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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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The keys are:







but G doesn't work for all characters.




That post slipped past me somehow. Here I was thinking I would be all clever and everything, trying out all the characters with the whole alphabet and everything...ah well.

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Af first I had a 'connecting...' come up when I first got on, just sitting idle. After pulling up a different browser, I managed to get a spot, then pulled up my main browser and got in for a second spot. Game time looks like 4AM so I may not even get to play. This may be something I fire up in the morning and play when I get off work (as long as my cat doesn't hop on my keyboard). Everyone in line's sleeping, and I can see my alternate self just a few spaces ahead.


Update: I had about 5 hours left still, one of my browsers' flash player crashed, and I don't feel like waiting til 3:00 to play (and possibly have a dead camera since there's nobody at the gallery tonight to fix things). I'll hop on in the morning in hopes that when I get off work I'll be able to come home and my turn will be ready for me...now if those 12-hour waits will stay at 12 hours and not dramatically drop down to 7 hours within the first 2 hours, I'm fine with that!

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Yah, it's odd...works fine in Chrome. Not so much in either version of IE I have on two different PCs. On the one, it loads up in that tiny sliver of the frame at the top of the browser...in the other, just says there is an error and won't proceed!


Anyway, using Chrome....THANKS!

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