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Photo TR: Ferrari World, Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and more


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Finally I finished my preparations for this PhotoTR. Sorry that it´s so late, but on the other side we get filled the Off-Season


I made a Trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Nov. 29th - Dec. 06th. I had some rest days off work and have to take these days in this time. At first I thought I will do a journey to the lovely british Lou, but she had already planed a trip to some of you american guys, so that no german has a chance I had to find another beauty and thought, Ferraris, Pasta and oriental heat aren´t really comparable, but would fill the gap and there are other things I ever wanted to discover!


So I decided to visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai. When my mom did hear about that, she said - joking - I would like to join this Trip, but never believed that she will I hadn´t been on a journey with her since I was a child and knew what a joy I would make her with this Trip, so I invited her to come with me. That´s a thing I ever planed to do, but put on hold for later in my life, but I won´t do the mistake again and miss the chance for that, like with my dad! I thought I will try to make this journey unforgetable for us and invited her to all activities we´ll do (Ferrari World, Wild Wadi, Aquaventure, Malls, Dubai Fountains and Burji Khalifa - and don´t think she wasn´t interested in that by herself).


Finally it was a great journey and we both had an unforgetable time, but that wasn´t the first cheap planed Trip for me



  • -
Wild Wadi Update on page 3
- Aquaventure Update on page 6
- Helikopter Tour and extra Credit on Page 7



We arrived on Monday Nov. 29th, so lets start:


Yeah, we finally arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport


Women and cars <3


Hotel Region at Yas Island (the right one is the ParkInn)


Nice hotel...


... room.


I was too excited for sleeping, so I had to go for a walk, to have a look at the Ferrari World building I saw from the hotel. Sadly it was Monday and after 10pm:


You walk completely next to the Yas Marina Racing Circuit and can see...


the beautiful Yas Hotel which is next to and above the F1-Track.


Can you see it at the end of the road...

There it is...


Ferrari World


In reality it´s...


...more hughe and beautyful...


...than I expected!


That´s the entrance region.


Ahhh, Formula Rossa! I will ride you tomorrow, baby!



That was a surprise picture for Elissa, who knows that she and Robb would be there at the same time!?


While I had a walk completely around the Park - it was a loooong walk in the night and without water :( - I had to take a picture of Fiorano GT, too.

At this evenig the park made tests with some video projections and made sound tests for a show they will present on the next day. I talked to a security staff member, while I watched parts of the show while I stand at an opened door at a side entrance and he told me that this show is a special one for tomorrow, but he didn´t told me what really will happen on the next day...


Tuesday Nov.30th.:

Whohoo, today I hopefully will ride Formula Rossa! Can´t wait for that. let´s have a walk to Ferrari World...


View at the hotel.


Yay, only 1km!




Look, they´re cleaning the roof... or do they something different!?


At first let´s go around the park for some great shots of the park and the coasters...


Hey, it´s already 12pm, where are the cars of Fiorano GT?


Do they have problems with this ride?


Oh, Formula Rossa...


but again no train???


Here are the Trims of the first hill and the building for the hydraulic cable winch of the launch section.




Let´s go to the entrance...


Sign nerd ;)


Nooooo! At the entrance, the security staff told me, that today the Park is closed for the Grand Opening of Ferrari World in the evening!


I was very excited about this news, because they told me there will be a big party and a big firework show with the president of VAE, Ferrari CEOs, the Formula 1 Team of Ferrari and so on. Sadly I didn´t have any invitation On the other side, it killed my plans to drive to Dubai on the next day.


Luckily I planed only to change my location on the next day and informed the hotel in Dubai, that I will arrive in the late evening, so I can visit Ferrari World again.


But at first, let us see what happened the rest of the day...


After a relaxing rest of the day at the hotel ;)


I thought, I want to have a look at the Racing Circuit and the Yas Hotel and invite my mom to a restaurant...




That was our view out of the restaurant... sadly without any race ;), but after that I get surprised, cause...


...the meeting point for the Grand Opening Party of Ferrari World was the Yas Hotel. Every invited person get transported to the Ferrari World Park with a Ferrari! So where is my invitation, please ;-(



Nice ass!


And here is the fireworkshow of the Grand Opening Party:



Day 3 (Wednesday Dec. 1st):

I finally get into the park...



Bridge to the Entrance with great formula 1 racing car sounds (feel the power)

and listen to the sound...


This building is amazing


and there are many cars as decoration








and Ferrari Signs ;)


GeForce was closed today, because of the Grand Opening Party and some installations overthere from yesterday.


Where do you have to go directly, if you´re a firsttimer at Ferrari World???


Yes, the first thing is a ride on Formula Rossa...


If it´s possible ;-(


Seems that they still have problems with the brakes and the watersystem...


I get informed about that at the entrance and they weren´t sure when the ride will open today, so I want to have a look at it by myself between the other rides and they did many launch-tests later.


There was a windtunnel model on the way back to an other attraction...



and for kids the Junior Training Camp






Bella Italia



In the background you already can see the tribune of the Grand Opening Show from the last day.


Before I forget it, there were some "authentical" italian restaurants, too. (OK, it was good, but not really authentical. Never saw fried pizza pastry in italy, that´s more american pan pizza style???)


"Speed of Magic" the 4D Cinema show.


That´s for you, Larry.


Fiorano GT - the racing Challenge


The cars are beautiful small Ferraris


Each track has three of this launch sections during the complete track.







Here is an offride video of Fiorano GT:


Sad but true, V12 was still closed on our visit. They should open it, I love Vallhalla at Pleasure beach so much and so do I if V12 is like it ;-)


Cinema Maranello



Do you need some souvenirs?


Or italian coffee and some cookies or cakes?


Next attraction "Driving with the Champions"


"Galleria Ferrari"


??? Coming Soon...


"Flying over Italy"


"Ferrari - The Racing Legends"


Back at Formula Rossa at 5pm. It´s opened now, yeah. Waiting time in normal line is around 45min - not that long. I got VIP (Fastpass) Tickets, cause I thought the Park were more filled, so I had a short waiting time between 5-10min an first row rides!!!


Sexy Trains


The Launch was amazing, it feels like a launch after the launch and you got a free face lifting! And really, you do need the goggles to keep your eyes open during the launch in the first row!


This time I´m in the 3rd row on the right side ;-)

I had really great luck to ride Formula Rossa on that day, it breakes often, but they fixed it soon. In the evening I had my last ride including a roll back after the launch and they made a new start. That was exactly the ride, with my mum doing it the first time At first she got a bit afraid, but after it works and we had the ride, she was very excited and loves the ride. Her comment was, that it wasn´t that hard for her, than Troy at Toverland She loved the launch! Hey, and she´s 63!


While we leave the park, we could see, that the coaster wasn´t running anymore and it seems that they have problems again. After our holiday I heard, that it was closed for weeks, so it could be that I had the last lucky day to ride it in December

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Wow, this place just looks more and more amazing after every trip report I read. Those were the first pictures of the place Ive seen taken at night and it looks beautiful at night, very very cool lighting. How is the Fiorano GT Challenge coaster compare to other coasters? I cant tell if it looks like a fun family coaster, or a dull boring ride with awesome looking trains. The concept of it is cool with the racing and crossovers and multiple launches but all the videos Ive seen it it just looks kinda boring. Anyone have a decent review of the ride or comparison for perspective on it?

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Ok, I reached the maximum limit for the photos, let´s go on with Ferrari World. Back to the main plot in the late afternoon, we were a little bit hungry and decided to use our VIP-Suite included in the VIP/Fastpass Tickets.


It seems that they weren´t ready with the suite and have to improve,


Because we could use the Presidential Suite, wohoo!


You had a nice view into the park over there and...


...free drinks and food (snacks, but also handmade snacks) how often you want.


(Hey Divv, they have Doritos there, too ;-) )


Let´s go to "Scuderia Challenge"


There are a lot of Racing Simulators in a row.



And as a bonus for the VIP-Tickets you can drive in real Ferraris like this one without a charge


I did choose this one...


...it´s not like driving a real car, but...


...you can race for 5 minutes around the simulated Yas Marina Circuit for free and don´t have to pay for any damage ;-)


Next to it is "The Paddock"


(sadly it wasn´t opened)


And "The Pitwall", guess what I have to write next ;-)


Yes... not opened at this day ;-)


"Junior GP"



Junior GT









Last but not least the Parkmap:


This Parkmap looks and feels exclusive



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How is the Fiorano GT Challenge coaster compare to other coasters? I cant tell if it looks like a fun family coaster, or a dull boring ride with awesome looking trains. The concept of it is cool with the racing and crossovers and multiple launches but all the videos Ive seen it it just looks kinda boring. Anyone have a decent review of the ride or comparison for perspective on it?

Fiorano GT is defenitive a Family Coaster and it looks much slower and boring in the videos than it really is. It´s just a nice cruise for coaster enthusiasts, but I´m sure in a group you can have great fun on it. I personally enjoyed every ride. But there´s no thrilling element.


You start with a launch up to 100kmh - but it don´t feel that fast - than you have some turns and came into a brake section, another turn, than comes the next launch. Same happens another two times. Because of the layout, you have the feeling of a duelling race with the second coaster. (I know, it´s a bad description, sorry)


What I didn´t like is that they built the curves a little bit like a Wild Mouse, so that you get smashed against the chassis and for an adult it means your rips get a punch every time


Hope my description was understandable


But I guess kids would like this coaster and it´s a nice concept. I´m not sure, but I think KidTums would ride it

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...I am speechless... freaking awesome report, my friend, just amazing.


That shot of the tiny people on the roof really slams home the epic scale of the building. Fantastic.


And the night shots?


I could go on and on...

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Thanks for the great response, so far!


Don't feel bad about missing V12...it is NOTHING like Valhalla!

Elissa, you must know best after your walk behind the scenes! By the way, you look great in the rain coat , did you take one home for some bedroom games with Robb


How do you go about the panoramic photos? Those are awesome, I can do it on my phone but was wondering how you did it since they don't look like phone pictures!


Awesome TR, that place is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

I normally did take those panorama by my HD-Cam and a PC, but like you said, I found a great app for panorama pictures.


I now use my iPhone 4 with the "Autostitch"-App by Cloudburst Research it´s really an great app. You have to keep an eye on the pixel size, in what the picture will be saved. Some apps reduze the pixelrate and don´t keep the original pixelsize - this app keeps the size of every picture, so you get a very large picture with rates above the normal pixelrate of one picture. And it stitches in a very good quality, don´t have many mistakes with this app. I shoot at first the pics with the normal iPhone camera app (with HDR on) and use after that the programm with the before taken pics.


Holger "who really thinks he should have planed the Trip by Elissa, because they visit places, I never heard about in the VAE region, but enjoyed what he planed, too"

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I really enjoyed your trip report. The photos we the most comprehensive of any I've seen so far and the panoramas were really impressive. It seems based on all the different trip reports I've read, Ferarri World will not be known for their ride uptime. There were 5 or 6 rides & attractions down during your visit and the place just had it's grand opening. Doesn't seem like a good sign.

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^mmmh, I guess there is something true in it and especially when they sold the park, because of money issues.


But to speak for the park, it was the first day after the Grand Opening and some attractions were closed because of the installations overthere.


The tribune and some other scaffolds were built around the entrance of GeForce, so it can´t be opened that day. They told me the same reason for the "Paddock" and the "Pitwall" attraction, but I didn´t see anything built up there. I don´t know whether the attractions opened the next days, but I hope so.


They told me "V12" and "Flying over Italy" are the only two attractions which aren´t fully functional and can´t tell me, when they plan to open them.


I think this park has a good chance to get successful, if they can get enough visitors in the first year and I recognize many active construction zones in the surrounding area. For example for the Water Park and I really think for WB Moviepark, but I´m not sure. But the construction zone was at the place I think WB should be.


I hope so and will come back there in the next years. Hopefully with TPR


Ledgy "Who forget the Watermarks in his pictures!!! Sorry for that."


OK, I´m working on the next part of my Trip report (Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and some City impressions), not that it´s that big and special, but I want to realize some videos again and have to wait for them. So keep on watching

Edited by Ledgy
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It probably feels different being there in person, since the place is so huge. Looking at it in these photos, the whole look of the place it pretty underwhelming. Absolutely nothing about the place screams high quality and performance. The entrance to the place is covered in a giant piece of red plastic. It has a modern feel, but a cheap modern feel. I bet that IKEA across the way came in handy.


I mean just look at this sign for an attraction.


The illustration doesn't really have good style to it, it just looks like a poor attempt at trying to make something cooler.


I'm not saying they should have built the whole place out of magnesium wrapped in carbon fiber, but the place is too simplistic.


I know they have more cars to view somewhere else in there, but I don't get why they put 4 of basically the exact some model out front.

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I know they have more cars to view somewhere else in there, but I don't get why they put 4 of basically the exact some model out front.


Which picture are you talking about? I saw a number of Ferrari California variants in the photos which would make sense because it's their newest model and readily available, but I also saw a few f1 cars, 2 599's and and a 458...Which is essentially their entire current line (minus the fxx which is incredibly rare and that new four wheel drive one which I'm sure BeemerBoy knows the name of).



I'm not disputing any of the rest of your post as your opinion is your opinion, but it seems like Ferrari World has a full stable (pun intended) of Ferraris.

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^^ The FF.


Looking at it in these photos, the whole look of the place it pretty underwhelming. Absolutely nothing about the place screams high quality and performance.

Nothing? Really?


Eh, I guess it's just impossible to impress some folks with anything. To me, this place could've been themed to Toyota, and it'd still be just as amazing to look at.


I'm not saying they should have built the whole place out of magnesium wrapped in carbon fiber, but the place is too simplistic.

What exactly should they have done then? Just curious.



In a region that is becoming increasingly well known for its failed projects as much as its wealth, the sheer fact that Ferrari World even exists should at least say something. I mean sheesh, I don't see anyone over there lining up for Shamu or Mr. Six yet.



On a side note, Ledgy, would you happen to have anymore pics of Galleria Ferrari? I'd visit for that alone.

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