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Ask Busch Gardens Tampa's Mark Rose a Question!

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Hey everyone!


On Friday, Feb 18th Theme Park Review has been invited to a special behind the scenes tour of Busch Gardens Tampa's upcoming Cheetah Hunt! We also will have the opportunity to interview Mark Rose, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s vice president of Design and Engineering,


We would like to ask all of you to submit a question about the ride, and we will choose a handful of the top questions to be asked in our interview! Please post your questions below!


Thank you for contributing!


--Robb Alvey


ps. We will not ask any questions regarding the name of the coaster. Please do not post them!


ADMIN EDIT: Your questions have been answered! Visit the following thread for the answers to your questions, plus tons of photos and videos! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=58222

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When deciding on a new coaster for the park, who comes up with the initial concept i.e is there a group focus or is one individual responsible for the Idea. Also, how do the attractions that other parks in the immediate market that have recently opened affect your decisions?

p.s. thank you for choosing Intamin. Its about time we had one in Florida

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Did the coaster need a pull through before opening?

If he knows this, could you please follow up with, "What are the winning Florida Lotto numbers for the rest of February?"

I wanted to say something sooo bad lol...thanks! lol

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Why? Some ohter Intamin did have need a pull through before opengin.


ADMIN EDIT: I have edited the above post to remove the ALL CAPS. Please be sure to refrain from posting in such a manner, as it comes across as screaming.

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