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Photo TR: Ferrari World, Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and more


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  • - I like your TR about Ferrari World at your homepage, I think you´re right in many points about that park, but really, I would defenitively come more often than one year to this place, if I would live next to it - especially for Formula Rossa


  • - You´re harsh with the park, I would say it´s not really underwhelming. In my opinion it fits to the target group they want to get for the park (F1- and Ferrari-Fans, OK and after that Tourists)
    - Yes, there is still much place, but that´s normal for a new Indoor Park, who would like to expand in the future
    - They did a really good quality building there; same for the Look in the inside, and the Technic of the building. It totally fits to the rest around the race circuit and to the Yas hotel. Did you visit the park, or why do you have this opinion?
    - Like I heard in a german documentary TV movie about the park, the cars will change after a while and used like said before as a exhibition - a good way to present your newest product.


  • - Sadly I don´t have more pictures of Galleria Ferrari. I missed so many shots I better should have taken for this PhotoTR, but while I was on the Trip and made pictures I sometimes missed some spots or forget to take them


Thanks dubaidave, I totally understand what you mean, I actually saw it with the great PhotoTR by Jay about Phantasialand. BTW, I still would like to see the rest of your TR of Ferrari World. Is Formula Rossa working again?



  • - No, you´re right, it was very empty. Read Noxegon´s article (I´m not sure wether I´m allowed to post the link) it fit´s in many points about that:
(...)The biggest warning sign for my visit was the lack of guests in the park. Thursday night in the UAE is equivalent to Friday night for the western world, a night when the majority don't have to get up for work the next morning. Perhaps recognising this, Ferrari World is open until midnight. Why then were there no more than one hundred guests in the entire facility? Why then were the vast majority of rides standing idle, with staff awaiting patrons to alleviate the boredom? The answer, in the view of this writer, is fairly simple; it is possible to see all that the park has to offer in two or three hours, and there is simply not enough to do there to justify regular visits(...)
- another reason might be the season when you visit the park and that tourist don´t know much about the park or even heard about it, so they don´t come, until know



For all who are interested in, here are some links to the official Grand Opening Special by Ferrari World:


Let´s go on with Dubai now...



Ok, Day 4:



Time for a visit at Wild Wadi Waterpark






Yes, we got a Cabana! Very expensive, but free drinks, direct entrance on the watercoasters, secure region for my cams, towels, an exclusive feeling and so on ;P


Nice view so far...


...more of this


So hot!



Around the whole park was a river with this tubes...


...just take one and swim around


Ahh! That´s the reason I wanted to visit this park!


Because of their great idea of connected Watercoasters and slides to a hughe megaslide ;)


Let´s have a ride...





You don´t even have to stand up or get in the line, you´re swimming in the line!


Choose which slide or coaster you want to ride next




Take the Tunnel




Mmmmh, I guess I saw a similar photo somwhere in a Photo TR before??? ;-)


Again a pool where you can choose one of those slides and coasters



All last slides ends in


the great river around the park


I didn´t count how many options you have... have a look at yourself at the parkmap.


Let´s go up to this tower


This speedy slide looks great



You have a good view around and can see the Mall of Emirates,...




... and Burji Khalifa, but all with a little sand fog.


Oh, a Flowrider



They have two of them in different sizes.


Uh, what can see my eyes in the background... great new Proslides! Do you remember them from Robbs Report at the IAAPA last year?


Sadly these slides weren´t ready at my visit, but they´re open now.



Oh, how bad. It´s early 6pm and the park closes...


so goodbye Wild Wadi.


Here is a short clip with a POV of the watercoasters and other impressions of the park:


Next update will be the Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis - The Palm

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Wow, every time I see pictures of Wild Wadi start checking prices on flights to Dubai. That is by far one of the coolest looking water parks in the world. Why cant anything new in America be half as good as everything new in Dubai/China/Europe/Japan? Beautiful looking park though, and when those new pro slide tantrum alleys open I'm sure it will be even better.

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That water park looks amazing! Looks like there's a lot of stuff to do there! Awesome pictures.


You need between 10-20 minutes for one round with that coasters and slides, there are 8 different coasters, 5 slides and 8 different ways you can go in one round. So only with this attraction, there is enough to do there It´s amazing and so much fun!


I wish we would have something similar in Germany or somewhere in Europe. Waterparks are on a low level in Germany, I know only two, which are a little bit comparable and they´re to far away for me


Another interesting point I was surprised about was that the majority of the local visitors aren´t able to swim! They all wear the free lifejackets, which hang around everywhere, and have often problem to keep above the water, while the wavepool was in action. But at the same time it seems that this pool is the highlight of the park to them? The lifeguards had so much to do there!


For me, a person who loves the sea and lives so far away, it´s unbelievable that people who lives next to it never learned to swim?

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I saw a picture with Atlantis in the background. We're doing a Disney Cruise this summer and a stop is in Nassau. Is this water park something we could get over to while there are port in Nassau? The excursion for Atlantis is almost $200 a person. We'd love to do a water park and this looks like something we'd enjoy.

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