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Skycoastin' Steve's 2011 Season Extravaganza!!

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Maybe your K-o-D has something to do with your visiting the location of fallen celebrities.


Maybe next you can stay in the hotel room where Anna Nichole Smith died. It's just up the road from the fallen Dania Beach Hurricane.

Gianni Versace's place of death isn't too far away either. And hey, it's a hotel now as well!



Lovin' the reports, Steve.

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Nice stuff Steve. The Great White, uggg, now in my top 10 worst coasters, but the new restraints on The Nor'Easter are very welcome, it was like night and day.


If the new restraints are like night and day, I seriously cannot imagine riding that thing with the old restraints. That was one of the worst rides I've ever had.

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^What she said. The ride I had on it in May and then the one we had just a few weeks ago were beyond unbearable. I consider myself to be able to handle a decent amount of punishment on most coasters, but I would have taken being ejected off the Nor'easter over finishing the course.


This is one of the reasons I skip some credits...I'm not masochistic.

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Now that the Leviathan excitement has died down a bit, I can continue!


After our busy day in New York City, we got back on the bus and went right back into the city (albeit Brooklyn). That's right, we braved the rough streets of Brooklyn for a day at the classic Coney Island and to grab a ride on Cyclone! Jen and I rode in the 2nd to last row, so we were still off the wheels, but that thing was ROUGH! For us, it was more of a getting thrown around rough than a painful rough, but I couldn't stop laughing for most of the ride because it was just ridiculous. The extra padding in the seats and on the lapbar were much needed, even if the two of us barely fit in the seat next to each other because of it. And for the record, the airtime in the back of that train on the first drop is INSANE.


The rest of the parks at Coney Island were also a ton of fun. We rode the famous Deno's Wonder Wheel, which was all kinds of screwy, messed up fun. We also whored it up on the kiddie credit right below the Wonder Wheel. At some point we rode Deno's Spookarama (hilarious) before heading to the brand new Scream Zone. Scream Zone is the new park built by Zamperla and features one of their launched motocoasters and the old Volare flying coaster from Elitch Gardens. To be short and sweet, Steeplechase (motocoaster) was actually a lot of fun, but Soarin' Eagle (Volare) was painful.


After we finished Scream Zone, we headed to Nathan's to get one of their famous hot dogs. Mine had chili and cheese and was delicious, and the Killian's I had to wash it down was even better! Nathan's has always kind of been a bucket list eatery for me (along with the rest of Coney Island being on my bucket list), so it was awesome to be able to grab a dog and a beer from there.


The rest of our day was spent at Luna Park, which is also run by Zamperla and features a variety of their ride selections, most of them being tons of fun! We did the Tickler (spinning coaster, ouch), Circus Coaster (kiddie, fun!), the mini drop tower (awesome), Air Race (flipping plane ride, maybe the best flat ever), the log flume (carny log flumes FTW), Brooklyn Flyer (Star Flyer, cool experience and my first), and the Disk-O (nausea) before leaving to catch the bus and head back to the hotel.


All in all, Coney Island was one of the best days of the entire trip. I was a bit worried about a lot of the things I've heard about the area in the recent past, but Zamperla has really done a fantastic job making it a place that people will want to go to have fun during the summer. The parks themselves were surprisingly clean, they handled the crowds well, and they still had a lot of that "old beach park" charm, even though so much of it is new. I had always thought that Coney Island would sort of be a "one and done" destination for me, but I would definitely go back for another day if I had the chance.


Now for the pictures (and one video), full album once again can be found here on facebook!



On our way through Brooklyn, we passed Dr. Poon's office. I was disappointed to learn 1. that he wasn't a gynecologist and 2. that he didn't have a partner named Dr. Tang.


This was about the time that my internal "Dork Alarm" was on full blare.


In case you're on TPR and you DIDN'T know what this ride was called, in which case Robb will be banning you shortly.


As you can see, the weather was lovely for us.


A look down the boardwalk. No prostitutes or gang bangers in sight!


We'll be eating your wieners later.


I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.


Lift hill. Pretty standard.


Jen gets her 200th credit! Yay!


David, Spears, Neil, and Kim are ready to be thrown around like a bag of rocks in a dryer!


Honestly, why put your hands up on the lift hill? Silly.


Time to head over to the Wheel of Wonder, not to be confused with the Wheel of Fortune.


It's not quite open yet, so we have more important issues to take care of.


This swooping first drop combined the speed of King Daka with the forces of Intimidator 305.


You can't tell, but these TPR members are barely holding onto consciousness from the blackout on the first drop.


Ok now it's open, let's go swing a bit.


Never a single accident in 89 years, apparently Intamin cables aren't involved in the operation of this ride.


I'm not entirely sure how clean that water could have been, so we avoided it. Didn't feel like stepping on a dead body or something out there.


This is Luna Park and all of its crazy Zamperla-ness.


The Star Flyer.


Neil pretty much freaked the hell out on the Wonder Wheel. I thought the ride was a bit freaky at first, but plenty of fun. Neil is just a sissy.


And if you were sitting there thinking, "Gee, that's a funny looking picture, I bet a video of Neil freaking out would be even funnier," well then I have exactly what you want!




In case you were wondering what the inside of the wheel looked like. Is this Wonder Wheel porn?


That's kinda spooky, we must be at......




I have to say, of the three haunted dark rides we did on this trip (Coney, Canobie, Knoebels), this one probably got more scares than the rest.


Glamour shot of the wheel. This is the emo pose, minus the scars on the forearm.


Masterpiece of modern engineering, kinda like my body.


This drop tower was terrifying. That is all.


They should turn that into an amusement ride of some kind. Maybe a Windseeker?


Scream Zone time. Most of the screams heard from this sign were the screams of pain from......


This ride.


I will say that I thought the layout was pretty cool, but the trains were horribly uncomfortable. Granted, I am a giant, so it comes with the territory, but this ride just jacked up my back and legs. I need to be shorter.


This ride was much better than the Volare.


I spy TPR members, I knew that smell was coming from somewhere!


Things go well, I might be showing her my oh face.


Ok, most places that advertise themselves as "world famous" rarely ever are. But in this case, they actually ARE world famous.


Chili cheese dog and a beer, doesn't get better than that.


Check that one off the bucket list!


The entrance to Luna Park was pretty, especially considering you're coming in from Brooklyn.


No word on whether or not this ride was intended to be French.




This was actually a fun kiddie credit. Not even Michael Jackson had this much fun riding kiddies.


Ice Bat, and a photo bomb. Thanks David. ;)


I'm going to go ahead and call this the greatest flat ride ever.


It spins while the planes rotate 360 degrees vertically. Do any more of these exist anywhere else? If so, I must ride them at once.


I guess this log flume used to be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. After learning this, I was disappointed to find out the splashdown wasn't coffee.


Time to ride my first Star Flyer!


I did like it, still wasn't terribly thrilling, although it had more force than Windseeker did.


A few more shots of Cyclone before we leave.


Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. And for , I hope they are!


Is that whole "through the trees" fad still going?

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On our way through Brooklyn, we passed Dr. Poon's office. I was disappointed to learn 1. that he wasn't a gynecologist and 2. that he didn't have a partner named Dr. Tang.

If indeed that had been the case, it would be the single greatest professional establishment ever created.

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