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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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The pictures look great very sharp and colorful. They have really done a super job expanding this park. I can't wait to try that White Lightning coaster soon. It's nice to see these smaller parks thrive in the midst of the super parks. Just goes to show there's enough pieces of the tourist and local pie to go around.

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Wow great pictures! I have a weird question, how has the park been doing bringing in guests?


I was going to ask this question too. When we were there it was at night in February where it was in the low 50's (the employees explained to us that Floridian's refer to that as "cold" but since we had just run away from over a foot of snow we weren't concerned). I assumed that the lack of attendance was due to the weather.


That being said in every trip report I see from this park it seems like it's just as empty as when we went. Hopefully this is just a coincidence. I hope so because we loved Fun Spot!


PS: This isn't the case with the Kissimmee location at all, they seem to draw great crowds.

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The place was dead when we went a few months back as well... Really had a blast at the park. The refurbished flats and go karts were a lot of fun, White lightning was great.. food wasn't bad either. I spoke with a few different ride ops and they all said they've been staying pretty busy when the weather is nice (it was cool and rainy the day I went). I'll definitely go back next time I'm in Orlando.

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My partner and I had a few days off earlier this week and it was supposed to beach days, however, the weather called for clouds and off and on showers. Bored, we jumped in the car and headed to Orlando to go to Fun Spot. Got a room at Best Western and had a great view of the park from our 8th floor window. (and of wet and wilds bone yard) Due to the weather and being in May, a slow time in O town, the park was slow, but perfect for marathon riding! I really enjoy this little park. The staff is super friendly, the park is spotless and food and drink is quite reasonable. Hey, $3 beer, $3 wine and $3 chicken fingers, ahh, life is good. Decided to buy a souvenir soda cup for $6. Lo and behold, the pic on it shows a train full of riders on White Lightning, and there I am on the cup, 4th row on the train. From the TPR commercial shoot last year. Cool souvenir IMO. We got the last 3 rides of the nite on White Lightning a little after midnight. On the way out, we noticed a picture mural on the outside of the party room at the entrance. On it was of course WL, and in that train was my partner on it. Another cool !! moment there. We went back the next morn to get a pic of it too and the Owner of the park was there. He gave us a fist bump on the pic and said that Rob, TPR, and Orlando Attractions mag were great people and had really done them a world of good. A few pics now


see you in a few weeks WL !


Good Morning WL !


The wall.


seeing double ?


I love this lil Vekoma

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Wow great pictures! I have a weird question, how has the park been doing bringing in guests?


The Season Pass Podcast had a great episode recently where the FunSpot guys were very candid about performance and it seems to be doing really well. I believe they said something like 250k riders for White Lightening last summer alone.


I think part of the reason it seems dead in photos you see is because the bulk of park's business is either groups (I've seen some school-age groups complete fill up the place random afternoons) or night business. They really seem to do a good job of picking up on the "what can we do after spending the day at " crowd.

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After the success of WHITE LIGHTING and the expanses of FUN SPOT ACTION PARK, the powers-to-be have decided it's time to add another attraction. Oh, what could this new attraction be? Maybe it can be a dark ride or how about a log flume ride? Those two would be my vote if I was one of those powers-to-be.


Just I have said in an earlier post, this is how theme parks are made: they go from being small to becoming king-size.

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Fun Spot has sent out a newsletter announcing three new attractions for Fun Spot America!


Orlando is receiving three new attractions!


Hot Seat

If you've been to our Kissimmee park, then you'll know how thrilling the Hot Seat can be! Never been on it? Check out this video:



Laser Maze

Carefully make your way to the end as you dodge lasers!


Gatorland Exhibit

Orlando will be getting it's very own mini Gatorland exhibit! Visit back as we will update on its progress!

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Orlando is the best. All bases are covered.


Disney World: The Most Magical Place on Earth

Universal : Disney+More Stuff for 15+ ages

Busch Gardens: Amazing Regional Park

Seaworld : Amazing Marine Park

Legoland : Amazing Children's Park

Fun Spot America: Clean and Awesome Jersey Shore/Boardwalk/Fried Food type of Park .


If only Aquatica or Wet N' Wild would get the itch to be quite as amazing as Schlitterbahn Braunfels, Splashin' Safari, Wild Wadi, or Yas Waterworld.

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Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full . . . these are the type of attractions that could benefit Fun Spot Action Park. Screaming Swings, Lasers, and Gators oh my!


But I do wonder what type of attraction Screaming Swings would be. I know two types of Screaming Swings: the type that are included in your park admission and the type that is an upcharge attraction. I do know the large ones that can hold forty riders at once are usually included in your park admission and the smaller versions, the ones that hold up to eight riders, are the upcharge versions. The video showcased the smaller Screaming Swings, so will this be an upcharge attraction or not?


Too bad they aren't doing a dark ride next season. Oh well, maybe next time.

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