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Soft Ride openings


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Do Park Chains like Six Flags & Busch do soft openings for new rides ala Disney, before the official opening day.

On my trips, I have only ever seen ones that opened up late, never any early. So sorry if this is a common occurence.

I will hit Magic Mountain early May & Busch Garden Tampa mid May, so obviously i hope the answer is yes.

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^ Well, technically Manta "soft opened", but that was only 2 days before the media day. And that was rare for a Busch park. He asked if they do soft openings "ala Disney", which is usually a couple of weeks, if not sometimes a full month before the ride is scheduled to be opened.


Wasn't it either Mission: Space or Test Track that was "soft opened" for like 3 months before the official ride opening?



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I know everyone is just responding in an effort to "prove Robb wrong", which is both obnoxious and stupid, so please just stop doing that.


I never said it wasn't possible, I said I've never seen it done, and I wouldn't go in expecting it. And no, I wouldn't necessarily count a relocated SLC as the basis to decide if something brand new, never before built in this part of the world before, could possibly have a soft opening prior to the official opening date.

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