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Newport Pleasure Gardens [RCT3]

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^Great! An opening year download will be posted tomorrow morning.




My name is James Miller, but you can call me Jimmy. My dad was reading the paper this morning when he read this article about our new local park, Newport Pleasure Gardens. I love theme parks and roller coasters, so my parents decided to take my sisters and me to the park today for opening day! Here's my park map from today - take a look:


That's a big park!


Once we got our tickets, we stopped into the High Street Train Station first.


Boy, the article in the paper wasn't lying when it said that it was busy!


After that, we kept walking down High Street.


The waterfall sure looks big from here. Maybe we'll take a quick ride on the Grand Carousel.


After that we tried to hit all the "big" rides. The article recommended Dream Tower, so that's where we headed next.


Dream Tower had a long line too, but we decided to wait it out.


Once the ride started, I took out my camera to get some overview shots.


Dream Tower was really tall, but it gave some great views. High Fliers and Monstrum are huge!


Unfortunately, my camera died after that. I had forgotten to charge it I guess. Don't worry though, I'll probably be back at the park once school lets out in a few weeks. I'll be sure to take some more pictures next time!


See ya later!


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It's looking good! The newspaper's a good touch. One thing I'd look at is reducing that ugly dark green texture! It's good for highlighting lighter colors with some darkness, but I wouldn't use it to cover whole areas, it's a little bland.

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Ohhhh, this park is so nice! I love being able to see it open! Nothing to complain about, just keep up the great work!

Thank you!


Great park! It's great to see it open! Can't wait to see more



I am in sheer awe of how much you've improved. I mean...some of this is very near SFSC quality, which I hold as the golden standard. You're at about a silvery-bronze right now, and I know you can be that good!


Fantastic work! Looking forward to more!

Thank you so much Ace! I really appreciate all the support you've given me with Boulder and now this. I hope I can achieve that gold standard soon!


It's looking good! The newspaper's a good touch. One thing I'd look at is reducing that ugly dark green texture! It's good for highlighting lighter colors with some darkness, but I wouldn't use it to cover whole areas, it's a little bland.

Glad you like it! Are you referring to the ground texture? I'll try to break it up more. Thanks for the suggestion.



Opening Year Download


All information you need is on this page:



Regular updates will resume tomorrow.

I apologize for being late, I have been very busy today.

Nonetheless, enjoy Newport Pleasure Gardens!


Feel free to post "trip reports" or follow along with the storyline as it progresses, but please do not post pictures of changes you make to the park. Thank you!



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Is there a Download for most of the sets? Because thats going to take a while to find all of that custom scenery.

A lot of that is included in Neton2. As always, PM me if you can't find a certain set.




Hey again!


School let out for the summer last week, so today a few friends and I headed out to the park again. It was still just as busy as last time, but I made sure to try to get on some rides I haven't been on yet. And, I took more pictures:


First thing in the gate, my friends and I headed into the Ice Cream Parlor for a quick snack.


At least there was no line for the ice cream!


We headed to High Fliers after that. All of us were really excited to ride, and it did not disappoint!


This ride was way taller than it seems!


We hit Tree Gliders around midday.


It was a great way to cool off!


After that, we headed to Monstrum. We all couldn't wait to ride!


The line was really long, but we were determined to ride today.


Unfortunately, by the time we got on Monstrum, the park was almost closing.


Monstrum was one heck of a ride though! The scariest ride I've ever been on, but still a ton of fun!


Well, thats all the pictures I have for today, but I'm sure I'll be headed back to the park soon. Stay tuned!


See ya later!


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Hey again,


My family and I went back to the Newport Pleasure Gardens today for my little sister's birthday. We were planning to go to the park for the Fourth of July last week, but we figured the park would be even more crowded than usual. Anyway, my sister brought a few of her friends and stuff, so it wasn't much of a "big ride" day for me. However, I did get to ride some new rides. They were a lot of fun!


We decided to ride the Giant Wheel first, as there wasn't much of a line.


Not very thrilling, but it gave some good views.


Next up was Lake Monster. The line was a bit long for my liking, but my parents made me go on it with my sisters and her friends.


The line moved fast though, and it turned out to be really fun!


After Lake Monster, my sister and her friends ran to the playground across the midway.


I stayed behind on this one. Its just not as much fun for older kids when you're surrounded by thrill rides.


Next we all rode the Crawfish Island River Excursion. It was a really hot day.


It was a great way to cool off. That last drop really surprised me as well!


We all rode Spinout after that. The line was long as well, but we've just come to accept that.


Spinout was really intense, but I really liked it.


After Spinout, we decided to leave the park for the day. My sister and her friends still hadn't celebrated with cake and ice cream yet, so we decided to get home before it got too late for them. A bit of a bummer for me, but I know I'll be back soon.


Until next time!


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Why do I see steel supports near the log ride?

Those are actually the supports for the lift. But steel... that's an interesting thought...


I love your park, you have improved a lot! What billboard set did you use for Monstrum?

Thanks! I'm actually not sure about the billboard, it might just be one of the ingame ones for all I know as I've never knowingly downloaded a billboard set.






I'll be heading back to school in a month, so my family and I went back to Newport Pleasure Gardens today. I've really been there a lot this summer, but I never get tired of it!


First thing in the door, we went to High Flyers.


Unfortunately, my little sister wasn't tall enough, but I still enjoyed it!


Instead of going to the back of the park, we decided to do some of the rides near the front.


Sierra Twist was a lot of fun, and the line actually wasn't too bad.


Fun Slide was right down the hill, so we did that next.


Not a bad ride, but not quite as thrilling as others


We decided to end our day on the Autobahn.


Cool entrance...for a car ride. I wasn't too excited at first.


The ride turned out to be surprisingly fun!


Maybe not very thrilling, but it's a good family ride.


I'm gonna try to get back to the park at least once more before school starts. I'll be sure to take more pictures if I do.


See ya later!


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Still looking great! I like the car ride.

Thanks! Glad you like the Autobahn!


Loving the Car ride! But in the last picture it could use a dirt terrain colour. It would look nicer and more realistic.

Thanks, I'll change that.


I absolutely love your park map! I need to get back into RCT but it will consume my life all over again!

Glad you like the map, I spent quite a bit of time on it. RCT does have a nasty habit of doing that




Boy, have I got news for you!


I was at the park today when I saw something very exciting. Well, I don't exactly know what it is yet... I'll just let you look at the pictures.


I got to the park early, so there weren't that many people there yet.


I always liked the simplicity of the park entrance.


I skipped a ride on High Flyers today.


The line was just too long for me, plus I've already been on it a lot.


The park started to get really crowded, really fast!


At least it looks like Monstrum is popular!


I ran back to Crawfish Island River Excursion after that. Nothing like a water ride on a hot day.


I saw this from the top of the lift. What could the park be doing. I rode again to get a picture of it.


I ended the day with a ride on Monstrum.


I didn't think it was possible, but night rides are even more fun than in the day!


School starts for me on Monday, but I'm going to try to go to the park a few more times before they close. Hopefully I'll be able to see what's going on behind Crawfish Island River Excursion. It already looks exciting!


Gotta go!


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Hey everybody,


School started this past Monday. I know it's only the first week, but they've already piled on the homework. I wasn't expecting this much freshman year! The good news is that I managed to slip away to the park for a few hours yesterday. Take a look!


Upon entering the park again, I noticed this new park directory.


The park always seems to be trying to improve the guest experience.


The Grand Carousel was busy, so I passed on it for today.


It's fun once in a while, but not every visit.


I stopped for a ride on the Autobahn, as there was no line.


I know it's just an amusement ride, but I'll be in drivers ed soon enough!


I passed on the playground too this time.


Its great for the little kids, but not for me!


I headed to the Café on the Cove after that.


It looks like more land has been cleared! What could it be?


I want to try to get back to the park at least once more before the season is over. I'll try to get another shot of that construction or something.


Gotta get back to my homework though!


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Again, it's still lookin good! I hope it's a new ride going on that dirt plot!

A new ride? Hmmm... you'll have to wait and see!


My guess? Corkscrew.

A good guess, but don't get ahead of yourself


This is looking better and better. I'm sure it wont be long before youre drawing comparisons to CD5.

Thanks! I hope it's not long either




Well, yesterday was the last day of the season at Newport Pleasure Gardens. I did manage to get out to the park though, for a few last rides and photos. Check them out below - some of them are pretty exciting!


I had hoped to get another ride in on Sierra Twist, but I didn't.


The line was just too long!


I don't know what I'm going to do over the winter.


Hard to believe that the park is already empty.


It was a bit chilly, but I took one last ride on Crawfish Island River Excursion.




I took a ride on Monstrum, as I knew I'd have to wait a while for another.


The line was actually moving pretty quickly


I love Monstrum - it's scary but still a lot of fun.


Those hills get me every time!


High Fliers gives a great view!


The park sure has a lot of room for expansion!


On the way out of the park, I saw something strange.


What's this?


I would guess that the park will make an announcement about next year very soon. Have a great off-season, everybody, and I'll see you next year!



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