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PTR: Middle America Trip from the eyes of Texas


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So, first of all, the Middle America trip was AMAZING. Every single day. If there is a demand to see my photos from the rest of the trip I'll add them, but until then, I'd like to present DOMO DAY at ValleyFair. Now, ValleyFair was the last park of the trip and by no means is it an amazing park...but they have some pretty cool rides and the park put together an AWESOME day for us. The PR ladies that walked around with us during special events were super cool to talk too. I think it even might have been my favorite day of the trip outside of the St. Louis Museum. I guess I'll just show the pictures and what went down!


Also, shout out to Divv for contributing photos for this report! Had a blast hanging out with you man (and EVERYONE on the MA trip- what an amazing group).





Day 11: Domukun Day at Valleyfair BELOW!!!


Day 1: Mall of America


Day 2: Adventureland


Day 2 Part 2: Worlds of Fun at Night


Day 3: Worlds of Fun by Day and Lamberts Cafe




First of all, I will give a quick preview of the day. Here we are at Valley Fair!



VF put together AWESOME lanyards for us! To be honest, VF isn't the best park, but they have some pretty cool rides, but the park treated us AMAZING! They put on a private WCB style day for our small group basically! The PR ladies were very nice and great to talk too.


We started off with a very fun ERT session at on Wild Thing! Good re-ridable coaster! The park also gave us free onride photo key chains at lunch, which also included a private patio with a live band!!


We rode some other roller coasters too.


Did I mention the weather was PERFECT? Set up a perfect day after consistently being exposed to 100 degrees +++


We finished up all of the credits with Renegade, which we had an amazing night time ERT session on. Insane.


Then it happened. Domos spotted.


Robb said what the hell, let's win a Domo!!!


Robb shows off his winnings, a HUGE DOMO for 2 bucks!


Being from Texas, my ugly @$$ is a pretty good shooter and I won on my 2nd try! This awesome Domo cost 4 bucks.


Domo then followed us on our behind the stage tour and began to cause FUN terror!


Domo rides a bike!


Did you know Domo can use power tools??? WATCH OUT!


Domo claimed this as his work space if VF accepts his application as a mechanic with power tools.




He can drive too.


NOO! Power tools attack back!!


Unpictured is a TPR member diving at the machine, putting their life at risk to save Domo from a gory death


I has wheel to put on rolly ride.


Next up Domo wanted to play outside by the Renegade roller coaster.


This is my avatar.


He wants to ride so badly!!!


Since he couldn't ride Renegade, he found an old tractor to run people over with.


WATCH OUT JOEY RAY! Just kidding, we wall know Domo means no harm!


Next up, while the rest of us enjoyed more coasters, Domo found BENCH: THE RIDE was allowing Domokuns to ride.


Speaking of rides.....


Domokun loves video games just like the Japenese!


We told Domokun next we would experience the train. He took it just a little to far!


TPDave gets a little too friendly with the Domos as we wait for the choo-choo.


First Domo decided to sit with me, his owner...


But I got ditched because the Domos were very sexually attracted to each other...


...as well as British women. Hi Lou!


One last picture of Domo enjoying the train ride!


Did you know two Domos is tall enough to ride the Mild Thing!?! Only trip participant to get the credit :(


Domo watched out for scary ACErs as we rode High Roller (THANKS A LOT BRYAN)


Domo would like to remind you that there are some pretty cool rides here!


For example, the corkscrew was actually pretty smooth! Domo disapproves of one train ops on the weekend, though :(


One attraction Domo could enjoy was the slide!


The Duck Ride doesn't require you to be alive, either!


After walking around for a bit Domo was tired and ordered a milk shake to cool down.


Energized, Domo know scares Lou! Good prank, Domo. He really loves Lou.


Domo enjoyed the scenery at Valley Fair.


Domo LOVED the retro sign a long show! I think he liked it even more than Chuck did ;)


Domo got to the next show early so he could choose some preferred seating.


Sadly the day was coming to the end so Domo began to cry against a Wild Thing support. Poor guy.


Good bye?


Domo gets his last laugh by taking a giant DUMP on the bus! Hahahahaha.


As a penalty for taking a dump we made Domo drive us home so Brian the awesome bus driver could relax!


Last but certainly not least, Domo enjoyed Mike Austin singing to the entire bus on the last bus ride!


Sadly that's all folks, thanks for looking! And if you were wondering, Domo is currently living comfortably in my dorm room after flying with the LIGHTS ON on Southwest and driving 18 hours to Orlando!


K bye.

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Great TR thanks for sharing. I've ridden Steel Eel @ SWSA and Steel Force @ Dorney Park which are both amazing airtime machines! Just wondering if Mamba and Wild Thing live up to the Chance-Morgan standard??

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Haha no! We didn't know those people at all. His look at the camera is priceless.


Thanks for comments everyone! It really was an incredibly fun day.


P.S. does any one from the trip have Domo sixty-nining pictures? I want to add one.

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^It's in the official Valleyfair update of the Middle America trip. I don't know how to link to it.


Ahh, I forgot about the official update, taken by Robb of course:





Everyone loves Domos!



Domo loved straddling Lou! She tried to fight him off and hit me in the head.



I think Lou is sad because Domo is missing!



I think I should take Domo to some local Orlando parks...if it is allowed.

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