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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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As odd as this sounds, does anyone know how to get yourself completely out of line? All 3 of my waits are 9 hours, which will probably all go live and my turn will happen when I'm not available (as in being at work). I want to get back in line with a slightly longer wait so that it will be almost ready when I get home from work.



That video was hilarious! Was the claw really picking up that guy as it appeared in the video? I nearly spit my food out watching that happen!

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^^That is exactly what Im trying to do. When my turn comes, I wont be at a computer to play. I was hoping just leaving it logged off for a while would do the trick, but I'm still at my same spot. I'm gonna leave it logged off for the night and see if I'm still in my same place in the morning.

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As odd as this sounds, does anyone know how to get yourself completely out of line?

When you go to log in, it will ask you "Not Angry_Gumball", and you click there and you can log in another way (Twitter, Facebook, or Email) and then it will put you in the back of the line. You might have to clear your browsers cache & cookies before doing it though.

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Thanks for posting the pics! It was awesome (ok, clawsome) to see the claw in action right in front of me! The group of kids in one of the photos were so funny - they didn't speak English, but they were fascinated with the claw and were so disappointed when it came up without a ball. Hopefully we will see more of The Santa Claw in the future!

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I'm having issues bringing the site up- is this me or are there issues I'm not seeing (Gremlins, elves on striike, Santa on a smoke break)?

I was just able to jump out and hop back in line just fine. Took me about 20 tries, but once I got in, it worked.


I log in with Facebook, which I think is the easiest, and I just keep clicking "Cancel" then "Log in" again immediately after it says "line full..." eventually it should take you as people seem to drop out all the time.

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I thought this was kind of cool. Watching the webcam earlier, I saw someone win a ball...and then someone that was in the gallery grabbed it, and then threw it back in! Not sure if they were a gallery person or just a regular guest, but if it's just a guest, it would be pretty funny to get a TPR member on the webcam peeking up through the chute!


Any other TPR members that live in NYC who can go visit the claw on either Friday or Saturday?


Dude grabbed the ball that fell out of the chute...


..and then he threw it back in!!!

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