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The Official "Champions League 2005/2006" Thread!


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The Official "Champions League" Thread.

For everyone who is interested in European Soccer.



Group A

Bayern München

Juventus Turin

FC Brügge

Rapid Wien

Group B

Arsenal London

Ajax Amsterdam

Sparta Prag

FC Thun

Group C

FC Barcelona

Panathinaikos Athen

Werder Bremen

Udinese Calcio

Group D

Manchester United


OSC Lille

Benfica Lissabon

Group E

Ac Mailand

PSV Einhoven

Schalke 04


Group F

Real Madrid

Olympique Lion

Olympiakos Piräus

Rosenberg Trondheim

Group G


FC Chelsea

RSC Anderlecht

Betis Secilla

Group H

Inter Mailand

FC Porto

Glasgow Rangers




Play Plan

Matchday 1

Date (Grp) Home – Away / Result

09/13 (E) Eindhoven - Schalke 04 / 1:0

09/13 (E) AC Milan - Fenerbace Istanbul / 3:1

09/13 (F) Olympiakos Piräus - Rosenborg Trondheim / 1:3

09/13 (F) Olympique Lyon - Real Madrid / 3:0

09/13 (G) Betis Sevilla - Liverpool / 1:2

09/13 (G) Chelsea - Anderlecht / 1:0

09/13 (H) Bratislava - Inter Mailand / 0:1

09/13 (H) Glasgow Rangers - FC Porto / 3:2

09/14 (A) Brügge - Juventus Turin / 1:2

09/14 (A) Rapid Wien - Bayern München / 0:1

09/14 (B) Arsenal London - FC Thun / 2:1

09/14 (B) Sparta Prag - Ajax Amsterdam / 1:1

09/14 © Werder Bremen - Barcelona / 0:2

09/14 © Udinese - Panathinaikos Athen / 3:0

09/14 (D) Benfica Lissabon - Lille / 1:0

09/14 (D) Villareal - Manchester United / 0:0


Matchday 2

09/27 (A) Juventus Turin - Rapid Wien / 3:0

09/27 (A) Bayern München - Brügge / 1:0

09/27 (B) FC Thun - Sparta Prag / 1:0

09/27 (B) Ajax Amsterdam - Arsenal / 1:2

09/27 © Barcelona - Udinese / 4:1

09/27 © Panathinaikos Athen - Werder Bremen / 2:1

09/27 (D) OSC Lille - Villareal / 0:0

09/27 (D) Manchester United - Benfica Lissabon / 2:1

09/28 (E) Schalke 04 - AC Milan / 2:2

09/28 (E) Fenerbace Istanbul - PSV Eindhoven / 3:0

09/28 (F) Rosenborg Trondheim - Lyon / 0:1

09/28 (F) Real Madrid - Olympiakos Piräus / 2:1

09/28 (G) Liverpool - Chelsea / 0:0

09/28 (G) RSC Anderlecht - Betis Sevilla / 0:1

09/28 (H) Inter Mailand - Glasgow Rangers / 1:0

09/28 (H) FC Porto - Bratislava / 2:3


Matchday 3

10/18 (A) Bayern München - Juventus Turin / 2:1

10/18 (A) Rapid Wien - Brügge / 0:1

10/18 (B) Ajax Amsterdam - FC Thun / 2:0

10/18 (B) Sparta Prag - Arsenal / 0:2

10/18 © Panathinaikos Athen - Barcelona / 0:0

10/18 © Udinese - Werder Bremen / 1:1

10/18 (D) Manchester United - OSC Lille / 0:0

10/18 (D) Villareal - Benfica Lissabon / 1:1

10/19 (E) Fenerbace Istanbul - Schalke 04 / 3:3

10/19 (E) AC Milan - PSV Eindhoven / 0:0

10/19 (F) Real Madrid - Rosenborg Trondheim / 4:1

10/19 (F) Lyon - Olympiakos Piräus / 2/1

10/19 (G) RSC Anderlecht - Liverpool / 0:1

10/19 (G) Chelsea - Betis Sevilla / 4:0

10/19 (H) FC Porto - Inter Mailand / 2:0

10/19 (H) Glasgow Rangers - Bratislava / 0:0


Matchday 4

11/01 (E) Schalke 04 - Fenerbace Istanbul / 2:0

11/01 (E) PSV Eindhoven - AC Milan / 1:0

11/01 (F) Rosenborg Trondheim - Real Madrid / 2:0

11/01 (F) Olympiakos Piräus - Lyon / 1:4

11/01 (G) Liverpool - RSC Anderlecht / 3:0

11/01 (G) Betis Sevilla - Chelsea / 1:0

11/01 (H) Inter Mailand - FC Porto / 2:1

11/01 (H) Bratislava - Glasgow Rangers / 2:2

11/02 (A) Juventus Turin - Bayern München / 2:1

11/02 (A) Brügge - Rapid Wien / 3:2

11/02 (B) FC Thun - Ajax Amsterdam / 2:4

11/02 (B) Arsenal - Sparta Prag / 3:0

11/02 © Barcelona - Panathinaikos Athen / 5:0

11/02 © Werder Bremen - Udinese / 4:3

11/02 (D) OSC Lille - Manchester United / 1:0

11/02 (D) Benfica Lissabon - Villareal / 0:1


Matchday 5

11/22 (A) Bayern München - Rapid Wien / 4:0

11/22 (A) Juventus Turin - Brügge / 1:0

11/22 (B) Ajax Amsterdam - Sparta Prag / 2:1

11/22 (B) FC Thun - Arsenal / 0:1

11/22 © Panathinaikos Athen - Udinese / 1:2

11/22 © Barcelona - Werder Bremen / 3:1

11/22 (D) Manchester United - VIllareal / 0:0

11/22 (D) OSC Lille - Benfica Lissabon / 0:0

11/23 (E) Fenerbace Istanbul - AC Milan / 3:0

11/23 (E) Schalke 04 - PSV Eindhoven / 0:4

11/23 (F) Real Madrid - Lyon / 1:1

11/23 (F) Rosenborg Trondheim - Olympiakos Piräus / 1:1

11/23 (G) RSC Anderlecht - Chelsea / 0:0

11/23 (G) Liverpool - Betis Sevilla / 0:2

11/23 (H) FC Porto - Glasgow Rangers / 4:0

11/23 (H) Inter Mailand - Bratislava / 1:1


Matchday 6

12/06 (E) AC Milan - Schalke 04 / 3:2

12/06 (E) PSV Eindhoven - Fenerbace Istanbul / 2:0

12/06 (F) Lyon - Rosenborg Trondheim / 2:1

12/06 (F) Olympiakos Piräus - Real Madrid / 2:1

12/06 (G) Chelsea - Liverpool / 0:0

12/06 (G) Betis Sevilla - RSC Anderlecht / 0:1

12/06 (H) Glasgow Rangers - Inter Mailand / 1:1

12/06 (H) Bratislava - FC Porto / 0:0

12/07 (A) Rapid Wien - Juventus Turin / 1:3

12/07 (A) Brügge - Bayern München / 1:1

12/07 (B) Sparta Prag - FC Thun / 0:0

12/07 (B Arsenal - Ajax Amsterdam / 0:0

12/07 © Udinese - Barcelona / 0:2

12/07 © Werder Bremen - Panathinaikos Athen / 5:1

12/07 (D) Villareal - OSC Lille / 1:0

12/07 (D) Benfica Lissabon - Manchester United / 2:1



--Sören "Champions League" Schomburg

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The Official "Champions League" Thread.


Hey everyone,

this is the the official "Champions League 2005/2006" thread. I thought it would be great to talk about the games and the different clubs. I know we have a lot of members from Europe, thats why this could be very interesting. I hope we have a few members from Europe, who are interested in soccor.

My hometown soccer club is Werder Bremen. Werder Bremen is in group C in the Champions League. I hope we will win this round, okay I know there is Barcelone, which is the hardest club in this round. However, I am very happy that Werder is in the Champions League, again.


Werder Bremen: http://www.werder.de



Edited by Hattuchili
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I am a bit upset that my team Liverpool "Champions of Europe - again for the 5th time" have been drawn with Chelsea. I'm not too worried about the other two teams in our group, RSC Anderlecht and Betis Secilla though. Hopefully we can perform against Chelsea like we did last year in the Champions League semi final and progress to the knock out stages.


I really think that Liverpool, who I have supported passionately since I was a small child, can win both our domestic league this season, and win the Champions League again.


Our Champions League matches are as follows:


13/09/2005 - Real Betis - Away

28/09/2005 - Chelsea - Home

19/10/2005 - Anderlecht - Away

01/11/2005 - Anderlecht - Home

23/11/2005 - Real Betis Home

06/12/2005 - Chelsea - Away



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What I don't understand is that Chelsea were not in the top seeded group and Arsenal were! A) Chelsea are the english Champions B) Chelse have got to the Semi Final for the past 2 seasons and C) Arsenal NEVER do great in the Champions league. I just don't understand it. BTW I'm not a chelsea fan so it is an unbaised view

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Hey Joanne,

great to hear there is another soccer fan. Yeah, last season Liverpool was very good. However, we will see what will go on this year.

I think this could go to a good discussion about soccer and Champions League.


--Sören "Go Werder Go" Schomburg

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A fantastic display by Cisse and Sissoko, after both coming on as substitutes.

I'm a bit disappointed that the bookings picked up tonight actually count in the Champions League campaign. But, bizarrely, the goals didn't count towards the Champions League goal tally.


I was also suprised that Chelsea were not top seeds, after all they were the Champions of England last season. Anyway, I'm just glad this country is very well represented this year. We should do well.

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^While both Betis & Anderlecht may both seem like fairly easy fixtures, I don't think either can be underestimated, especially when you can lose 1-0 to CSKA Sofia! Sorry, bitter Everton fan...


Betis have of course got Denilson in the side, and while he never really lived up to his early promise, he's still a definite threat to any defence.


Being an Everton fan, i'm going to relish seeing the Chelsea-Liverpool games again! I'm also looking forward to seeing Man Utd playing Villarreal, as having been (unfairly) knocked out by them, I know they're a team who could go far, especially with players like Riquelme in the side, awesome skill!

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I'm interested in Soccer. But my favourite Club isn't in the champions league. I'm a big fan of Borussia Dortmund, who have won the cl in 1997. In this season it would be great, if werder bremen would win the cl.



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^^ I wasn't aware that I said that Betis and Anderlecht can be underestimated. All I was saying is that I was more concerned about Chelsea, and rightly so. They were semi-finalists last season.

Every game we play now will be tough, and every team we play deserve respect. And you may laugh at my team losing to CKSA Sofia! I don't mind, because we are through to the group stages of the Champions League. AT LEAST WE MADE IT THROUGH. And just for the record, I was sat at home, willing Everton on to beat Villarreal!

I just hope Liverpool go on now to pull out the results they need to progress to the knock out stage. But, whatever happens now, at least we got through the qualifying stages. I know that it would take something very special indeed to lift that wonderful trophy for the second year in succession, so I'm saying goodluck luck to all the teams in it! (except Manchester United - sorry, cant stand them. As a child I was forced to own a season ticket as there was a spare one on offer, and I used to shout for random away teams every week from the middle of the Stretford End).

And back to the Sofia match, come on, we should have won 8-1! With Michael Owen back where he belongs, we hopefully won't have many more nights like that!


Come on Reds!


You'll Never Walk Alone


ps Fulham 1-0 Everton ?????

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Well I think that Anderlecht will do great against Chelsea / Liverpool they like to be underdog so that they can play more on defense. This way they have already beaten AS Roma, Real Madrid and Manchester United


But I like FC Brugge more (you spelled their name wrong Hattuchili) I hope they will play nice and win some mathces


In the end I hope/think that FC Barcelona will win the CL ... they still play the most attractive soccer I've seen in years Their matches are never boring

in comparrison to Chelsea-Arsenal or CSKA Moskou-Liverpool *YAWN*

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Come on Arsenal!!!


I hope we get through the group stage, but the Gunners have a habit of failing in Europe, so hopefully this year will bring better rewards if we play well enough.


Ajax will be very tough, and Sparta Prague away won't be easy. But we should be looking to be FC Thun comfortably, and not give away any sloppy goals that could be costly.

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Oh dear, think I can see a Liverpool/Everton argument starting here... Seeing as my beloved Stockport County aren't part of this, I'm just hoping one of the Brit teams will do well, preferably Liverpool. And then if we could win the World Cup next year and if County could actually start winning... My life would be complete!

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^ No, there won't be a Liverpool/Everton argument! It is a shame they are not in the Champions League now this season because I really don't have any bad feelings towards them like I do the Mancs!


Yeah, the match against CSKA Sofia may not have been a classic, but we are through to the group stages, and we will have a tough time winning it again this season. I would rather we do well this season in the Premiership than in Europe. We need to win our crown back! It's been far too long!


Joanne "I hope Stevie G will be lifting more trophies this season" Allison

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Next week, on September the 7th I will go to our Soccer Stadium to see a friendly match between Germany and South Africa. One week later, on the 14th I am going to the stadium to see the first Champions League match (Werder Bremen - FC Barcelona).



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ow nice Hattuchili


try to make a Photo TR of it: maybe with some autographs

Or better you could run naked over the field during the match for the FIRST Video International TV Trip Report I will tape it if you want


Nono have fun with the game, you will probably see some nice goals

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25 minutes to kick off! Come on Reds!


When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm

There's a golden sky

And the sweet silver

Song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain

Though your dreams

Be tossed and blown.

Walk on

walk on

With hope in your hearts

I And you'll never walk alone

You'll never walk alone.

Walk on

walk on


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