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Hidden treasures/left overs

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At Six Flags Great Adventure, when you are going up Nitro's lift, if you look to the right, you can see a lot of the parks old attractions, including the sign for Batman And Robin: The Chiller.


Every park has a boneyard of old rides, parts and signs

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I like to think of The Dragon that is under the Castle at Disneyland Paris as a unique/hidden attraction, this can be very easily missed at the park but is certaintly worth checking out.

Also at Europa Park, there is a walk through Cave/dark section that houses part of the Mine Train and Log Flume, Its absolutly worth a walk through it as there is some nice themeing inside plus its cool to see the Mine Train rush through every 2 mins or so, again its easily missed at the park as I believe the way through it is through a shop

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Four things that come to mind right away at SFNE are...


- The old splash down area for Shipwreck Falls (now closed) once held a jungle cruise attraction during its riverside days.


- Across from where Shipwreck Falls was, next to the New England Skyway station is a sign that says "Eddies Fish Market". Eddie was one of the previous owners of Riverside. Also in the Rockville section of the park, there is Fast Eddies Diner, also named after the owner.


- Back in I believe 1998, Riverside added "Hellavator", an S&S Turbo Drop. When Six Flags bought the park in 2000, they added onto the tower I believe an extra 50ft and added two more towers to make Scream! The Hellavator tower is the one closest to Thunderbolt. If you look closely, you can see the red paint comming threw. Also that tower can only run Turbo Drop, while the other two can do all three modes, drop, shot, and combo.


- If you look between skyway and scrambler, there is a little stair case that now leads to a smoking area and a path that goes to a fence. That staircase and path used to be the que for the Riverside Cyclone. The Que would go up the hill, go to the right, then would cut threw the structure, follow the first drop and break run, then up the stairs you go up today. Sometime during the years, the park decided to change where you would enter to the otherside of the station. When they did this, they had a long straight ramp with a large set of switch backs. The old line became the exit and they added a photo booth. In 2006, Catapult took up the site of the switch backs, and the current que n exit you see now was made. The original Que was demolished but you can still see the places in the structure the line would have went. Also you can still see the old photo booth from the current line!

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^ I find it very interesting finding out how things develope in a park when a ride or attraction is removed and what the parks do to make things blend in. Probably why I like books on parks that show them over the years.

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Ok here's an insight on our Australian Parks. I'm gonna post this in installments as its gonna be pretty long.



Where the old Eureka Mine Ride used to be, they have now boarded up the station and put midway games in front of it, the mountain is still standing and you can see some of the old track inside.


The Vekoma SLC in training (Have no idea what its called now, its had 3 name changes over the last year) has had parts repainted to remove the Nickelodeon branding after Dreamworld lost the contract the big what was orange ball on the top has been painted green to match the track but i can be seen from some of the taller rides that the very top of the ball was not painted.


In the early days of Dreamworld there used to be a playground on the island in the middle of the Murrissippi River, when taking a boat ride on the Captain Sturt you could see a part of the playground and the rope bridge to get across.


Blue Lagoon was a former water area of the park, the Mountain where the slides all started from is still standing though the slides have been removed and pools filled with concrete.


The old Thunderbolt station is now partially in use as the Flowrider shop, behind the shop (White Water World side) there is a green fence, if you look over this you can still see a part of the station that was not converted in its original state including the Ride Safety Notice Sign.


Captain Sturt Paddle-wheel Boat is SBNO at the moment, when walking from Wiggles World towards the Sheep Shearing Show you can see it sitting in the river as you pass the Farmyard Friends Barn area.


The old Chairlift station and supports are still standing, you can see the station in The Town of Gold Rush to the right of the Jail and supports throughout the park heading back toward the Australian Wildlife Experience, I'm not sure on the status of the station at the AWE end.


Fluffy the Shark was an animatronic shark that used to swim around the base of Wipeout when it had water in it before all the water restrictions were brought in, you can now find him hiding in one of the Gardens surrounding the Huss Enterprise.


Dreamworld used to offer scenic helicopter rides departing from the front of the park in Gold Rush Country but they have since been removed, the helipad is still there and there is now theming for Buzzsaw sitting on top of it.


Dora Sea Planes was a fixed rotating arm ride that sat within the Kids area, this has been removed, the fencing and operator booth is still sitting there, with a plant in the middle where the ride used to sit.


The carpet in the main street gift store still shows the original Dreamworld Logo from when the park first opened 30 years ago.


Edit: One of the cars from the old Police Academy Stunt Show is now part of the theming for Superman: The Escape, it is right before the launch where the ground has caved in from the earthquake cause cars to fall in a hole.

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Where the Marvin the Martian Rocket Ride used to be located (Zamperla Magic Bus) they have boarded up, if you look behind those boards, you can see the mechanical arms still sitting there.


Wild West Falls used to have live actors through one of the sections having a western show down. While they don't have the actors there anymore the sound effects and leaking from the bullet holes barrel still work, it leaves a lot of people confused.


Where the Looney Tunes River Ride used to be, they have now turned the queue area into the the 'Rollercoaster Viewing Area' for the Road Runner Rollercoaster, as well as this the old sign on the building is still there, they just painted over the 'River Ride' section.


Back before the SLC got its new trains and re-theme it was themed to the Lethal Weapon movies and located in China Town, there was this 'China Alley' as we called it which still remains and has been boarded up but over the boards you can still see the Chinese design.

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The train ride that opened back in 1972, a year after the park was removed in 2008, there are still parts of the track all over the park and some of the bridges used to cross between areas still stand.




Where the Terror Canyon slides were previously located you can now find the Constrictor slide and the platform for the zip lines. The Constrictor slide also finishes in the same pool as the former Terror Canyon Slides.


Same as above goes for the River Rapids series of slides, they are in the position of the former Whitewater Flumes.


Edit: The splashdown pool of the former Double Screamer Slides has been converted to be part of the expanded Buccaneer Bay Kids Area

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I searched various ways but didn't find a thread like this, if it exists feel free to shut this one down. But I am always interested in hearing about various pieces of old rides that can still be found in parks...old stations still standing or re-purposed, footers that still exist, or other bits that may be obvious to some but a mystery to others.


Some are pretty obvious and glaring...the old Peoplemover/Rocket Rods track at Disneyland comes to mind. Some less so, like the jumping fish at Disneyland over by BTMRR that used to be part of the Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland. I am sure there are tons out there, so thought if anyone had info on them or even better pictures to share it might make an interesting thread. If not, feel free to kill it!

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The log flume in the mountian that's currently being used for Volcano the Blast Coaster at KD is a commonly known one. Not quite as good of an example, but there is sill a small portion of the old Log Flume at Cedar Point visible from the Maverick queue. The station, and a small bit of track, is still visible from Son Of Beast at KI.


Not sure if its still there, but at least up until a few years ago, the station platform and part of the launch system for Tidal Wave (the old Schwarzkopf shuttle) at CGA was still around. It's visible from many of the Vortex, now Patriot, POV's along with Google Earth/Maps. It would be interesting to see if anyone has pictures of this, it would probably be pretty easy to get from the entrance ramp of Vortex or the station platform.

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Shockwave (SFGAm) still exists in the form of beer cans. Additionally, a segment of track was used as replacement on Demon- not sure where exactly. I remember reading that the park is using old Shockwave maintenance stairs somewhere on Whizzer.

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My homepark (SFGAm) has a ton of left over remnants from former attractions




Pictured is a sign from the former Great America Raceway (1976-2010). The park never completely torn down all of the ride's track, it's still very visible from American Eagle's queue, and I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly, the cars were still there until 2012 or 2013. This past summer I rode Dare Devil Dive for the first time (Located right next to AE) and from the queue there's even better views, including this sign. You can also see where the track ends, it pretty much encircles Dare Devil Dive's platform



Track still up in 2016. I didn't get a picture, but it's clearly visible where the track ends from DDD's queue



(Not my picture) Iron Wolf's old exit sign re-used for Revolution



Trailblazer, a Zamperla Joker ride that was removed from the park in 2006, still has it's queue and ride platform standing after a decade. Very visible from inside Southwest Territory or while riding Demon or the train.

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-Superman Tower of Power still has the castle shape from Astroworld (look at the top)



-The Axis Arcade used to be a station for the chairlift

-The station for the second Mine Train is still standing

-The old Drunken Barrels cars are used as seats near the train station

-The seating area for a dolphin show was reused for Pandemonium's queue

-You can see the batmobile from The Boss

And finally, based on what I heard, The random brick ledges in front of Shazam used to be part of a Mexican restaurant.

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