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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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OMG! I just managed to grab THREE BALLS!!! Scratch that...looks like FOUR BALLS!!!


I figured "WTF, I'll just go for a nice pink ball..." so I chose what looked to be a somewhat easy target...crane went down, and them OMFG... WHAT DID I DO?!??!!


Holy crap! I got more balls that I ever imagined I could ever have!!!


Yup! Check out my big balls!!!


Brent, who was in line behind me, took this screen shot - he thinks I actually got FOUR! It's really hard to tell!


Here's another view of my winnings... man, I sure got a LOT of balls!!!!

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^ Tell me about it! Elissa and I probably played like 25 times now and only ever managed to get a small yellow ball ONCE! Even though I can't technically get the winnings, that sure as well was fun doing it!



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^Wow leave it to Robb to brake the bank! Four balls no less! Persistence pays off, I look forward to your future photo trip report when the package arrives from the 'Santa Claw'.


This has been one of the most enjoyable threads I've followed on TPR recently!


Go Santa Claw! Let's hope they keep it going for many months to come!

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Patrick thanks for taking the time to check it out! This thing is awesome! Did they say how long the game was going to last? Also, are all the prizes donated?


From their FAQ I read, they said the claw will be up for a few more weeks. I'm sure if it's still popular enough, maybe they'll extend this...or hopefully bring it back next Holiday Season.


As far as prizes go, I read also on their FAQ that the skateboards were donated as they did a huge project for Alien Workshop. The rest of the prizes were stuff they picked up at some form of flea market/swap meet called "Trader's World."

Pretty much what he said. A few of the companies they worked for donated some things to The Santa Claw. They wanted the prizes to be kinda cheap and cheesy because they're the kind of things you'd find in an actual claw game.


I'm glad that everyone liked the pictures! And that was some great timing Robb Also, I believe that King's Island is about 20 minutes away from Dayton.


Patrick "chose his college based on proximity to amusement parks" Jeffers

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You would have to average 151 MPH 20 Minutes isn't going to happen. In fact I have gotten two tickets on I-75 between Dayton and the Monroe exit one was for going 76, the other 82. These were separated by 5 years! Both times I was on my way to Kings Island. They patrol that stretch of road like mad!

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Who cares whether it's an hour or twenty minutes... it's close enough that a side trip is mandatory.

I'm glad to hear that they're a class act, Rob. Do you know if they're making any money out of this? I was worried for awhile that they were data miners or email collectors.

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Patrick, that is so cool that you got to see the Santa Claw in person! Thanks for posting the photos!


I haven't had the time to play lately, and I need my Santa Claw fix again soon!! I think I've played a total of 8 times so far and won only once, on my very first try.

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