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DVC Renting Points

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Ok, so me and my friends are trying to go to Disney World for Senior Week, and we're having to decide which is more important, good accommodations or space. Through a conversation, my friend made me remind myself that my guitar teacher is a DVC member. From what I know, it is possible for someone outside the loop to rent the points from a member. I was wondering if it would be kosher to rent points from him and use them towards a week at the Bay Lake Tower?


Just have a few questions about the whole thing.


We're allowed to use the points where ever even if it's not his "home" resort, right?


My friend said we could do a half-point, half-pay thing, but can't we just rent the points that we need and have it all covered?


And does timing necessarily matter?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Everything you need to know is here: DISboards


There are a lot of factors that go into renting points from a DVC member. First of all, you will need to know how many points you are needing. You can find this out here:


DVC Points Calculator


The DVC member will need to have enough points to make the reservation, and those dates will have to be available. The reservation will be under their name. You will not be able to pay cash for part of it. Only the DVC member can do this. If they pay cash for part of it, they will have to pay the rack rate of that room, which is the full cost that the room costs without discounts (this a LOT of money). If I remember correctly, Disney will not even recognize that you will actually be the ones staying there until 2 days before check-in. So, anything you want to add like Dining Plan will have to made by the DVC member.


If it is not their home resort, they can make a reservation starting at 7 months from the date of the reservation. (11 months if it is their home resort). So, if the room is available for the time of your trip and they have enough points to rent out, then you can rent the points from them. You would personally pay them the money and then they would pay for the reservation.

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