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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Here are some of my random comments based on watching Elissa play like 5 times now....


- I really like the concept! Lots of fun! Kinda makes me think a bunch of guys sat around and were like "How can we make a remote control street fighter?" LOVE IT!

- I wish the response time was better, so you actually felt like the button you were pressing had quicker reaction, rather than keyboard mashing.

- I'd love to get a better idea of the scale of the robots, a picture of what they actually look like, and some more info. Like, are they all automated, or is it dudes or dudettes inside of them?

- Would love to see another camera angle, like a POV during the battle.

- When I first heard about the concept, I was thinking it would be more "Rock em, Sock em Robots" with something that had really quick, short actions/movements for better response.

- Really looking forward to this getting tuned up a bit more over the next few days!

- Love the robot designs! It's kinda tronish, kinda black hole, kinda transformers...they just look really cool!

- Amazing stuff as always from Real Art! Having worked with many companies like this in my "video game production" days, I have to say they seem to be one of the brightest, most creative agencies I've ever seen!


--Robb "How can TPR sponsor a Ro-Bro for a day?" Alvey

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I think they are having a little problem now. I was the first one back in when it started up after maintenance, and my robot wouldn't move and kept looking at the camera. Then when I was able to fight back, I wasn't getting any credit for punches landed. The other robot was only able to get credit for 2. So after the 60 second time limit, he was considered the victor.

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Just had my butt kicked again. Every time I would hit the right to punch, it would just go and raise its arm but not punch, and the left hand wouldn't do anything.


I'm trying it out again as a blue side this time. Just to see any differences. But I did see Ernie's fight! Good Job

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