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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Here's a fun little update from the actual Santa Claw! TPR's own Renee (nay) was visiting her home town of NYC and went by the Gizmodo Gallery to check out the claw, and get a little behind the scenes look at one of TPR's favorite "time wasters!" Check out the photos, some videos, and then a video of me playing the claw...where I won a real, live HUMAN BEING!!!


Enjoy the update, and send a huge thanks to Renee for the photos!


Info about the Gizmodo Gallery: 329 Broome Street. New York, NY, 10002 http://gizmodo.com/5857474/gizmodo-gallery-2011-here-we-go-again


To play the Santa Claw: http://www.thesantaclaw.com




Robb plays the Santa Claw....and grabs a MAN!!!


Check out The Santa Claw in action from Renee's visit to the Gizmodo Gallery!


The Gizmodo Gallery is a display of some of the coolest gadgets and techy stuff, and this year, they have brought in The Santa Claw to be on display!

(We see you Santa Claw in the background!)


As soon as you walk in the door of the gallery, you can see it! To get an idea of just how GIANT The Santa Claw is - watch the video above where there is a guy INSIDE The Santa Claw!!!


There it is on display! Theme Park Review members waiting thousands of hours in line and played hundreds of games on The Santa Claw when it was introduced earlier this year! (Yes, I'm making up those numbers, but I'm sure it's not far from the truth!)


The concept is simple. It's a giant claw game. You control the claw from home on your computer via the internet. Move the giant claw around to grab balls...


Here's a closeup of the balls you try to grab...


And if you are lucky enough to grab one, they drop down this chute!


Certain balls are given to the people visiting the gallery, and they take home the winnings, but other balls and presents, if you grab them, are yours to KEEP! They'll contact you and send you your prize...TOTALLY FOR FREE!!!! It's Clawesome!!!


Let's take a closer look at the claw, shall we?


The guys from Real Art explained how the system works. There is a screen that keeps track of everyone who has played, and all the winnings to date.


When the item comes out the chute, it registers what the item is, and triggers the system for the user to input their contact information. A few weeks later, if they've grabbed a special prize, it arrives in the mail.


The top of the claw is completely open, so it's easier to throw balls back inside.


A look inside the claw!


There are several computer screens set up to track the scores.


You can also see what everyone is chatting about! I see some TPR people currently waiting in line! Try to get people reading the monitor to wave at the webcam!


Awww...A live shout out to Renee...while she's at The Santa Claw! I swear this is exactly what the internet was created for!


Awww....poor deflated ball. :(


Now it's someone's turn!


Go for the Santa Present!!!


There they go...


The claw opens and gets ready to grab...


Someone's having a ball-grabbin' good time!




The claw drags your balls over to the chute...


Almost there! Looks like your balls are finally about to drop!




And there are your balls...on display!


The Santa Claw was designed by Real Art Design Group in Dayton, Ohio!


The characters they designed were amazing! Simply, yet clawesome!


Here is my "girl" character. Normally I wear a sexy wifebeater, but I'm cute no matter what my attire.


The Santa Claw is part of the Gizmodo Gallery from Dec 6th - 11th. I really hope this isn't the last time we see the Claw in action!


Elissa is partial to the penguin character.


Don't you want to grab some balls? Click the link at the top of the page to get in line for The Santa Claw!


And while you're in line, send shout outs to the people at the Gizmodo Gallery! They can see what you're writing to them, and maybe you can interact and get them to wave at you while you watch the live video feed!


Thank you very much to Real Art Design Group and the Gizmodo Gallery for giving us a special look at The Santa Claw!


And thank you Renee for the awesome photos! Grab some more balls for us!!! =)


(ps. Speaking of gadgets, all the photos in this udpate were taken with an awesome iPhone 4s!)

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As odd as this sounds, does anyone know how to get yourself completely out of line? All 3 of my waits are 9 hours, which will probably all go live and my turn will happen when I'm not available (as in being at work). I want to get back in line with a slightly longer wait so that it will be almost ready when I get home from work.



That video was hilarious! Was the claw really picking up that guy as it appeared in the video? I nearly spit my food out watching that happen!

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^^That is exactly what Im trying to do. When my turn comes, I wont be at a computer to play. I was hoping just leaving it logged off for a while would do the trick, but I'm still at my same spot. I'm gonna leave it logged off for the night and see if I'm still in my same place in the morning.

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As odd as this sounds, does anyone know how to get yourself completely out of line?

When you go to log in, it will ask you "Not Angry_Gumball", and you click there and you can log in another way (Twitter, Facebook, or Email) and then it will put you in the back of the line. You might have to clear your browsers cache & cookies before doing it though.

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Thanks for posting the pics! It was awesome (ok, clawsome) to see the claw in action right in front of me! The group of kids in one of the photos were so funny - they didn't speak English, but they were fascinated with the claw and were so disappointed when it came up without a ball. Hopefully we will see more of The Santa Claw in the future!

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I'm having issues bringing the site up- is this me or are there issues I'm not seeing (Gremlins, elves on striike, Santa on a smoke break)?

I was just able to jump out and hop back in line just fine. Took me about 20 tries, but once I got in, it worked.


I log in with Facebook, which I think is the easiest, and I just keep clicking "Cancel" then "Log in" again immediately after it says "line full..." eventually it should take you as people seem to drop out all the time.

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