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Chat Tonight! Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid!

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Guys, this is going to be EPIC!!!!


TONIGHT, CHAT, BE THERE!!!! 6pm West Coast Time/9pm East Coast Time



Oh, and if a Mega Python doing battle against a Gatoroid wasn't enough for you...





Post if you'll be there tonight!


And don't forget, it's an awesome day on the SyFy channel as I'm watching SuperGator right now!!!!


Chroniq has set up a live internet feed for those without access to SyFy, we knew Chris was good for something.

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I was wondering if there was going to be a chat tonight.


I called it back when Mega Piranha first aired, these two had to do a movie together.



Something that crossed my mind when seeing the previews today. ...I sure hope Debbie had a stunt double during their catfight scenes, because Tiffany's boobs could knock anyone out.


...I also wonder how much they'll grow during this movie?





Right now I'm watching Mega Piranha, that way I can try and make out what the hell happens at the end of that movie. ...I'm still confused after the watching it twice.

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