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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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I have 739 people in front of me now, can't wait! Glad to see a lot of returning players and new ones.


There are some new prize rules this year. Basically spikey balls go to people at the Gizmodo gallery. If you get a ball with a logo on it, you get a Samsung phone, tablet, Roku box, or Lego Santa Yoga!


Gallery prizes:

These prizes are for visitors only.

• Yellow ball: Whoever picks this one up wins a Gizmodo t-shirt or a set of Buckyballs.

• Pink ball: Nerd prize. Whoever picks this one up scores two tickets to the American Museum of Natural History, which as you might know, is one of our favorite places in New York.


Online prizes:

Will be mailed to the player who grabbed the ball online:

• Samsung logo: We're giving away an array of Samsung phones and tablets. Grab this ball, and you get one. We'll add a few more everyday.

• Roku logo: You win a brand new Roku box. Same deal, we'll add a few new balls every day.

• SUPER-SPECIAL LEGO GREEN: As we mentioned before, we're giving away a life size Santa Yoda Minifig built entirely of Legos. Only one person will be lucky to win the Force-enhancing presence of Lego Santa Yoga. It would be you. When are we putting this one into the mix? When the time is right.


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