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Knoebel's visit

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I have been following Philrad's thread on his recent journey through PA. I have never been to Knoebel's even though it is fairly close. I am pasting the last post of ours here looking for any further help.......


"The Cabins look pretty enticing. Is there much else to do in the general vicinity of the park that would warrant 2 - 3 days?"




As far as families, Knoebels is in a pretty remote area so not too sure of other activities. We ended up going to a local golf course (Knoebels advertises one that they own as well) for a round in between the Knoebels visits, which was a lot of fun. But unless your whole family is into golfing, that might not work for you.


The Susquehanna River is nearby and would probably offer some water-based activities. We drove down to Shamokin Dam one day expecting, well...a big dam. Even though it was a little unremarkable, there was a nice area of the Susquehanna that looked like it would be a nice area for boating.


Perhaps some of the other readers might have some suggestions? I know there are some people on here that live fairly close to Elysburg.


If you are only going for a couple days though...Knoebels probably has enough to offer to keep the family going with the pools, waterslides and (of course) the great rides!

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I know that there is a campground at the park, but not sure how nice it is as, I have never stayed there. I remember that dorney park was not "too" far from there. But beyond that, there is not much that I know of.


If your into the camping thing, there is a decent campground called "blue rocks" near dorney park as well.

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