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The Official "Champions League 2005/2006" Thread!

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Full Time: Betis 1-2 Liverpool


Goals: Sinama-Pongolle (1), Luis Garcia (13), Arzu (51)


This was a very good win for Liverpool, who dominated the first half, but was under quite intense pressure thoughout the second half. I didn't think the referee was that great really, he kept stopping the game constantly to give silly free kicks when really he should have let the game flow more.


Anyway, fantastic first half, second half wasn't the best Liverpool display I've ever seen, but we won and that's the most important thing right now.


P.S. Where's the Everton fan gone who said Liverpool should fear Real Betis?



Liverpool FC - The Pride of Merseyside

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I rate Sevilla Betis- Liverpool the best match of the evening


hehe nice bocakey: I only know the "You ' ll ne-v-er waalk alone" part the rest ot the song i'm yust "NA NA-ing "


Watched Chelsea-Anderlecht but it wasn't a nice match so changed to watch Lyon-Real Madrid (wasn't that good either)


but the goals on Olympiakos-Rosenborg were very funny

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some soccer related videoclips:


world class missers



random streaker scoring a nice goal in spanish league

( some explicit material therefore only for adults?)



nice actions/dribbels:


Cafu: http://www.fclembeke.be/downloads/cafu.mpe

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Hey everyone,

the first matchday is over. There were a lot goog matches and I really enjoyed it.

However, today I was at the stadium and have seen the match:

Werder Bremen- FC Barcelona / 0 : 2

It is to sad, that Werder lost the match, because they really have played much better, than Barcelona. Anyway, it is okay, Barcelona plays one of the best soccer in the world.

Here is the link for the results of the day: Results




Onto some pictures from the stadium:


Werder lost, but all in all it was a good match



damn, 0 : 2


oh, noooooo


it looks like they are not so happy




damn, 0 : 1




lets start the match


back at the stadium

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I'm glad Arsenal got a home win in the end, though they left it late.


Robin Van Persie's sending off was a joke, he wasn't even looking at the FC Thun player when we went for the ball. He deserved a yellow at most.





I can't believe Rooney still has the temperament of a five year old. Fergie's got a lot of work to do to rein him in. I don't think it'll be the first time he's sent off in his career either.

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Today starts matchday 2! It looks like, there will be a few good matches, today!

-> Juventus Turin - Rapid Wien / 3:0

-> Bayern München - Brügge / 1:0

-> FC Thun - Sparta Prag / 1:0

-> Ajax Amsterdam - Arsenal / 1:2

-> Barcelona - Udinese / 4:1

-> Panathinaikos Athen - Werder Bremen / 2:1

-> OSC Lille - Villareal / 0:0

-> Manchester United - Benfica Lissabon / 2:1

I hope Werder will win this match, because they lost the last match!

However, all results of the day are later in this thread!


EDIT: all results are here http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18529



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:shock: Oh, it looks like I am the only one, who posted in this thread!?


However, today starts the 4th matchday! I will post the results later!


4th Matchday:

11/01 (E) Schalke 04 - Fenerbace Istanbul / -:-

11/01 (E) PSV Eindhoven - AC Milan / -:-

11/01 (F) Rosenborg Trondheim - Real Madrid / -:-

11/01 (F) Olympiakos Piräus - Lyon / -:-

11/01 (G) Liverpool - RSC Anderlecht / -:-

11/01 (G) Betis Sevilla - Chelsea / -:-

11/01 (H) Inter Mailand - FC Porto / -:-

11/01 (H) Bratislava - Glasgow Rangers / -:-




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:shock: Oh, it looks like I am the only one, who posted in this thread!?




Well y'know the US and Football...


I can't believe Arsenal qualified with a 100% record after only 4 games! We have been awful in Europe for 7 years, and now we start playing really well? What's going on? :shock:


Oh well, I can't complain really. A 3-0 win at home to Sparta Prague was a good result. But I still think we can play better. We've got to if we are going to beat the bigger clubs.

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Well y'know the US and Football...


Yeah, I know what you mean.

It looks like I will be the person with the most posts in his own thread!




Do you still think Werder Bremen can qualify for the second round? It's looking very close in that group. Barca have all but confirmed the top spot in the group now.

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I watched Manchester United comeback from a 2-0 deficeit (wow i can't spell...) vs. Juventus. Ah man, what a great match.


After watching Juventus score twice on MU in the first 20 mins of the match, I thought MU was going to lose for sure. Man was I wrong.


I love EuroSport... I wish we had this channel in the states =\



As of now... at this exact moment... watching Czech Republic beat Norway in WM 2006 Playoffs (World Cup).

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