this site. It is this site that fed my love of amusement parks. When I first came across this site I had no idea what it was all about but I loved the idea of people taking trips just to ride rides. I remember when I was little I dreamed about taking vacations just to ride rides and to see that people actually do it made me so excited!


I have had my mishaps on here and Rob has directed his thoughts towards me in the forum. I did not take it personal because I knew what I said was wrong. I used it as learning tool and now I tell my thoughts without being so harsh or do not put someone down for liking something I don't.


I feel like I fit in here even though I have never met anyone from here. I am quite silly, crazy, and overall a fun guy. I was made fun of all through school but I never let me phase me because I like who I am. So I may a stereotypical gay - I love cheesy pop music, love going to night clubs, and I wear my clothes tight - I do not care. I love who I am.


I have recently did the same thing. I went through my Facebook 'Friends' and deleted people that I never talk to and people who are supposed to be my friends but never talk to me when they see me in person and avoid me at all cost. I think that is just stupid. I have my facebook so tightly secured lol. My friends get mad when they can not check me in at places. I am like I LIVE ALONE!! If people know when I am not home then they know it is an OK time to come rob me. That recently happened to a bunch of people.


So I can totally relate. I do not take it personal. Maybe after the North East Trip I can be added again.

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So this morning I received about 5 crank phone calls and another 3 or 4 texts. I pick up the call and they say "YOU SUCK" and hang up. I get texts that say "Horses Ass!!!"


Fortunately, the moron who sent them to me forgets that I now have his phone number and location where the calls originated and cross referenced the number with the information that people filled out in the TPR store when they ordered DVDs. Yup. Looks like it's one of the people who was banned from TPR and was posting to that thread on that "Site where the members are too fat to fit on rides" complaining about TPR.


Really? Crank phone calls??? What are you...in fifth grade?


It's one thing if you don't like TPR, or myself, and you post a bunch of stupid stuff to a website. Whatever. But crank phone calls?!?!? How juvenile are you?


--Robb "And they are trying to convince their members that everyone on TPR is 12 years old..." Alvey

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I don't know the whole story but... they ORDERED DVD'S?


They hate you, and TPR and think it sucks but they dropped about 10 bucks on a TPR DVD? I know this whole thing happened after they bought DVD's but you can't buy TPR merchandise and then complain that you hate TPR. I hope you autographed it for them.

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^ I've been trying to figure out which sites these are, too. Right now, I only post here and on Westcoaster. It'd be interesting to read that stuff, if for no other reason than pure entertainment.


It is pathetic how much time some people spend on "revenge" or "harassment" of someone they don't like. As for me, I just let them go and find something else to do. There are just too many other things to do out there!



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So this morning I received about 5 crank phone calls and another 3 or 4 texts. I pick up the call and they say "YOU SUCK" and hang up.


Wow. That's a very lame prank call. Zero effort. Haven't they ever heard of the Jerky Boys? Can't they put in some effort into harassing you?


Oh well. The joke's on them anyway. You're having a great time right now on the Allure and they're not!

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For one, I found the other site by googling "too fat to ride coasters" only a few sites came up.


Second, I think that they are actually helping this site because you know you're higher end of awesome when someone feels required to hate you and make a page "proving" so, take the dark knights sucks website as example.


Third and COMPLETELY on topic, is "crank" phone call a west coast lingo? Always heard it and called it a "prank" phone call. Wasn't sure if that was a pop/soda type thing.

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Recently did the same on my Facebook account. Weeded out all the jerks, "How do I know you in the 1st place?" people, and people I simply don't talk to anymore.


Anyways, I love this site for getting industry and construction updates quickly. It's my 'go-to' website for discussions and updates and I realize and respect the hard work that goes into it. I find it sad that people get so butt-hurt on the internet so quickly nowadays though. Everyones entitled to their own opinions, but there's no reason to go out of ones way to chastise someone when they clearly are the ones at fault. Seems like people can't take criticism and blame that much anymore. When someone on here smears someone for making idiotic comments, they deserve it in my opinion. All it takes is a little thing called a "forum search", scrolling through previous thread pages to find your answer before posting, or learning to take criticism. I believe in effective discussion forums, not ones full of "me too", "let me doubt your opinion for the millionth time", and "let me resurrect a 'case closed' subject within a thread" posts. I'm not just talking about this forum though, but of them all.


Which brings me to the point that I find it also extremely sad that there's a thread on another website dedicated for $hitting all over the way how the boss handles this one. They're trying to smear someone who they claim is an a$$hole, when really they are all just hypocrites and proving to everyone else that they are the pathetic a$$hats by talking smack. I agree for getting rid of the negative people on here.


Certain websites aren't for everyone and certainly everyone is not going to agree with one another and get along. Don't like the way a site is handled or run? Don't visit it. While I may not agree with certain posts and such on here or other forums, I certainly won't go out of my way to reign a hell fire on that certain someone I have a disagreement with. I generally just keep to myself and avoid the pointless drama. Hell, I haven't even posted on here in months! Over the years though I've seen this website evolve from just another roller coaster website on the internet into an entire community and business. That's hard work and I think credit's due where credit's due.


phew... okay there's my opinion.

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Crank calls and texts !? Haha, you don't need to say anything anymore. In fact, from now on, anytime one of those sights/posts/pages come up you can just post those texts. Nothing else more would need to be said.


Speaking of crank texts and calls, I haven't noticed any "email Dan"s in any of your cruise pics

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It's a shame people actually do this, I mean why bother do this, it's immature, they should grow up and leave you alone. I hope these people are banned from here as they seem like the kind who spoil the fun.

I don't see why they would want to bother you like this, do they not have better things to do?


The thing is I wouldn't like TPR As much without the jokes and wittyness of it all.

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I actually post a lot in that "too fat to ride" thread. I kind of went off in one of my posts because nobody ever stayed on course and everyone was always gaining their weight back.

Sorry if I offend any religious types, but there's one guy who's really hefty and gives all the credit for when he loses weight to God and Jesus. I want to shake him and be like "So is God playing a cruel joke on you by making you constantly gain and lose weight? Take some responsibility. If you're the one who gains weight, it's through your will, not God's, that you lose the weight!"


I'm at my lowest weight in 7 years so I've been on my high horse in that thread for a while. Now I'm not really "too fat to ride" anything.

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Wow, I'd totally forgotten about that website. I stopped going to it years ago, cause it was kind of boring. I'll admit I'm scared to post some times for fear I'll say something stupid, but I have to say that Robb and Elissa are two of the nicest people I've met.


I remember a couple years ago before the Midwest trip I accidentally sent a pretty personal email to Theme Park Review (it was right above someone else's name on my conact list). I was terrified at first, but then I got one of the most encouraging replies ever. That's always stuck in my mind, and while I see how people can take some of the jokes and bans the wrong way, it's never malicious.

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