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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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^4 hrs... When we had the claw I used to be able to get in line, go to college, and come home 6 hrs later and still have a 45 min wait. I hope, for real art's sake, that this is just as popular.


P'shaw that was nothing. I would have an 8 or 9 hour wait going into weekends and I would be able to go to bed, shower and eat breakfast and have to wait about 20-30 minutes still. It worked perfectly, except the one time I overslept and lost my turn due to sleep. Well, I was real tired that night and slept 10 hours.


But either way, good stuff and I'm glad they're coming back with something this year. Hooray for waiting another 6-10 hours to play!

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I'm in my flash production class right now and I showed this to my teacher. We are now abandoning the lesson and talking about dip-a-drip.


edit: ^robb, I have the feed with the girl too. They might switch characters out periodically.

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^ That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out as well.... Are you guys all watching the same chick, or are some of you seeing different feeds with the different characters?


Same chick. They just switched her up. I've been calling every shot. I can't wait for my turn!


Edit: Looks like people are starting to figure it out!

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Yay! 6 to go! I've seen this crazy chick get dunked about 10 times now. I kind of wish there was a better camera angle to watch them get dunked from, though. The pitcher view misses it a lot of times, and the overhead view is kinda weird. Still a hell of a lot of fun, though!

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Awww, crap! I missed! Was a bit harder to control than I thought. Too bad it's only for the one day, I would have liked to play again to get better at it! I do hope Real Art is able to do something like this again! Internet controlled random stuff is amazing!!!




Here is me aiming....


Here is me shooting...


Here is me totally failing! =)

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