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F1X Dubai - Premier Drifting Coaster Track?

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Sadly this is the state of the f1x park now.



Sad to see a new park project abandoned like this, I hope the coaster tracks and supports get relocated to another park instead of this becoming like old Indiana Fun Park after Premier bought it to revive it.

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Well. Today a was driving round the autodrome and found more track. Some of it seems to be the drifting track but some is an orange track I haven't seen before. Here ate some photos.












All the other track is still in the original location as well!

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Interesting to see that the track is still here. I wonder how much damage having it sit out in the elements unprotected and unmaintained for all this time will do. I'm really hopeful that the ride can be installed somewhere else.

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This new track is in great condition because it has been in a container. The rest that has been out in the open for two years is in a dreadful state. I believe the maintenance manager from Ferrari world went to have a look but decided it was beyond repair about a year ago!

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Electronics aside, if they track isn't physically damaged it would be 100% salvageable. Its basically been in a sand blaster for 2 years slowly removing the paint, but at the same time also removing corrosive elements as well. If they took the track and had it cleaned (sand blasted) and repainted, it'd be good as new. That still; however, is probably more work or money people wanted to put into the project.

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I did wonder if the blue track was part of the same coaster, or maybe perhaps the one in the tower in this pic?

Anybody else notice that the single spike coaster looks sort of like the design for Superman @ SFMM... interesting. Wonder why a park would make a ride with that simple a design when they could go for a more complicated thrilling layout, such as the Mr. Freeze rides by premier.


Also, wasn't the "drifting coaster" in the Wild DLC for RCT3?

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Here's a couple more photos taken today.


Looks like the orange track has had a car run on it.

Presumably this would have been at the factory for testing purposes?


It's interesting that there are no electronics or hardware from this container. All that must have been in the other containers.









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