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Photo TR: Hersheypark - winter 2011

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Alex (coasteral) and I made our annual Chocolate-Covered February trip today. Stopped by the Attraction 2012 construction site to see what was up and alot has been going on there, but more on that later.


Right now I'm going to start off with some random Chocolate World photos:





Almost decided to do it but I figured I didn't know what size of a bar that you would walk out with for $9.95 Still a better deal than the regular price for an attraction like this.






The Chocolate Machine was moved when "Create Your Own Candy Bar" was added.



The Reese's sponsored stock car is still here. I'm wondering if this will become a permenant display.



The Trolley conductors taking some time to say "hi" to Keystone Thrills!




Next up will be outside park photos, up in a few minutes!

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The "Hersheypark" letters really stand out in the snow.




Do you see what I see....



Storm Runner appears not to have been repainted. It surely needs a new paintjob.








They managed to have Tudor Square cleaned out down to the gate. I was able to get some fantastic winter shots again this year.





The "Hersheypark" sign was finally put back up on the gate, unlike last year. They also still had the "Christmas Candylane" banners hanging on the lightpoles along the tram spine.




The "soon-to-be-renamed" Tudor Grill looks quiet, but I'm sure the inside is full of hustling and bustling as they work on the three new rooms in time for the summer season opening.



The park looks so beautiful in the snow.





A train makes it way down the Norfolk Southern.



Work has begun on the Rte 743 realignment.



The old lighthouse from the swimming pool.



A trolley making its rounds by the park.


Next up will be the Hersheypark Chocolate Parade, followed by my update on Attraction 2012.

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The part you all have been waiting for, what's been happening currently at the Attraction 2012 construction site:



This is the only remaining structure standing at Creekside Catering.



A close-up of most of the construction site, looking down towards the Comet.



The brand new gate that was built into the park's fence along Park Blvd. There was a bulldozer/backhoe sitting right on the other side of this gate, along with a dumpster filled to the top with old timbers from what were probably from the other structures that were denolished in this area. There was also an old ride ticket booth back from when STITP, HPITD and CCL were all free admission. Why this was sitting here, I have absolutely no clue.



Another look at the remaining structure currently standing at Creekside. I don't expect this to be here come STITP.



Looking towards the one hillside where there are stakes lined up, as well as the new fence that was installed during the 2010 season.



This whole area appears to have been dug up. If you look closely, there is dirt under the snow.



Something that has to do with the sewer.



Not sure what this is for.



These white flags indicate PA One Call System which as something to do with marking and locating underground utilities. These, as well as the yellow flags were lined up from Creekside the whole way up to Comet. Since there is construction in this area, the nearby utilities need to be marked.



Yellow flags indicating gas lines. These were also located on the other side of the Park Blvd bridge opposite of where Tudor Grill is located.



Red marks indicating electric.



And blue marks indicating water lines.




And I leave you with two final shots of the park's skyline, which will be changing in the coming year as Attraction 2012 progresses. We'll be back in April for the next Keystone Thrills meet-up at Springtime in the Park!


Some final notes of the trip:


-Candylane banners were still up.

-Hersheypark sign has been installed over the gate.

-Tudor Grill seems quiet. Not alot happening on the outside.

-Alot of construction activity over at Creekside Catering

-All structures at Creekside appear to have been demolished, except one of the pavilions

-New gate installed along Park Blvd for construction entrance.

-Lots of digging going on over at Creekside.

-Spring Creek is still completely drained from the dam the whole way up to Comet.

-Comet Hollow appears quiet except for two dumpsters that were set up by the games building. Not sure what these were for, but apparently, somekind of construction will be starting in this area soon as well.

-Utlilty markings for gas, electric and water are along the path at Park Blvd. Lots of white and yellow flags line the park's fence from Creekside to Comet.

-The hillside along Park Blvd is filled with stakes.

-Work has begun on the Rte 743 realignment.


Hope to see you at Springtime in the Park for the next Keystone Thrills meetup!

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Before yesterday, I also happened to drive by the park about a month ago on my way to Chocolatefest over at the Hershey Lodge. Creekside pretty much looked like it normally did, minus the tables and fixtures being there and a dumpster being on the site. They now have that dumpster filled with old timbers from the other two buildings that were demolished. I don't expect to see the remaining structure that's currently on the site to last too much longer.

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