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I've selective with my Facebook friends after my experience on MySpace. On my MySpace account, I used to add everyone. Then I got spam for porn, Viagara, cheap sunglasses, etc. I got tired of it and deleted the people I didn't know. Now on Facebook, I really only add people that I know or friends of friends. If I don't know you and you try to friend me, I'll send you a message saying "Do I know you?" If I don't get a response after a few days, I don't add you. Simple as that.

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People taking personal offense to being kicked off a website to the point of making up shit and trying to personally damage the reputation of someone. Talk about first world problems, go do something productive with your lives, like pour some soup in a soup kitchen or pick up some litter.


I know how you feel Robb, I've been in my own shit before. If we ever meet I'll buy you a beer not as consolation but to thank you for such a great site.

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Well, against my better judgment, I read through that thread and I only have a few points to make:


1. TPR is a business, is it not? Registered travel agency-like, and then a smaller online store. Is it a crime to organize great trips for many people many times a year, pull it all together, and make a bit of money off of it to sustain yourself? No. Isn't it also true that the expenses from keeping TPR ad-free and running dip out of that profit? They're ranting because you have enough brains to make it all work out. Your trips look amazing and I'm sure they're even better for the lucky few that take them a year. It's not your fault that they're lazy and do nothing for themselves. You take it to the next level and do it for others. You could have simply never done any of this, the site, trips, and kept it all for yourself. But you chose to share your success. Chroniq (sorry for spelling, Chris) is nearly the sole voice of reason there. Others made valid points, of course, but some seemed to have double-standards.


2. I seriously doubt that you are an embezzler, you don't seem the type. While myself and others don't always agree with you, we don't blatantly throw a hissyfit of gargantuan proportions with little evidence to support it. The respectable members here show their discontent with reason in a calm manner. Admittedly, I don't always side with you either, but if we did all agree on everything, their wouldn't be much reason for discussion at all. Or really even the forums. Differing opinions aren't horrid by a long shot, but it seems that the manner in which they were presented by those was the flaw. Your methods of moderation here are strict, but thank goodness! We'd have some terrible mess like them if you didn't crack down. Should things get out of hand here, you take rational measures. I was called out on another site for requesting someone to use correct grammar instead of "text talk" as it was a bit of a pain to read. I'm thankful for many of the relatively high standards you ask of us.


3. It doesn't make anybody a bad person to lose their temper. That is total BS. As if they don't get mad every now and then, surely enough they try to make something out of that relating to bad parenting. I don't see how this holds any water. You have a disclaimer at the bottom of ever page, for goodness sake. PG-13. That means stay out if you have an issue with it! They ignore this for some odd reason.


I side with Robb here. The false and/or exaggerated accusations on their part prove their immaturity.


Thank you Robb for this great site and the opportunities that you give us. I am able to live vicariously through your trips.

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In my opinion these people just want attention, and frankly, I find it absolutely incredible people are ignorant enough to post "evidence" on Facebook of all places. (like anyone will believe them besides people who don't like this site.).


While I know Robb has a vibrant sense of humor, I take everything with a grain of salt and don't get offended easily.


(I'll never forget the: If you don't stop this your a$$ will be banned faster than Xcelerator launches up it's top hat )


This crap just annoys me more than anything, but you know what? Which site has a higher amount of traffic? Hmmm?


Food for thought.

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People take things WAY too seriously in this community. When Robb goes off on us for beating a dead horse, or posting something stupid (I've done it), I just laugh because it reminds me of when my dad use to cuss at us for making too much noise. lol I DO NOT take it personally. People are just so sensitive about everything, and so thin skinned.


When did we become a nation of such whiners anyway?

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When I first got into coaster enthusiast mode around 5 years ago I joined that site and TPR within days of each other. Each site was good to visit for different reasons. In the last few years there hasn't really been all that much discussion on the boards. The only thread I really posted on was the one Robb mentioned where people were concerned about fitting on certain rides because of their weight. (At this point I've lost enough weight where I can fit on pretty much any ride although Cedar Point may pose the true challenge.)

I made a decent friend on that site and he remains at odds with TPR, which is his right.

Overall, I guess I'm miffed that we're at a point where we have to "choose sides" as roller coaster enthusiasts. Wish there was some more unity across the board*




*Except for ACE

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I just have a couple comments.


For starters, Robb I am sorry to hear about all of this. I really appreciate all that you contribute with this site. I have been reading the Theme Park Review forums for quite some time. Just by reading the many trip reports, I have learned a lot about trip planning.


Last summer, I went on my first major theme park trip, and the information I have read on this site was of great influence. Over the past few years, I had many personal commitments, and I somewhat fell out of the theme park scene.


Having been a member of several online communities for the past 10 years, I will say this. I think it's good to get a feel for the community, and think before you post. Often, I see people join these sites and immediately post like crazy. It's as is they have to comment on everything. Some feel that if they disagree, they have to immediately post their opinion, which is often fueled by emotion. Now many of us have done this throughout our lives, but it usually leads to unnecessary drama and hard feelings.

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Overall, I guess I'm miffed that we're at a point where we have to "choose sides" as roller coaster enthusiasts. Wish there was some more unity across the board


I don't know that you have to choose sides; I post occasionally to quite a few different forums (fora?); I'm also a paid up member of more than one club.

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No one is asking anyone to choose sides. I could care less if someone is a member of another forum, ACE, etc, as long as that person doesn't mind if we poke fun of them every once in a while. Remember, we are poking "fun" at them, and chances are, for every one time we poke fun at some other group, we've poked fun at ourselves 100 times. That's just how we are. It's part of our personality. If someone doesn't like it, there's the door. But no one is asking anyone, or wants someone to feel like they have to "choose sides." At least no one at TPR. If your other organizations feel that way, well, that's too bad for them.


When Robb goes off on us for beating a dead horse, or posting something stupid (I've done it), I just laugh because it reminds me of when my dad use to cuss at us for making too much noise. lol I DO NOT take it personally.

Exactly. My 'going off' on people is part of my 'character', sort of like the coaster enthusiasts Simon Cowell or Gordon Ramsey. If really take offense to it, well, that means your weak and you probably shouldn't be posting to TPR in the first place. But it's all more for entertainment value than anything someone should take too seriously.


While I know Robb has a vibrant sense of humor, I take everything with a grain of salt and don't get offended easily.

Again, totally true. If you are getting offended by anything I say, then not only should you not be reading TPR, you probably shouldn't ever turn on your television, or walk outside your home. Because I guarantee you "real life" can be far more offensive than any stupid crap I'm going to write on an internet message forum!


--Robb "Grow some balls and get a sense of humour...that's my advice to everyone!" Alvey

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/\ I've always appreciated your sense of humour... now I've just got to grow those balls!


Seriously, the humour and sarcasm on these boards is what brought me here in the first place, I only had a vague interest in parks and rollercoasters and TPR was something I started looking at to pass the time and put a smile on my face at a job I hated. Now I read it pretty much everyday and my interest in parks and rollercoasters is far more than it ever would be without this site.


Robb has brought a hell of a lot to the coaster community - most importantly for me; a sense of humour, something that is lacking in a lot of other enthusiast groups! These people just need to accept that if they don't understand Robb's humour (or have a sense of humour for that matter!) TPR is not the place for them - leave quietly and don't let the door hit you on the way out!


My thoughts are with you Robb, no one should have to put up with this crap, enjoy your cruise and keep up the good work!



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^ But you also gotta remember:


Most TPR Members = Can make fun of themselves


Most ACE Members = Cannot make fun of themselves


And those ACE members than can, are also TPR members!


--Robb "We don't discriminate against what club you're with, only if you can take a joke or not!" Alvey

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Well I guess my TPR days are over, I mean they have more evidence over there then the world has batman clones!


I never knew you banned people for sheer rudeness, or went off on people because they were telling you that what you saw with your own eyes was wrong! BLASPHEMY I'M OUT!


Oh no, I just realized that i've made this overly sarcastic and silly post for only one of two reasons using butt hurt logic:

1)I'm afraid of the dictator and so morph my opinion to avoid bantron/fairy

2)I'm a blind fanboy!




Or you know I actually have the capability to own my own opinions and mistakes...crazier concept then a 140mph thousand loop coaster!

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