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Photo TR: Robb & Elissa go to Dubai!

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Sadly, there is no way to go higher, as a member of the public. That really astounded me. EVERYTHING about that building is a world record holder, EXCEPT the observation deck. It is the second highest, but highest outdoor one, meaning it has a roofless section. I was shocked that it wasn't much higher up, or that they at least didn't have a second premium deck like you are saying.


Maybe they'll eventually do that. It's a real head scratcher that they don't have it.



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Are you guys for real? You're SERIOUSLY f**king complaining about the observation deck that is only ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDERD FEET UP IN THE AIR? And one of only TWO PLACES IN THE WORLD that has a deck that tall, and the ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD that has an outdoor deck that tall? Seriously??? Where the F**K do you want the observation deck to be? ON THE F**KING MOON?!?!?!


The tower and the observation deck was seriously impressive. Stupid people. Shut the F**K up and find something real to complain about.


/End Alvey Rant


--Robb "Some people will just complain about anything." Alvey

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And our final day in Dubai... we decided to hit up two VERY polar opposite parks in one day, Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Resort, and Ski Dubai. Oddly enough, this ended up being my favorite day in Dubai! Aquavenutre was seriously one of the nicest water parks I've ever been to. Not as huge on slides or variety of slides, but the overall park made up for it. It just felt like a world-class "resort." And then Ski Dubai was just plain AWESOME! Sure, the skiing conditions weren't great, probably like your typical "So Cal Skiing conditions", but the idea of there being a half-way decent ski run in the middle of the blazing hot desert was AWESOME!


For today's adventure, we got to drive out on "Palm Island"!


Palm Island has been called the "Worlds most extreme island" and has been the star of many of those "Modern Marvels" type of TV shows.


You can see the Atlantis resort right at the top of Palm Island...and that's where we are heading!


Where in the world can we be now? This was the best photo we took. I think we really stumped a lot of people with this one! =)


Aquaventure is very similar to the water park at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, but this version has more slides and more awesomeness!


And it had perky nipples!


Here is the resort!


We got these awesome wristbands that open our locker.


With the monorail track in the background, it just feels like a real resort!


The map shows that we're going to travel through a cows stomach or something!


Behind me is the torrent river! You can download all kinds of pirated movies there.


It's one of those "crazy rivers" that is powered by a wave machine! It was really awesome!


Like I said, the whole place just felt so awesome and resort-like.


"Hi US water parks...all the paths here are either covered, or you walk through water! No hot feet! EVER! This is awesome!'


This is one of the lazy rivers where all the slides dump out into. Keep going around the lazy river until you get to the lift hill of the slide you want to go to. You don't ever have to leave the water and walk to a slide if you don't want to!


Every one of the beach chairs had canopies. Awesome!


Kids play area!


This is the ziggurat, where most of the slides and rides come off of.


And yes, this is that famous slide you've probably seen where you slide through the shark tank!


Yup! There be sharks in that tank!


And if you don't want to do the straight down death slide, there is a much slower slide that also goes through the shark tank!


You have plenty of time to check out all the fish, sharks and sting rays!


From the top of the ziggurat is where all the fun begins!


They have tons of Master Blasters! I think it was 5.


And the best part of about these Master Blasters is that you can ride them all in SINGLE TUBES! If you've never done a Master Blaster in a single tube, it's AWESOME!


You wind up being blasted up backwards, spin around like crazy, it's just insane.


From the top of the ziggurat!


Here's one of the conveyor belts that take you back up to the top.


For some of the slides you take a Master Blaster completely back uphill to the top of the ziggurat! Seriously this entire park was so well planned out. You could spend hours riding the slides and NEVER have to get out of the water. I know there are some parks in the US that are like this (not many), but I've not seen one that incorporates this kind of system AND is so lush and beautiful at the same time.


And of course, if you want a REAL beach, you can sit out here also.


I just can't stress enough how beautiful and "perfect" this park is.


The master blasters here had some serious "OMFG" drops on them!




Hooray for the towel service!


Besides the rides they also had some animal exhibits.


I just wish we had someplace like this in the US. It was so much more than just a "water park", it was like water park luxury. Fantastic!


Leap of Faith was the most intense slide at the park. Not quite as tall as Summit Plummet, but still pretty awesome!




Well, it was time for us to head out of the water park...


Time to head out of the place that is sunny and warm so we can go to someplace that is....




"Did we just really go from bathing suits and blazing hot weather, and 20 minutes later we're about to go skiing?!?! How amazing is this place!"


Ski Dubai is the REAL DEAL! This is actual REAL skiing! Sure, the runs aren't as long as if you're in the mountains, and the conditions aren't perfect, but for an indoor ski run, this place was AWESOME!


"Here we are on the ski lift...in the middle of the desert!"


"I'm seriously skiing and it's 90 degrees outside!!!"


Top to bottom the run is a 1/4 mile long.


This gives you an idea of what it looks like from the outside. It's MASSIVE!


And like any other decent ski resort, there is a place for kids and beginners.


They also do ZORBING here!!!


You get in the hamster ball and the push you down the snow!


To add even more variety, they even had a toboggan run.


The system they used was great! You rented your equipment, then you bought time. We did two hours of skiing, which we could upgrade if we wanted to. We were given an RFID lift ticket that you zipped into the sleeve of your suit...


When you got to the chair lift, you walked through an airgate and pressed your sleeve up against the RFID reader. If you have time on your pass, the airgate opens, and you go! It just ran so perfectly.


"Water parks and skiing in the same day is AWESOME!!!"


Hey look! Our taxi was here to pick us up! =)


Our Dubai/UAE trip came to an end...back to the airport we go...and they spared no expense at this airport...


You could win a Maybach??? Aren't these cars like $250k???


Thank you guys for having such an awesome place like UAE to visit! TPR trip is in the works! =)


This was the saddest part of our trip. :(


I hope everyone enjoyed our reports from Dubai and the UAE!

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I'm not sure how high the Freedom tower's spire will be, but the total height is 1776 feet. I wonder if it's observation deck will be higher than that of the Burj Khalifa.

UGH... call me when that's open.


EDIT: Oh, and when I had first seen some slides of the Atlantis, I touhg, "wow, I want ot go there." After seeing all of these nice pictures, I'm convinced I NEED to go there. Amazing.

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Fantastic TR guys


The Burj Khalifa looks amazing. I'm sure I'd probably have a minor panic attack in the elevator on the way up. But those views are amazing.


The UAE, looks fantastic, and I'll definitely be looking out for the future TPR trip there.

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I'm not sure how high the Freedom tower's spire will be, but the total height is 1776 feet. I wonder if it's observation deck will be higher than that of the Burj Khalifa.

UGH... call me when that's open.


They're FINALLY making progress on it. It took long enough though.


By the way, if Robb's post was directed at me I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining. I was just asking what the upper floors were used for and if there was a second deck. If I were in Dubai I would gladly cough up the 40 bucks to go up there.

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