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TPR Monthly Micros [RCT2]

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When today is the deadline? Midnight? If so I might be able to finish mine and Coupon's entry and have it to you all tonight some time. It might not be peepable though, Ill have to see what I can do but its more than likly not going to have peeps as I would need the huts turned to make it work. Again, Ill see what I can do.

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I thought that we missed the deadline? Coupon and me havent even touched it yet.

Alright, but that means you're disqualified.

Like a month ago, several people advertised a finished design for this month, but noone seems to have the interest of turning them in. They were actually really good designs so why not?
My guess would be that they were not duo parks.

Good answer. The only duo contestants were 10ryansmith and Coupon (late), Reviar and traincrossin (dropped out), the ghost and doublestufforeo, and PsiRockin and SoCalCoasters. In other words, the only two we have to worry about are the ghost and doublestufforeo, and SoCalCoasters and PsiRockin's duo micros.

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Well, the month of february was a wierd one, we ended up doing dous and it did not turn out the greatest, we only got two entries. Because of the circumstances the month we will declare dual-winners! Both entries were great and we didn't really know how to or want to decide which one won. So, Congatulations, you four are all winners! And of course we have feedback!


First up will be PsiRockin' and Socalcoasters entry;




Titled; Hayabusa


-Overall it had a great theme

-Good layout

-Great landscaping

-Good Foliage

-Good use of the space provided

-Did not like the support on the immelmann


Next is the Ghost and doublestufforeo's entry;




Titled; Dreadwood


-Good Layout

-Good Buildings

-Dead Atmosphere (could be good/bad)

-Didn't use space as best way possible


Great job on both of them. Now for the next topic at hand, March. All right I know there were many people in the past who were interested in participating so the first four people to comment will be in march and may start immediately. The deadline will be March 28th. All right well lets hope march goes a little better than february.

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