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Happy Valley Shenzhen: update on Shangrila Snowfield

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So i take it that the ride is finally open... Looks like the park shot this video.


Three more videos. These are off-ride videos. I must say I love the sheer force and instant acceleration of S&S Thrust Air Coasters. Too Bad the only one left in the US is Powder Keg. I do miss XLC that 0 -80 in !!!1.8!!! Seconds. I believe Bullet Coaster accelerates to 80 in 1.8 seconds as well.


Bullet Coaster Off-Ride Video 1


Bullet Coaster Off-Ride Video 2


Bullet Coaster Off-Ride Video 3

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Rattle rattle?


Here's hoping that S&S starts building these launched coasters here in the States. This ride looks fantastic - it could be a launched coaster that I actually would like!

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Found an off-ride video of OCT Thrust SSC 1000 which is a mirror of Bullet Coaster (Shangrila Snowfield). LOOKS AMAZING... Can't wait to see TPR's Coverage of this ride from the recent trip.


Unfortunately, OCT Thrust SSC 1000 was not completed at the time TPR visited the park.

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