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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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I have been kicked out three times today, ugh. Comcast must be sucking it up today.


I'll try again tomorrow morning when the lines are shorter.


Cable internet was the worst thing I ever have. We only had it for a month and it was just ridiculous!!!!!

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I just played for the first time and i won a big green ball! thanks for letting us know about this. and thanks to headcheez for the help. it was fun chatting with you while we were standing in line.


You are welcome!


I just lost and got right back in line!

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An employee just threw a ball in only for it to bounce off the wall and go right down the prize chute. Wonder if the machine will count the person as a winner and if they'll end up getting it. That would be quite cool, to win without doing anything especially since they didn't get one themselves!

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^ I'm just hoping that this goes viral enough to land them some really BIG design contracts. They totally deserve it!!!


Assuming it wasn't just a ripoff of the older one I mentioned awhile ago (which is now defunct). I found a site referencing the old one: http://www.crunchgear.com/2007/09/15/play-a-real-claw-machine-online/


I guess it's possible that two companies thought of the same concept independently, but to me it seems like the execution is too similar to be a coincidence. Maybe someone involved with the old one helped make this one??? If so, more power to them, because the concept is awesome. But if it's just a ripoff, then the original creators deserve those big design contracts.

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I would've had my second crack at it today around midnight, but my cat evidently does not want that to happen. One step on the power strip under the computer desk was all it took. Thanks, Mia.


My cat almost did this to me the other night. She likes keyboards, and she almost hopped up on mine while the page was up. With my luck she would have probably hit the F5 key. So now, I make sure I switch to another tab if I'm going to leave my computer.


4 more hours to go (again)!

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^And the sharks lost so it wan't worth missing our turn! Oh well, 489 minutes left to wait. Thanks for the info from the creators a few pages back Robb. Really interesting stuff, and if they are reading this, ICE BAT AND SHARK PRIZES!!!!!

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Someone I'm in line with wants my FB, but I'm afraid she thinks I'm a hot guy flirting with her. I'm not; I'm just being silly with the Easter eggs! I haven't decided what to do yet.

Flirt with her more. Tell her you're an amazingly romantic hot dude set up a date, have her fly out and meet you, and the film her reaction! It will be a YouTube sensation!



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