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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Holy Cats!!! I just wont the present that was right by the place where you drop the presents!


Hope everyone saw it!

Your win was pretty memorable. You looked so close to losing!


I don't seem to be in line with any other TPR members, but finally had a brief convo revolving around the Easter eggs!

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I WON!!!


Not sure what, it was a big green ball, but had me fill out the form, so like others, we'll wait and see!!!

From what Ive come to understand... you win the big green ball!


I cant get in. I want back in line!

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I don't know if this has been posted yet, but my wife just forwarded me this link......damn do we have it bad LOL



I just bought the gray "It's Clawsome!" T-Shirt! http://www.shoprealmart.com/product.cfm/Clawsome/177/


If there is one thing I've learned running TPR, is that if you're going to put up a website, and do it ad-free, I'll at least support them by purchasing whatever products they offer. It's the least I can do for the entertainment value they've offered.... for FREE!


--Robb "I'm glad these guys don't want the party to be over at 11pm." Alvey

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Well, I finally caved in and decided to try this thing. The line was too full, but I just clicked "Try Again" a few times in a row. I got in on the third or fourth try...I guess persistence pays. So, I'll see how it goes. My avatar isn't quite as slick as Robb's wifebeater coolness. I'm just a baby, though it seems fitting, as my wife just gave birth to our first child.

-Doug "Wish me luck!" Heim

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I just got an email from Real Art Design! Apparently this thread has been brought to their attention and they've been reading up on what we're posting! They've also given me some information about the project to share with everyone. Here goes.... (ps. special thanks to Greg for bringing this all to our attention!)


Hey Robb,


Thank you for your support! We've actually been reading your thread for the past couple days and it's very cool to see how into it everybody is.


Every year at Real Art Design Group, we like to do something creative and fun for our clients around the new year; we’ve sewn puppets after their likenesses, auctioned off recycled GroBots for charity, all sorts of things. More of our work can be seen at http://www.realartusa.com/


But this year, it was one of those things that we started joking about over lunch one day, and it just kind of grew from there. We liked the idea of making something huge and fun that anyone could control over the internet.


We built the whole thing from scratch - it took about 2 months for our team to figure it out and put it together. The oversized game itself is set up in the front windows of our Dayton, Ohio headquarters, at 520 East First Street.


We wondered: what happens to Santa’s leftover presents? Well, nothing... Until now. We’ve collected all of Santa's extra gifts and tossed them into The Santa Claw. And when players win during their turn, we pack up the prize and ship straight to them.


Our clients got an early notice: We mailed a giant metal token to each of them at the end of December, wishing them a happy holiday and inviting them to log on to http://www.thesantaclaw.com on January 3 to play the game and win one of Santa’s cast-off gifts.


The Santa Claw is filled with all sorts of oddball prizes – big colorful balls, dime-store toys, the complete Dokken collection on vinyl, Old English cologne, leather chaps, magic 8 balls, Zebra-striped Snuggies. We even have some super cool stuff like Alien Workshop skateboards.


Side note: I've heard a few people wondering if there's something inside the colorful balls. We didn't realize that there would be any misunderstanding about them. Anyone that grabs a colorful ball; we send them an identical colorful ball. Technically, a new one that hasn't been blown up and bounced around inside a claw machine. Then the clear balls hold the other prizes that would be too hard to pick up otherwise.


The prizes are funny and all, but the coolest thing to us is just the fun of playing this monstrous claw game. The Santa Claw Twitter and Facebook accounts will be showing some of the grabbed prizes before they ship.


I know there are several videos of our game on Youtube now, but here's one that uploaded a video of his win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-vpENG5IU4


We created The Santa Claw's steel structure and spring-loaded claw. The prize enclosure area measures 17 feet x 8 feet x 12 feet. We think it’s the biggest claw game in the world, and we’ve sent our info to the Guinness World Records.


We built a Flash website for users to visit. Anyone can log in and use arrow keys and/or their mouse to play the claw game. The website uses Smartfox, a Java socket connection, to send commands to a server in our building. That server connects via USB cable to an Arduino microcontroller which converts the signals from Flash into motor commands and sends out the signal to the motors on the claw structure.


We have four cameras to monitor the claw and to capture the prizes. We also have sensors to capture when prizes drop through the chute so we can record who won what.


The first day it was online for play, almost 19,000 visitors tried to play The Santa Claw. It pretty much wrecked our systems, but we loved it.


This was built with the imagination and skill of all of our creative staff. From start to finish, we figured out how to make this thing, then we just did it. And we did it for fun. Is there any better reason than that?









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