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NEWS: PARC Management acquires Baker Leisure Group

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PARC Management today announced that it has acquired Orlando-based Baker Leisure Group (BLG), a multi-faceted themed-attraction consulting and management company with an international client base and an outstanding track record in the industry. Steven R. Baker, BLG's founder and former CEO, will lead the newly-formed division, PARC Baker, LLC, which will continue to do business as Baker Leisure Group.


Carrying on BLG's and PARC's mutual tradition of strategic vision combined with rock-solid implementation skills and strong values, PARC and Baker Leisure Group will provide consulting, development, and management operations services to park owners, developers and government entities worldwide.


“We are extremely pleased to welcome Baker Leisure Group to the PARC family,” stated PARC's Chairman and CEO, Randy Drew, “and we're delighted that Steve has agreed to continue to lead Baker Leisure Group. Steve has grown BLG into one of the most successful and well-regarded firms in this industry, and his combination of knowledge, experience and reputation will be an incredible asset.”


PARC's acquisition of BLG comes as the industry-leading entertainment management company embarks in a new direction following an 18-month strategic review and market analysis. In response to that process, and to increasing development opportunities domestically and internationally, PARC is expanding its operations through acquisitions and development of new parks, and by putting its proprietary systems and industry expertise to work for new clients including third-party owners, joint venture partners and government entities.

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This kind of sounds like one unfit parent meets another unfit parent, and together they may have many kids, who are bound to have bad things happen for them because their parents are not fit to raise them.....well, maybe PARC did okay with the CNL parks, I only had the two experiences at Wild Waves to go by, which I had a good time when I went, but there was room to improve. So I guess that makes PARC the parent that does try, but because of their unfit spouse in the Baker Group, their children parks will probably suffer.


So in the end, what does it mean? Is it meaning that PARC is now involved with Hard Rock/Freestyle Fail? What places did PARC still have after CNL gave them the boot?



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Wow....the Bernie Madhoff of theme park management merges with the Enron of theme park companies. A match made in heaven. After the CNL disaster with PARC and Steve Baker's inability to successfully manage anything recently, why would anyone ever lend these guys money.

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This reminds me of the 80s all over again.


"The sum of two negatives eqals a positive."


In this case, it's pretty much like what Franklin Lorenzo did to Continental and Eastern (And NYAIr, and Texas International, and Frontier, and PEOPLExpress and Britt and PBA) in the 80s- "We suck at what we do. Now let's merge and get SUCKIER."


Nothing good will come of this- at all.

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