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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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^ I guess I really just don't understand why this is a big deal. Looks like Gizmodo is having an after hours gallery party. So what? Watch them have fun. I know I am. You sound like some old lady who is disapproving of some teenagers who are out getting drunk and having sex. Big Effing Deal!!!!


Maybe it's just because I spent so many years working at big tech companies like Activision where I kind of "get" what's going on - Big company hires out something "cool" and uses it not only for a marketing tool, but also a centerpiece for their private events (the DJ, moving the office in there, after hours party, etc).


Like, I actually thought this pictures was amazing! I'm totally living vicariously through the webcam with all the fun these people are having. Personally, I'd give anything to be hanging out inside the claw, drinking a beer, having fun. Wouldn't you???


(Ok, maybe could have been better if he was holding a decent beer!)

I dunno, I'm still playing and having fun. Those of you who want to bitch about the antics, that's fine, but it's not really stopping me from having fun playing The Santa Claw.


Maybe you would have just preferred that when it turned off in May it never, ever came back?


EDIT - Right now there are a bunch of girls in the claw throwing balls around. Some sites charge money for this kind of content....

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Seriously, this looks like a ton of fun!!!!


Dance Party in The Santa Claw!!!


Dude! You're doing it wrong!!!

Have fun at the party...but please... play responsibly ... don't break The Santa Claw for the rest of us tomorrow!


EDIT - Look! Even the guys at Real Art had a party in the claw! Personally, I approve...I know I'd be partying in there also!!!


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So while some of you are bitching and complaining...I'm using this as a way to HAVE FUN!!!


Remember, there is a screen next to The Santa Claw and they can all see what we are trying...so try to get them to do stuff on the webcam! I got them to wave!






And they totally DID!!!!


Still waving...


And then they started to throw balls!


Uh, oh....


One of them hit the webcam!!! (don't worry, they fixed it with a giant fake human leg!) Yes, if you saw that, it was my fault the webcam got hit! Real Art, I apologize in advance for any damages, but this is what happens when you put drunk people and internet geeks in the same cyberspace!!!! =)


So far I haven't seen any of them do this!


TPR Members, you're not there at the party, but if you're in line, you're there virtually...get them to do stuff on the webcam!!!

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This is hilarious! I shouted out for "White dress girl" and she totally got in the claw! Then I shouted out for her to "show us some leg" and she picked up the leg (you can see her reading the screen), and then I shouted "More girls" and another girl got in!!!


How is this now freaking AMAZEBALLS?!?!?!


THIS! This right here.... is why the internet was invented!



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This is fantastic. I want to be there! I love how they are responding to what you are typing. Fantastic interaction right there. This is all intended for fun and that is definitely what is happening on both ends. That's what any design is all about and The Santa Claw is succeeding. I failed miserably when I played the first time it was around. But still had fun operating such a huge crane from my living room

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I'm up in less than an hour (And I'm NOT going to miss my turn this time, will be better prepared). So what happens to those who got in line this morning, do they stop taking people at 6:00 (3:00 for me) or does everyone get disconnected at 6:00? Curious to how that works out, grabbed another spot in line this morning.


Edit: Wow, this was the strangest game. Ultra laggy for some reason, had a window blocking my view, unresponsive controls. no victory

Ever have this happen to you (now my question mark key decides not to work so insert a question mark here)


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^ Never seen that. I would highly recommend everyone trying to re-login about 45 minutes before your turn.


What I do I open up another browser, login with Facebook, that logs off my first browser and saves my place in line on the other.


Guys, I've probably posted this about 10 times since the claw opened back up and I have yet to have any issues. Kind of wish people would just listen to my advice instead of not listening, having problems, and complaining. :/

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This was the first I have had any real glitches with it this session. Getting in line hasn't been a problem for me since I found cancelling and retrying eventually got me in, just took some patience and a few tries. Some tale-tale signs of something weird going to happen was watching people 'cut in front of each other' when I was moving up, maybe not refreshing properly as I cut the one in front of me Also, at one point, none of my character animations were responding and everything was a bit laggy changing up my avatar (We got a group of cucumber/pickles to dress up as Darth Vader). Lastly, I think my keyboard is slowly starting to give out since one of my shift keys are not working, can't even type a question mark.


If I had the claw a bit more centered over the present, I probably could have had it but since my computer was lagging out, the claw picked up the edge of it.


As far as anything else, most of the other issues I had were on my end, being asleep when my turn was up, or finishing a project to kill the last 5 minutes of my wait. I guess what probably did not help was the fact I logged in when I got home from work yesterday around 4:00, left it up all night up until this morning when my turn was ready.


I can say I still have yet to be fully 'disconnected' which is a good thing.

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Found some claw player complaints that would probably put any of TPR's complaints to shame:

I decided not to wait in line to play, it looked like a lot of fun until what I saw going on last night. My 8 year old enjoyed watching the claw, but the behavior of the adults in the machine is not something he needs to see. I am glad he wasn't watching last night.

Well, you technically don't have to watch the live stream.




I'm in line for the second time total because of the pausing/not being able to play at work. No big deal, but I did write a letter about the behavior last night in the machine. No one at the gallery seems to care about the players sitting in line for hours when no one is telling those moving/taking/crushing/covering presents to stop. I don't know if I will get to play today, but I can say I was truly disappointed after last night anyway.

Well, if there were people in the machine on your turn, you have an epic prize to grab! Otherwise, if it's not interrupting your play, then don't complain! I would go for a live person if I was lucky enough to have people in the machine on my turn

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Today's the final day of The Santa Claw. Let's not spoil it by complaining about it. For those of you not in line, you can still watch all the fun live on their webcam here:



I'm not even sure I'll get a final turn as I still have 2:45 left, but I'm not bummed about it as I'm just happy The Santa Claw had another chance at life, and we here at TPR gave it lots of support!



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As much as we've only had it a week, I'm now trying to figure out what we're going to do without our favorite contraption. I'll miss it that's for sure. I've only gotten 3 games but it's been fun watching ball fights, running into TPR members, having the catchy queue theme playing all evening in background, and just doing the character animations.


While I don't want to take away the attention from the Santa Claw, I'm sure those of you who follow Real Art/Santa Claw via Facebook may have seen this. For those who don't, they posted an image the other day of their next project. I'm trying to figure out what it is, a TPR member noted that whatever is coming in 2012 will bring back childhood memories. I'm excited to see what it is!


Could it be a wrecking ball of some sort?

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^ I an set to go about 10 min to six right now. Crossing fingers that I get a go. Especially since all my other attempts have been disconnected because of my crappy DSL.


Also, wasn't most of the "partying" last night after the claw was down? Therefore it couldn't interfere with anybodys gameplay.


I'm sad to see the claw go, but hopefully whatever RADG has in store for Jan/Feb will be just as good as the claw. They set the bar pretty high though.


edit: ^ OMG WHAT IS THAT?!

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^ First of all, with what money? Second of all, have you SEEN it?!?! The claw alone was as big as Big Mike!


Looks like I'm going to miss one final game by about 20 minutes.


Ahh, well.... I've played like 8 times this week and ended up getting some hilarious videos out of it!

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