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Free DVD Giveaway Contest!

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Hey guys,


The Santa Elves were good to me this Christmas and I have gotten my hands on some extra copies of Coaster Expedition Vol. 14 and Roller Coasters In The Raw Vol. 5!!! What does that mean for you?? A chance to win them of course!!


There will be a series of four contests over the next couple of months where the winner can win one of these Brand New DVDS!!


Here's how this will work:


If you can guess what roller coaster I am thinking of, you can win your choice of either DVD!!


I will post photographs, one at a time, that will be a clue towards the coaster's identity. Each photograph could be a clue to either the coaster's name, location, manufacturer, type of coaster, or a feature/element of the coaster. I will then reward points to each person that comes the closest to guessing how each clue points to the coaster. Therefore, even if you do not get the final answer correct, you can still win!


**MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!** YOU CAN NOT WIN BY SIMPLY BLURTING OUT THE NAME OF ROLLER COASTERS. You will need to explain what about each clue made you are think of it. It is also okay to guess which country, park, manufacturer, etc. you think the coaster is. This is how you get points!!!


Like the scavenger hunt game over the holidays, the more questions you ask me, the more clues I may give you!



Here is the first clue:


What could this mean???

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Hmmmm...well, theres the expression about broken records and saying something over and over, so that leads me to think three things:

1. The ride features the same element multiple times.

2. It's a very common ride found in many parks.

3. It's a B&M since it's been said that they're coasters are all very similar or repetitive.

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Two people have already been rewarded 1 point each!


CoasterWeasel and deathbydinn.


If you can figure out why they were rewarded these points, then you can figure what the first clue means!


Time for the 2nd clue!


Who is this and why is he a clue??

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That's Obi Wan Kenobi who is a Jedi that uses the force. Going to guess Millennium Force which was also the first coaster to break 300 ft.


edit- Was going to add that Millennium Force also has airtime hill after airtime hill throughout the ride.

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Did at one point any of the Batman roller coasters (ie like the one at Great Adventure) have a record or anything?


That would go with deathbydinn's use of over and over again.


As for Obi-Wan, I could say they are a force to be reckoned with, but I'm sure that's not the case.


And I can already tell this game is going to be way over my head.

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Not only is the guy's last Guinness (World Records?), he died in 2000. Based on these two facts, I'm going to guess Steel Dragon 2000, which broke the height record that year.


Very interesting!


Anybody stuck? Ask Questions! Know how to play twenty questions?? I may answer some Yes or No questions that pertain to the two photo clues given so far!


Edit: And the coaster has not been guessed yet.

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