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Gold Reef City Theme Park

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In Johannesburg with work, so spent the morning at Gold Reef City theme park. The park is around 8kms from downtown JoBurg.


The park was built in 1986 to celebrate JoBurgs 100th Anniversay, on the site of the old Gold Reef Mine, which was a working gold mine till 1977. The park still offers gold mine tours ( 225 metres underground ) as an add on to the entrance price! All up for both the park and gold mine tour was 230 rand ( around 32.00 aussie dollars )


The park is beautiful, up there with Dollywood in theming, sadly the same can not be said for the ride ops and staff. I understand that South Africa has a very laid back way of doing things ( I am aussie, I know laid back! ), But really, come on, the main coaster Anaconda failed to open for the day cause the ride staff went for lunch after the first test run in the morning and at 1.30 pm had still yet to come back!


The first ride of the day for me, after the gold mine tour was the drop coaster "Tower of Terror", where I waited over 20 minutes for two other people to arrive, cause the ride could not run with less than four people and rerides where not allowed, cause the park made you wait ten minutes after riding!


Sadly a lot of the coaster shots, are without trains - due to the parks policy of holding trains till more than four riders are on board


More to Come, I have a flight to Melbourne Australia to catch


Park Map


Wrist Band, Gold Mine Tour Tickets, Let's Go


Part of the track for Tower Of Terror

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The first ride of the day for me, after the gold mine tour was the drop coaster "Tower of Terror", where I waited over 20 minutes for two other people to arrive, cause the ride could not run with less than four people and rerides where not allowed, cause the park made you wait ten minutes after riding!


Unless there's been a drastic change to Tower of Terror since I was there, nobody in their right mind would want to ride more than once...

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Just got back in from Jo Burg, left Thursday night at 8.00pm and arrived Melbourne Friday 5.30pm.


The park had a nice collection of coasters, the powered Runaway Mine Train with it's nearly 90 degree helix of death was unquie to say the least!


Sorry folks was hoping to post more, but bed is calling! More to come in the morning.


10.00am Thursday Morning, when I left 4 hours later it still looked like this: Empty


225 metres below this tower is the mine tour



What I like about the ride was at the top you started straight, but less than say 5 feet into the drop, one side of the track tilted for the rest of the drop into the tunnel

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Tower of Terror has always struck me as strange. Well, it is strange! The tower is from an actual gold mine, the drop is tilted... it's just weird. How's the ride itself?


Very rough. Bring your advil.

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I noticed that a car was removed from the train on the shuttle. (Normally there are seven to a train on those.)


Also, is this the same park with the Giovanola inverted coaster?


This is a nice report about a park that few in the U.S. have been to.



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Thanks for posting those pictures of Golden Loop. I really like its new color scheme. If you have more pictures of the ride (i.e. station, launch area, back spike) I would love to see them. This coaster seems to have very few pictures available on the internet.

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Yeah, Anaconda is something I'd like to try out. I hear so much about positive-g's on Titan and Goliath, I'd think a Batman-esque inverter by Giovanola could trump that in spades.

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Tower of Terror has always struck me as strange. Well, it is strange! The tower is from an actual gold mine, the drop is tilted... it's just weird. How's the ride itself?


I really liked the ride, the lift , the drop, the tunnel, the 80 degree banked turn, the only really weird thing was when the car hit the brake run, it took nearly two minutes to pass the brakes into the station.


The train


Going Up


View from the top


Coming back into the station


Giant Wheel


It took forever to get past this brake


Part of the parks entertainment


A really rare photo for this park, I waited twenty minutes for this shot


On ride Runaway Mine Train - Inside the mountain leading into the nearly 90 degree helix


River Rapids - a really great ride, had a pitch black tunnel that lasted about 90 seconds



On Ride - Runaway Mine Train.. The park was themed beautifully



Jozi Express


One of my all time favorite rides...love this




The parks train, the sign said it run every 15 minutes. I waited twice for about 40 minutes and never got to ride. This was the only time I saw it...near the Golden Loop


The parks's log flume was being rebuilt, from what I heard from others in the park...it was one hell of a ride


Jozi Express station


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I think this is the only park in the world that has it's onsite hotel, inside the park. The hotels 46 rooms are in the original goldrush buildings, in the centre of the park.


Anaconda the parks main coaster stayed closed for the five hours I was there, the ride crew did a test run in the morning and than went to lunch and never returned!


This photo was taken around midday, most of the park looked this empty for the time that I was there


The parks fountain, leading up to the hotel


Part of the hotel, all the other rooms where in buildays, along the parks main goldrush street


Peacocks everywhere


Taken from the river rapids



Looking across to the turbines on the river rapids


The ride themeing is wonderful, around mountains, over lakes and into jungles





Just before the rain hits, the park runs there coasters in all weather, only closing for thunderstorms and staff who take five hour lunches!


The tracks wraps itself around a mountain or two


I so wanted to ride this!

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The entrance to the ride was under the mountain, just off to the side was at any given time at least ten staff, who stood around telling people that the ride was closed... Um here's a novel idea, multi task, because it onlt yook two people to run each coaster in the park!




On ride Jozi Express



Tower of Terror heading to the mine lift



take the tunnel


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Great Trip Report, did you successfully ride Anaconda? You don't hear much about this one, I believe it was made by Giovanola if I am not mistaken, I remember reading a construction report about it in First Drop years ago.


Lovely looking park, I kinda regret not visiting it when I was in SA 2 years ago (but then again, I was only in J'burg for about 1 hour!

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