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Oh well,.. i´m sorry.. seems i wrote a half topic SORRY!

I wanted to say: "For NL 1 and NL 2" ...important information


Thank you, for your question Ace Of Spades! I didn´t see that.



Regardless, this is a pretty neat ride imo. More pics?


Thanks. If the ride is ready, i will thinking of a review. But there is still a lot to work to do, yet. If, i will post it seperatly.

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I´m sorry for posting only one layout and went into silence, but i was a bit busy here I hope the pictures will apologize that fault

Thanks for reopen the Thread!

I hope you all can read and understand my writing. Better, i can´t do it at the moment


But well,.. Climax was growing up in between. So i have a few new pictures for you.

Because of the growing, this coaster did got a whole company.. but well,.. let´s see the pic´s (of course with watermark XD) =D



(... well okay... and i just found out: they are ALL oversized *sigh* ok,.. i will edit this post - when i am ready to post them!..in an hour i´m back again..WITH THE PICS!!!)


EDIT: so,.. let´s ride oON!



It says: Daily opened except Monday - Sunday / by reservation only















This is MGB - RIDES Amusement GmbH. I introducing this company, because the new coaster "Climax" is built by them.

I posted this pictures first - so you can see - there will be coming something...


AND SOME MORE! ..updates are available every weekend and i will try to translate my storyline behind that.

Next station will be the construction hall

I hope you like, what you see


Ride oON!


...with kindest greets, freefall



EDIT II: ...I forgot the logo for the coaster







Hmm,.. seems my project isn´t made for here.


So i close this thread 4 ever

with two last pictures.

My lovely Hyperturbobend 8ooo.






Have fun anyways, anytime! =D

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@a Mod,.. please close this thread!



Thank you


Thank you guys, for your comments!

To make some good looking objects in NL is at least for me not the easiest thing on earth. Thank you!


I will come back with the whole story if it is ALL ready =D


I promise!



... a last modificated Teaser..



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