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PhotoTR:Old Magic Mountain pictures


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I have been wanting to post these pictures for a while, but we have been crazy busy at work and I have not had as much time to post as I usually do. I apoligize for the quality of the pictures, but I had a crappy camera at the time.


This is a combination of 2 trips to the mountain. Some pictures were from a few years before pscyclone was ripped down, and before tatsu was around. There are also a few pictures of tatsu and some defunct rides.


I hope you enjoy.


We landed in what most people call "the worst" airport in america.


The giant L A X sign


First stop of the day....jack in the box


Got to see this great sunset on the way to an eve at magic mountain.


First ride of the night.


There were a few rides that were closed. I am not sure of the name of the himalaya ride, but it was themed to gothum city.


The round up ride was closed as well.




"Screams" sun faded sign.


Station shot.


We got the front seat on collossus.


I really like this coaster. I am not sure why some people whine about it being a ruff coaster. We found in enjoyable.


The highly themed station.


Collossus entrance.




Gold rusher.




Deja vu and psyclone were right next to eachother.





Deja vu






See....Pay no attention to the two hot chicks


This is where the bad guy in the movie "rollercoaster" got nailed by a revolution train. Kind of funny how back then if someone got killed by a coaster, it would reopen within an hour. Now, it would be closed for a lot longer.


Six flags version of world of color.




Guess what coaster this is?


I believe this ride was called sierra twist.


Front gate.


We had to park wayyyyyy out in the back of the parking lot.


Scream from the parking lot.


Shoulden't this say wally world?


Driving up to the park.


I see you magic mountain.


Being from Michigan, the drive into the park was beautiful.


One last shot.

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What's funny is that these pictures look really old...like from the 1970s old...but Tatsu is in them!!!


HaHa looks like some pictures that would be in Shane's Amusement Attic. (Which I love BTW)

Just looking at those pictures of Psyclone makes my spine tingle.

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I miss Psyclone in some sadistic way. I think its because every time I looked at it, I would think 'maybe it will be like before 1994.' And then I ride and well......we all know the rest of the story.


But I do like seeing pictures of it.


I miss Psyclone too, but that's probably because I operated that ride for the better part of a year and rode it well over 2000 times within that time frame... I'm not saying it was the best but when you operated it, you knew exactly how to ride it so that you didn't get beaten up. I actually wrote a letter to the park asking if I could have a piece of the wood when they destroyed it but no luck.


Oh well, Term... er... Apocalypse is a more than worthy replacement for it. I'm just happy that they replaced my favorite woodie in the park with my favorite woodie in the park.

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I never thought Psyclone was that bad, the little tweak at the top of the first drop is really the roughest part I remember, BUT, I rode it pre 1994. From reading up on it it though, sounds like the earthquake really did some damage. I'm curious how/why an earthquake would ruin the ride. Obviously I understand the severity of the Northridge quake, but I also understand the logistics of the ride. Footers didn't move, any broken wood would have been replaced, and I'm sure the structural integrity wasn't compromised. I don't doubt that the earthquake made the difference, I'm interested in the specifics though. Can anyone shed some light on my curiosity?

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Cool pics! I went to SFMM in June of 2006, so this was around the same time I was there as well! As much as people disliked Psyclone, I still wish I had ridden it. When it was getting close to closing on the day I went, the only two coasters I hadn't ridden yet at that point were Psyclone and Riddlers. Choosing Riddlers was a no-brainer at the time, though.

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Psyclone just didn't age well, and I'm sure the earthquake did it no favors. I'm no seismic expert and can't say exactly what the quake did to the ride, but it did go downhill quickly afterward (no pun intended). During the 1994 Fright Fest, ten months after the quake and the only time they did so, SFMM ran Psyclone backwards. I got to ride it one time backwards and it wasn't terrible, but not so much fun either.



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The earthquake, like you said probably didn't help the foundation of the ride. Another part of the problem was the weight of the trains tearing up the track. That set was the 1st and last set of trains B & M wooden coaster trains.

They need to stick to steel coasters and trains.

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Haha, I agree with Robb, I thought these were super old pictures and then I saw the pic of Deja Vu next to Psyclone and was like "Oh."


I think Psyclone was a completely aweful ride, and you all know you agreed with this at one point. I just think it was really to blame on those trains though. Had they gotten some PTC trains it may have ridden more like Viper at SFGAm. I remeber my first trip to SFGAm I avoided Viper cause it was like Psyclone but I sucked it up and rode the following year and it is still one of my favorite wooden coasters.


Back on subject, awesome pics. I love looking at pics from only a few to 10 years back because you can see how much has changed in such a short time.

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^^ Psyclone had three trains (red, orange, yellow), but only two could run at one time.


From what I've been told, only the orange and yellow ones are left to run on Colossus backwards. The red train is being used for parts.



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If SFMM services Apocalypse in the traditional manner (i.e. pretty much only when a train flies off the track), about how many more years until it feels like Ghostrider?


GCIs tend to age well but it ultimately depends on how they are maintained. No matter how bad Termin....err.....Apocalypse gets it will NEVER be as horrid and bone wrenching as Psyclone.

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It's funny, but I don't ever remember Psyclone being that jarring, but all my rides were pre-1994.

Ghostrider, on the other hand.... I went on that at the WCB 2009 and STILL feel it. That thing should be condemned.


Not being a big woodie fan, can you guys let me know what woodies are still standing today that make Ghostrider feel like Montu by comparison?

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^^^ You're right about the maintenance. The last couple of times that I rode Termpocalypseator it was a bit on the rough side---and that ride isn't even two years old yet. I certainly hope that SFMM gets on it and prevents Apocalypse from getting too bad. However, I can't see it getting as bad as Psyclone or GhostRider, if only because it's a GCII. If you start with good quality, it'll be easier to keep up.



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