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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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Wow oh wow oh wow . . . It seems everytime I see a photo update on the constructions and going-ons inside Fun Spot Action Park it just makes me want to see more photos. That place is starting to look awesome!!!


Disney World and Universal better sit up and take notice; there is another player in Orlando that has the means to take a few more of your visitors away from your parks and place them into their own park. So whatcha gonna do when Fun Spot Action Park unleash the WHITE LIGHTING upon you?


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!"

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Just did a quick drive by of the park. Didn't take any pictures, but there's plenty of progress to report! As of right now, White Lightning is completely tracked up until the top of the double-double, and almost the entire length of the track has all 8 layers of wood (if I had to quantify it, I would say at least 90% of the layers are down). The gondolas were being put on the enterprise, and they were testing out the lights on Rip Curl. And from what I could tell, all the pavement is done inside the park, and they've gotten a decent amount of landscaping done, as well. Looking good!

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Hey TPR Members!


We have an amazing fun opportunity for you! Theme Park Review will be shooting commercial B-Roll for Fun Spot America (the one on I-Drive) and their new expansion on Monday, May 13th and Monday, May 20th.


We are going to need a good amount of riders, both young and old, male and female! As the park is "family oriented", we'll need to re-create that family atmosphere by filling the rides and coasters with a wide variety of guests. You are welcome to bring family members or guests, but we MUST have the information below for EACH person you are bringing. (Limit 3 including yourself - in the event that we have more TPR members sign up than anticipated, priority may be given to TPR members over guests.)


On Monday, May 13th, we will be filming on every attraction in the park EXCEPT White Lightning. This will include the new Freedom Flyer roller coaster, Enterprise, Himalaya, Tilt-A-Whirl, Go Karts, 250 foot Skycoaster, and lots more. We will need about 50 riders on this day.


On Monday, May 20th, we will be filming on White Lightning (the new GCI wooden roller coaster) and picking up shots from other rides if needed. We will need about 25 riders on this day. Please note: PRIORITY TO ATTEND ON THE 20TH WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO ATTEND ON THE 13TH!


Filming will begin at 8am on both days. We will need riders until around 5pm. Food (lunch) and drinks will be provided. If you are only available part of the day, please let me know. Priority would be given to those who could make the entire day, or a majority of either the morning or the afternoon.


This is going to be a really fun day as we'll get to ride a lot of rides, and you might even show up in a TV commercial or two!

If you are interested in attending this filming session, please send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with "Fun Spot Filming" in the subject. Please include in the email for yourself and any guests the following information:


- Your Full Name

- Your TPR Forum Screen Name or Club TPR Member Number

- Your Age

- If you are male or female

- Your email address

- Your mailing address

- Which days you can make it

- What time you are available on each day

- Your Phone Number

- A little something about yourself

- A picture is always helpful!


While we will need a lot of riders, we still have a limited number of spots available and we will contact you if you have made the list. You MUST be a member of Theme Park Review. You can register for free at http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum


The height restrictions in the park vary with most of them being around 46". There will be some rides that smaller children can ride with adults.


PLEASE NOTE! Sending the email does NOT automatically mean you made the cut for the shoot. We will contact you if you have made the list. Also, remember this is a "FILM SHOOT" and *NOT* an "ERT SESSION", and while it is very likely you may get to ride a lot, have a ton of fun, there is always a good amount of "hurry up and wait", as that's just how things are.


We want to provide the park with VERY ENTHUSIASTIC people who want to be part of this exciting experience. You also need to be a patient person and have a flexible schedule. People who complain or have a low tolerance for waiting around should not sign up for this shoot.


That's it! Send me your email and we will have an AWESOME time!




DISCLAIMER: Please note that the filming dates may be subject to change due to weather or ride availability. Having said that though, we're pretty confident everything will be ready to GO on those dates!


Edited by robbalvey
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The park just posted a couple pictures of the Freedom Flyer trains on the track! They look really nice and... LAP BARS! Here are the pictures:

Ha! I was standing next to them when they took those!


Here's a few I snapped today...


If you haven't responded already, please help us fill seats on all these rides at our film shoot May 13th & 20th - Details HERE: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1307034#p1307034


Paratrooper has been moved to the new spot. Just needs landscaping!


Scrambler is in the process of being moved! (Literally just picking it up and moving it!) lol


Freedom Flyer trains.


The "backside" of Freedom Flyer trains!


Doing some reach envelope testing.


Hard to tell from this pic, but the first drop looks fully tracked!


More tracking done on White Lightning.


The himalaya and Wheelie were both nearing completion. Apparently the Wheelie was testing earlier this week!


Another look over at Freedom Flyer.


Another look at the new location of the Scrambler and Paratrooper.




More track work being done...


A closer look...

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Thanks Robb, the expansion looks to have come together very nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the park in action.


Let's see, my last final is at 8 pm on May 19th. If I leave right after that with no sleep or bathroom breaks...


You know what? I think I can wait a bit. I would love to go to a TPR event though eventually.

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Hooray! It really is amazing how fast this thing was built. I know the steel structure probably helped that part go up really quick once on site, but the track seems to be growing on it's own! haha.


Can't wait for the film shoots.

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Did that last photo showed the coaster cars for WHITE LIGHTING???


I'm thankful they had it covered; methinks I would have wet my pants if they didn't.


As for the Paratrooper and Scrambler being moved into their new locations - Did the park actually moved them in one piece? Without dismantling them like other parks would have done? Would this be featured on the History channel called "Mega Movers"? ( Not!) Those new areas do need some landscaping down because I don't think any rider and amusement park flyer would want to enter a ride with mud on the ground.


This is getting better and better.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!

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