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Classic Creek Thrill Resort [RCT2]

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Classic Creek

Pensacola, FL


Located on the border of Pensacola, Florida, Classic Creek Thrill Resort was founded in the late 60s by an aspiring business man who owned a large plot of suitable land. Evan Ridgeback's favorite pastime was going to amusement parks around the country, so starting one of his own was like a dream come true. He incorporated his favorite things he looks for in a park; theming, coasters, and kind-hearted employees and blended it into Ridgeback's Classic Creek. But following his death in 1986, his surname was dropped from the title and to this day has lived on as Classic Creek.


In 1987, "Ridgeback's Rainstorm" was constructed in memory of the park's founder, who was fascinated in thunderstorms and loved to sit by his window and watch nature do it's best.



The Suspended Arrow swung through the treacherous terrain as those not brave enough can watch from the sidelines from either across the pond or from the kids area.



Though after a few years his surname was dropped from the suspended singer's title as well, it's almost as if it seems Evan RIdgeback's legend has been wiped from the park's history and is slowly fading away into nothing....


Some other coasters include;

Atlantis, a B&M Hyper constructed in 1999

Subumus, a B&M Floorless constructed in 2001


Marozi, an Intamin Impulse constructed in 2002

Stratapult, an Intamin Stratacoaster, constructed in 2004

Altivola, a B&M Flyer, constructed in 2006





I plan on making a trip down to Pensacola to visit the park and see what other coasters they have to offer, but for now I'm stuck in my study. I'll see if i can clear up a weekend so I can head on down, but for now we'll have to wait....

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I like the car ride in the backstage area? It's a nice touch.


Keep experimenting with buildings, because you're getting the grand picture, but remember. Buildings don't have to be over detailed to look nice. (Coupon comes to mind.)


Just make sure to spruce up your foliage and landscaping, as it seems bare, but otherwise, all I see is potential like always in your work.

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Keep experimenting with buildings, because you're getting the grand picture, but remember. Buildings don't have to be over detailed to look nice. (Coupon comes to mind.)

Whats that mean DJ? lol.


Your improving a lot Braztaz! Just add foliage.

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When Classic Creek opened in the 1960s, it was mostly a type of park where you'd walk your dog and go out to picnics with family and friends. It wasn't until the '70s that Ridgeback's dream finally came true. But back then, many picnic pavilions and fields to run around in were located right next to the park entrance. It gave the guests something to eagerly anticipate before they walked in, watching all the families having fun and enjoying themselves. But after Ridgeback's death, the focus on thrill rides overwhelmed the focus on these pavilions, as they weren't properly maintained and didn't return after the 1989 season. For nearly twenty years, the field was left empty and became overgrown with weeds.But that all changed in the 2006 season...


This concept art is for "Altivola" (Latin for "Soar"), a 100ft B&M flyer scream-machine that debuted in 2006 with an inline twist, corkscrew, and pretzel loop. It stands guard right next to the entrance of the park, right where the old picnic pavilions were located. After it opened, it became critically-acclaimed for it's mix of low-to-the-ground maneuvering and high-altitude twists.


But Altivola really comes alive at night. Below the final portion of the lift-hill is a giant fog-machine and light show. During the day, the mist only rises a couple feet above the ground, but at night, the fog is turned up high to almost cover the lift, with riders looking down on a misty, cloudy lightning storm (hence the blue lights).


"It really enhances the experience," exclaims one park guests on opening night. "You really get the feeling of danger that you're bordering a frightening thunderstorm!"


Because it focuses on real thrills and not highest heights, it proved to be the most profitable edition Classic Creek had ever received. It provides an experience you will never forget. Be sure to check out "Altivola" at Classic Creek Thrill Resort!


Classic Creek,

Pensacola, FL

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^&^^ Thanks! Remember I always love to hear everyone's opinions....





"Pursuit" has been the USA's prime hybrid racing coaster for over 30 years! Climb 115 feet then plummet down at a 55 degree angle, all taking place next to CC's famed boardwalk!



Providing extremely scenic views of the creek, the Classic Creek Boardwalk is complete with shows and concession stands fun for all ages. Come and book your visit to Classic Creek Thrill Resort today, where dreams become reality!

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Coupon: Thanks!

CC9: Thanks, though that may be just because there aren't too many recreations around!

tdub: Thanks, and I tried that but the longer transitions and airtime hills with the wooden coaster track makes it look sloppy.

Oreo: Thanks and thanks!




Our themed "Bermuda Triangle" area will send you to civilizations of the unknown!



Altivola, (still unfinished)



A classic!

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@Folf, K&M, CC9: Thanks! It really means a lot!

@MeMeMe: Yeah, I agree...I'll work on breaking up the path now!

@Dotro: They scare me over there, haha. I'll get shredded to bits. But thanks!


I've been progressing on the boardwalk....(Huge work in progress)



Enjoy live shows, incredible views, thrill rides, fireworks, and much more on the Classic Creek Boardwalk.


"Poseidon" is a 250ft Intamin drop tower that debuted on the boardwalk in 2003. It's offers breathtaking views of the park and surrounding areas.


Classic Creek Boardwalk's "Under The Moonlight" displays fireworks, light shows, and historical timelines of the park, including it's early existence in the 60s and what enthusiasts call "Classic Creek's Golden Age" in the late 90s/early 00s. It starts at 9:00, then a second showing at 10:00. Due to the nature of the show, the B&M Hyper "Atlantis" and the drop tower "Poseidon" has to be closed down for the duration of the performance. But don't worry, it'll be back up running at 9:30 and 10:30, respectively!


The park has had a tradition of staying open much later than it's competition, closing at 12AM midnight on weekends in the summer and 11:30PM on weekdays in the summer. That's a lot more night-rides on coasters and thrill rides than you'll get anywhere else!




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Come and book your visit to Classic Creek Thrill Resort today, where dreams become reality!


...are the flight included? Looks nice. And i like the story behind this park! Sounds you´re planing a big, nice project. Only thing i do not that much like, is the mountain rafting - water ride. It looks a bit empty over there

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@Freefall: I wish Thanks, and I'll make some progress on that water ride eventually!


As usual, the screen is VERY incomplete.



Combining state of the art technology and a coaster for all ages, Classic Creek's "[Ride Unnamed]" has been praised every year for it's innovative ride effects. Guests have the option to wear specially-designed 3D glasses which further enhance the experience, but if they chose not to they'll still be greeted with a great ride!


The ride is located in the park's themed Bermuda Triangle.


Designed by Premier Rides.



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