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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Well, all good things must come to an end at some point. Today, the Santa Claw is now no longer operating after hitting their 100,000 mark. Honestly, I was surprised to see it live this long, only expected it to really be up through the end of Feb if that.

Me too! I played one more time last night and won a yellow ball!


Hopefully either this will come back again, or Real Art will surprise us with an even better invention!

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^^I wasn't so fortunate, the Santa Claw decided to drop the ball on me the last several games. My last game was also last night. As I posted on the Santa Claw's Facebook page, the Santa Claw will still continue to live in the form of other claw machines with knobby balls. While it may not be the same thing, it will be a great reminder of the awesome thing we all got to experience!

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^4 hrs... When we had the claw I used to be able to get in line, go to college, and come home 6 hrs later and still have a 45 min wait. I hope, for real art's sake, that this is just as popular.


P'shaw that was nothing. I would have an 8 or 9 hour wait going into weekends and I would be able to go to bed, shower and eat breakfast and have to wait about 20-30 minutes still. It worked perfectly, except the one time I overslept and lost my turn due to sleep. Well, I was real tired that night and slept 10 hours.


But either way, good stuff and I'm glad they're coming back with something this year. Hooray for waiting another 6-10 hours to play!

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I'm in my flash production class right now and I showed this to my teacher. We are now abandoning the lesson and talking about dip-a-drip.


edit: ^robb, I have the feed with the girl too. They might switch characters out periodically.

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^ That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out as well.... Are you guys all watching the same chick, or are some of you seeing different feeds with the different characters?


Same chick. They just switched her up. I've been calling every shot. I can't wait for my turn!


Edit: Looks like people are starting to figure it out!

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