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Christmas Decorations

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I don't post much in forums, but I have asked this question before on other forums and have gotten some interesting answers. So I'm just curious. Are your Christmas decorations still up? Have they been taken down yet? Do you leave them up all year or never put them up at all (or don't celebrate Christmas)?


(mine are currently still up but are being taken down today)

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I finally finished taking mine down yesterday, which is a bit long for me. (I've been fighting a head cold all week, and the idea of taking down the outdoor lights on a freezing cold night wasn't too appealing--hence, the delay.)

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Ours came down on January 2. There are still people in our neighborhood with them up. I'm pretty sure today is the last day that it's acceptable to still have them up!!!


I've seen people who have them up until March or April, and put them up in like October. I guess they just really dont want to put them up in the cold, wimps.


Edit: We took ours down on the 1st or 2nd. It made more room for the Kinect we got.

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Dream: They go up a week before Christmas, and come down on January 1st-2nd.

Reality: My step-dad refuses to take down the tree until January 31st, and the decorations probably won't come down for a little while after that. He milks it for every last ounce of Christmas Spirit. But at least we don't have anything out front...I don't think.

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Traditionally, ours goes up Thanksgiving Weekend, and gets it's last lighting New Years Eve into New Year's day. The lights are either taken down that following week, or following weekend. We have had some roof lights up until the following year (not powered on) due to time constraints of pulling out the ladder and taking them down (In other words, we were too lazy to climb up and pull them down). Downside is that anything that's plastic gets brittle, colored lights fade, and wires get stiff and crackle (drying out).


I think that this weekend (12 days after Christmas) are pretty much acceptable to have your stuff up but I find it awkward to have things up past New Year's Day.

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Yupp. I still have mine up. The outdoor ones are in the process of coming down, i'll likely finish that tonight. But the inside ones are completely up and I have no intention of taking them down for a week or two?


Why? Well, taking them down right after christmas would mean that they are christmas decorations. I try as hard as I can to take the christ out of christmas, as much as he was supplanted into previously held traditions. So my decorations are for winter. Since it is still winter... I keep em up. Plus, they make the house pretty

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I put up lights around the week before Thanksgiving (but couldn't power them until the week after Thanksgiving). They came down New Years Eve, it was warm that day and was the last day it would be warm since. Next year, lights go up first warm days before Thanksgiving, and get lit the week of Thanksgiving. I got some more lights this year again.

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Sad to say, for the second year in a row, the tree is still up, well into January. Last year, I didn't have time to take it down before our SoCal/Robb's Birthday Cruise trip. This year, I haven't had time to take it down, in between our two week trip to MA, and WDW Marathon Weekend. Had to work, last night. Recovering, this afternoon. I'll tackle it tomorrow.

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  • 4 years later...

I am BUMPING this, because several of us do do Decorations around our homes.


(do, do = giggle)


I am starting to getting mine organized and set up and lit up, etc.


So, anybody else getting ready for The Holidays - of which there are several?


And underneath the Subject Heading of this thread could now be:


"You putting up soon? Already put up? Taking down, when?"



Our tree last December.

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Behold my decked halls! I start putting everything up right after Thanksgiving, and I start taking everything down on January 2.


The Christmas Village always goes up first night after Thanksgiving weekend.


I particularly like Cousin Eddie at the drive-in movie.


The outside lights are next. Only had to make one trip to Target this year to replace a bad string. ;)


Finally, it's tree time. Let's take a closer look.

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Here`s how our mantle piece decorating went....


Close up of some of the new stuff.


Before the rest of the decorations are added.


Simple yet nice and glittery.



The finished set up. Back window in the kitchen is next up....

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