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TR: Donghu Park (East Lake Park) Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

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I left Hong Kong this morning to go back to mainland China to visit the city of Jiangmen. My reason for visiting Jiangmen is because I wanted to go to Donghu Park. In English, Donghu is East Lake. This park is very beautiful and the grounds are well-kept. There are several rides near the center of the park, including a Mouse coaster, powered coaster, carousel, log flume, ferris wheel and others.


The Mouse coaster was the same model I have ridden at several other Chinese parks. This was the only ride that was had a nice paint job on it in the entire park. The other rides are not kept up very well. The mouse became my 675th coaster. I also rode the powered coaster, moon cars and bumper cars and took some photos. This is a nice park and if you are ever in Jiangmen, you should check it out.


Here is the park I will visit today


Here is the lake


A bridge inside Donghu Park


Inside Donghu Park


This was in the park


Here is the amusement park area and the ferris wheel


This was my first ride of the day. It looks like it hasn't been very well-kept.


The park had this Paratrooper type ride.


This ride was in the park


What is this?


It is another mouse coaster for me to ride


I like these, but I have ridden so many of these lately.


Here is a look at the mouse


Another look at the mouse


One more mouse photo before I move on


The flume ride was closed today


I love these


They have a carousel at Donghu Park


They have a powered Dragon coaster


The track is very rusty


One more Dragon photo


He sure is ugly. This was the dark ride at Donghu


My last photo at the park before leaving.

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There were several people in the park. There were a few people hanging around the rides. There were employees, but they were hanging around together and I had to go ask them to run the rides for me. If you look at the photo of the bumper cars, you will see some people. One of them was a lady who was running the bumper cars. I think I saw four other people riding things while I was there. It was a very cold day and not too many people were hanging out, but there were some people there. I will try to get more photos of people during future park visits.

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