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Photo TR: The Scot Crew at the Irn-Bru Carnival


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Obviously December isn't always the best time of the year for visiting parks but in the UK it usually means there are a lot of carnivals around and Glasgow is no exception. The Irn-Bru carnival which is celebrating it's 90th anniversary this year is Europe's largest indoor carnival and has been an annual visit for us Scots of TPR for many years now.


The carnival itself wasn't so great this time around, with there looking to be less rides than previous years and none of the more unique and interesting contraptions that I'd witnessed at the Goose Fair and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland earlier in the year. That said we still managed to have a good time. Plus, there was one new addition for this year - the dreaded Toboggan! The bruises from my last ride February hadn't even faded and I've now got some fresh ones to accomopany it!


The real thing that excited me about this little TPR member meet up in Glasgow was the opportunity to visit Glasgow's latest haunted walkthrough - The Ghosts of Christmas. This haunt is located in The Arches, the same place where Alien Wars was in 2009. I have to say this was a VERY good walkthrough. Maybe it's just my sick and twisted mind but seeing an evil demented Santa and his bloodthirsty elves was a very cool concept. Plus, this walkthrough lasted about half an hour, a lot longer than any I've done before. It seems that this seasonal haunt has been a success and so I'm hopeful I'll be able to bring a few more TPR members there next year!


Here's the photos...


Another year, another giant bottle of "ginger", it's gotta be the Irn-Bru Carnival!


They let us in! They obviously don't remember last year.


In the line for the Dodgems I had to give Michael a crash course in the Brit Crew's common practice of making sure Steve can't walk by the time they're finished.


Always a highlight of the Irn-Bru Carnival – Scottish Steve’s Fun House Tour!


Hey look it's Mario, star of Jersey Shore: The Movie!


Steve does a real mean TPDave impression.


He also does a real good Dave Fudge impression.


Unleash the fury, Steve!


Steve gave this fun house a rating of three pumpkins of fun!


Although this is about where Steve's fun ends!


It doesn't look like any of us will be having any fun with this sign welcoming you into the line.


Five yards later we encountered this, gotta love carnie incompetence making the line really short!


Speaking of carnie incompetence, this had to be one of the worst ghost trains ever. Most of the effects didn't go off until after the car had passed them. Scottish Steve would have loved it.


The one effect that actually went off before we passed it!


We were able to put the ghost train disappointment behind us by indulging in some super fun happy thoughts!


Everyone admire Steve's rug!


Not the first time Steve's been happy to have an ass on his rug.


Just a general carnival overview. Hey look Anth, it's your favourite ride on the bottom right!


The small drop tower has been the best ride at the carnival for the past few years, in my view.


THis is Steve mid-fright. Not too hard to get this photo on this drop tower. It's actually not too hard to get this photo when someone like TPDave or myself is in Steve's vicinity!


Not being an enthusiast Michael didn't understand at first why Steve and I were so amused to see the Toboggan at the carnival this year!


Beautiful! Right?


What is it with Scotland and "boisterous" rides?!


And we never saw Steve again! Yay.


Do the Toboggan squish!


Since there wasn't too much there that we actually wanted to ride we decided to invest the rest of our tokens in Steve's addicition to cheap sideshow thrills.


Look at Steve, displaying his team colours with pride! Good man!


Over at The Arches we encountered this straggler lurking around! Good thing too, this is where Glasgow's festive haunted walkthrough resides!


Whilst the rest of us spent half an hour getting tormented in Santa's Grotto Steve did a fantastic job of keeping all our coats completely safe! Thanks again Steve!


Is that lust?


Ghosts of Christmas was a fantastic haunted walkthrough! A real eerie experience with some real good scares in there. I can't wait to see what The Arches comes up with next!


The Irn-Bru Carnival was a bit of a disappointment this year. It seems to get more ordianary each year whereas events like Hyde Park only get better. But still it's always a good excuse for us TPR Scots to get together and have a laugh.


Ghosts of Christmas also more than made up for the Carnival disappointment, I get the feeling there might be a bigger Brit Crew get together north of the border in the near future!


Thanks for reading!

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Im glad I at least made it for the good bit. Silly employer making me work my full hours. Still, saved me a tenner in the long run.


Ghosts of Christmas really was a great show. Much more theatrical than the more standard haunts. The 'broken toy' was performing particularly well. Im looking forward to what else that crew can come up with.

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