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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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Since TPR filmed all the B-Roll for Fun Spot (and thank you to a lot of our local riders who helped out!), we now have a brand new White Lightning video for you - every angle you can possibly imagine! Enjoy!


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Yeah that was me! Girlfriend was riding the coaster with you at some points, she was in the back I believe. She is close to 50 rides on it in the past 4 days or so, I am at around 30ish. Hoping to make it back tomorrow night prob for some last night rides before heading back to Ohio Saturday... But after IOA/UNI during the day. Such a great little ride.


I figured you guys were enthusiasts...I just thought it was interesting that SHE was riding and you were taking the pictures lol. It's usually the other way around. I love just stopping in there for 30min to grab rides before continuing on with my day!


Next Thursday, June 6th, the park is having an annual pass holder party from 4pm-8pm which includes 2 free beers per passholder! I'll head over around 5:30 when I get off work!


That's the day before we leave for Coasting for Kids and I'm off....And free beer...Tempting.


Free beer? And I get off work at 4pm? I'll be there!

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Thanks to Robb, Fox and Fun Spot for setting up the film shoot this morning, and getting us all cool stuff. After 16 rides White Lightning is definitely a winner: speed, airtime, and a great crew . RipCurl, even though its apparently been slowed down a bit, is still crazy, especially after three straight rides. Go Karts were fun with never ending laps, food was great, and the staff was nice and friendly.

Come check out Fun Spot's grand opening on June 8, where wristbands are only $15, and you can buy up to six of them per person to use in the future.

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That park is a fun little spot in Orlando! We went there probably 4 nights last week and had a blast. It is nice how you can pull up, ride a few times and be driving away in 20 minutes... Can't do that many other places. Accessibility is so easy.


We ended up buying a season pass, although we feel in general the place is bit overpriced at the time. The passes at $120 IMO *should* include the other Fun Spot as well to make it a better value. It is just crazy to think you could buy a Universal/IOA pass for not much more. Either way, it was our only real option as the price per ride at $9 a pop would of added up quickly, and the day ticket was $40. So we had to suck it up and buy them.


That being said, the employees are amazing here. The crews were simply fantastic and full of energy. They all appeared to genuinely love their jobs. It was quite unexpected!


I ended up with 40+ rides on WL throughout the week and my girlfriend had around 65 I believe. Its nice when they let you just sit on the train for as long as you want without getting off. Again, the crews were simply amazing.


I recommend stopping by if you are in the area, for sure.

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Dang that little coaster hauls some serious butt. I can't wait to check this ride out, shame my son is still just shy of the height requirement. By the way, how's the Enterprise ride running? I remember riding the one at Boardwalk and Baseball years ago and loved that ride.

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Gawd, we had such a good time doing the "B Rolls". Looking forward to this saturday. I need my Lightning fix. The best part is that they are open til midnight and, hard to believe, we haven't had any night rides yet. That will be fixed this weekend for sure. It's really cool seeing the footage with us in it too, brings back great memories. Thanx to all..

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I can only imagine what it would be like if the train was full of big people. Or if you put six on the left side of the train and one kid on the right. Hmmm... I think next month TPoRlando should do a whole experiment day on White Lightning.

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The 14' tall Freedom Flyer figure is ready for installation. He will sit atop the FF building and hold a 20' tall pole with an American flag. He was fabricated by Dino Rentos Studios. They are also fabricating the dimensional theme fronts for the White Lightning.


front view


side view


concept render

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Earlier this past week Theme Park Review was invited back to Fun Spot America to check out White Lightning, Freedom Flyer, the Skycoaster and all that the new additions have to offer! Having not been to the park in years, I have to say that I was very impressed with the new additions and the look and feel of the new side of the park. It was especially odd to enter from the opposite side of the original entrance, only to walk towards what is now the back of the park to see what is actually the original front!


Seriously, the place looks and feels great--and it doesn't hurt that they're the only one with a (very fun) wooden coaster in Orlando!



Today was the official Grand Re-Opening of Fun Spot America. Trust me it was HUUUUUGE! They sold $15 wristbands to celebrate 15 years of business. The park was PACKED! Lines for both White Lightning and Freedom Flyer stretched out to the midways and the line to buy tickets was wrapped around the front entrance. What a GREAT response from the local crowd!


A short, but very sweet opening ceremony opened the park, construction partners were thanked, dignitaries were recognized, and the ribbon was cut! Then it was time to ride!


It's been a lot of fun working with Fun Spot the past month or so to help produce their video B-Roll package. Below are some of the videos we've shot over the past few weeks. Some of then for the park to use in their marketing materials, some of the just for fun! Check out the videos below and all the photos of the park. It looks GREAT!







Yep! I'm just a little excited to be here!


The first drop on White Lightning really catches you off guard!


The double up is so awesome!


And it gives a heck of a lot of air!


There's this wicked turnaround...






There's also the Vekoma with a bit of bite, Freedom Flyer!


Looks pretty great right?


The ride cuts across the park's new entrance midway.


And with no OSTRs, this ride just plain fun!


There's even an odd hill that gives you a weird kind of airtime.


They're flying for freedom!


Oh right, we're doing this now!


"This might be a mistake."


"This definitely is a mistake."




Soaring! Flying!


Rip Curl is a custom made Himalaya ride made just for Fun Spot America.


It is on this ride that you can TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!


Fun Spot has a brand new Tilt-A-Whirl too!


Let's admire Freedom Fighter some more!


This is a really fun first drop!


What have we here?


If you didn't know, Fun Spot America saved Six Flags over Georgia's Wheelie from retirement, getting it fully refurbished, adding an awesome lighting package and getting it up and running in the new area of the park as Enterprise. This ride is still amazing.


This really adds a neat kinetic energy to the park!


The park's new kiddie coaster is being painted and prepped for its opening soon! (And it did open just a couple of days later!)


Can we drool over White Lightning some more?


Yes we can!


The sun is beginning to set...


Hello beautiful!






Sooo pretty!


Seriously, this park has been transformed! Come on down and check it out for yourself!


Let's fast forward a few more days to the "Grand Re-Opening" of the park. Yes, that is the line of cars waiting to park! Looks like this is going to be a HUGE day for Fun Spot!


And this is the line to buy tickets! Wow! Looks like this new expansion of Fun Spot America could prove to be successful!


Opening ceremonies included John Arie Jr. thanking those who were involved with the expansion. Here he is giving Jeff Pike from Great Coasters a hand shake and a thank you!




John Arie Sr. says a few inspirational words. Both these guys were GREAT to work with! Wonderful to see the whole family coming together for the expansion!


It's ribbon-cutting time! =)


Fun Spot America is officially re-opened!!!


Now let's officially open White Lightning - Orlando's ONLY wooden roller coaster!


Wow! Check out that line for White Lightning!


Did we mention there were donuts? A LOT of donuts??!?! =)


Wow! Freedom Flyer has a HUGE line!


We found some REAL celebrities at Fun Spot's opening!


Yay! Another roller coaster credit for Orlando!


White Lightning is doing what it does best... FLYING!!!


Fun Spot basically started with Go Karts, and they still are the best in Orlando!


Some of our favorite rider cam shots from White Lightning!


This ride produces smiles!


Seriously great "throw your hands up and have fun" coaster!


"This is my imaginary bunny rabbit friend. He goes on every roller coaster with me."

"OMG - Robb Alvey is a psycho!!!!"


They'll basically let anyone ride this coaster! =)


This is more like it! Now if we could just get Elissa a sexier date! =)


Fun Spot America is now OPEN!!! It's HUUUUUUGE!!!!

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Drove by Fun Spot about an hour ago, and the place looked like it was packed, with the line going way out of the entrance. Looks like their numerous news stories, ride shoots, and promotions paid off. Awesome to have another park in Orlando (with a really good woodie).

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We showed up this morning, but didn't get there until 10a (on account of me having to work until 8:30a). The line to get tickets was PACKED! We attempted to endure the line for about 40 minutes or so (where Ericka brought us a Krispy Kreme, YUM! And thank you!) ... and while it WAS inching along just fine, ultimately decided to leave the queue and take advantage of the purchasing several tickets for future dates instead (for the same promo price)! The cash only table had NO line. So we chose NOT to endure the "crowd" and coaster/rides today, I am REALLY looking forward to returning SOON! Having walked through the park, it really looks amazing! And it was wonderful seeing a CROWD there! In years past when I visited, for go-kart fun, it was rather slow. Hopefully this new expansion draws a ton of popularity to this park! And having left around lunch time, we chose to fill up on tacos and queso at "LIME"! YUM-O!

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We too went this morning around 10:30 but saw the ling snaked around the sidewalk past the station of White Lightning, so we decided by the time we parked and waited in line, we probably wouldn't make it through in time anyway. After a pretty intense storm, we headed back to the park and it had cleared out nicely around 8pm.


Fun Spot has such a winner with this new expansion. Freedom Flyer was even a great family coaster. I was impressed by that last helix. White Lightning is such a solid ride. One of the most enjoyable rides. Not too intense that you can't marathon it, but intense enough that it leaves you going back for more! Again, great job Fun Spot. This is how a quality expansion is done!

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"Fun Spot" seems like an understatement with all the new additions and total makeover! Looks like a really awesome place. I LOVE Himalayas and kick-ass woodies that leave me grinning ear to ear! Haven't seen a ride like Enterprise in years - the last one I rode was Cyclops at Hersheypark many moons ago. The lighting package on it looks great. Way to go Fun Spot for hitting it out of the park!

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I just noticed that the Enterprise sign is in the Star Trek font. Nice!

When I saw that photo I thought someone had taken a giant nes controller and wrote on it using the star trek font

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