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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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If it is in fact Wild Adventure's boomerang, I think that may be the start to the demise of the park. But doesn't that park do fairly well, booking multiple concerts and adding new attractions almost every year? I don't see why they'd want to get rid of one of their three "major" coasters.


Now, if they were still looking into the boomerang option... do we know if Vekoma has redesigned their boomerang? Using the new track type found on Battlestar? A 4-Across seat standard boomerang with shock absorbing wheels on the train would be wonderful... but for now, probably just a wonderful dream.

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Hi everyone, first time doing this so, sorry if the format is all wrong and all.

Got some cool news announced about the Funspot waterpark.


The Logo and park-map have been released, it looks great so far.





The Original Source...


Sorry If i'm violating the T&C's of the forum, I just thought referencing would be fair really, I can't seem to find this information elsewhere, atleast this is the case at time of posting. I'm not advertising about them, I swear


Orlando, Florida — Fun Spot Attractions Owner and President, John Arie recently made a crucial strategic decision for the company. Although the company’s locations in both Orlando and Kissimmee enjoyed excellent growth and profitability, he decided—along with his family and team—that the timing was perfect to take his family entertainment venue to the next level by adding a waterpark component to the Orlando location. His team was determined to create something unique, and truly special unlike any family entertainment venue in Orlando, the theme park capital of the world. “Waterparks have become so commonplace that differentiation between facilities and their respective experiences has become harder for guests to perceive, and that they are becoming acclimated to the norm in that they have simply become a commodity with a different theme,” said Steve Levine, SplashTacular CEO.


“Fun Spot Attractions & SplashTacular are the perfect combination, the perfect team. I have no doubt that together we will have the most exciting facility and rides in the area. We are looking forward to entering the waterpark industry with SplashTacular as our supplier and partner,” stated John Arie.


“Our best work comes from collaboration with specialists who are the best in the industry, which is the reason Water Technology, Inc., the premier design group in the waterpark industry, was selected by John Arie to create a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, signature waterpark, that satisfies their financial and demographic objectives,” explains Levine.


“When meeting with John and his son, John Jr. they shared with me their true passion and love for people, which is infectious and is the heart and soul of their company culture. They further explained that their waterpark should appeal to their current client base of more than 500,000 annual visitors, promote American made products and services by incorporating SplashTacular rides, all of which are dynamic attractions and features that push the guest experience to new levels, and finally integrating energy conservation and sustainability measures as much as possible,” said Doug Whiteaker, President of Water Technology.


Fun Spot Attractions is on the verge of reinventing the outdoor waterpark guest experience. The park will have one-of-a-kind next generation attractions that will be exclusive to this venue. Nowhere else in the theme park capital of the world will you be able to experience these types of attractions except right here in Orlando!! Whether you’re a tot, a teenager, adult or grandparents… this family friendly environment will leave a lasting impression like nowhere else.

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This... may amaze people but, I have never been on a boomerang coaster before so, the idea of one possibly is quite interesting... bad I know.


I think it would fit pretty well for the park, I hope the new additions are good for the park, I think Old Town and Fun Spots new investments are great for the City, something different than the big 3 companies so, good on them.


The only Boomerang that I've ridden was Carolina Cobra at Carowinds. It was actually a very fun ride, and I also wouldn't mind one coming to Fun Spot.


Never been to this park, but I hope to soon, especially with this expansion. Love me a GCI Big Fun!


Well, I've been on six Boomerangs from the following parks:


Darien Lake

Great Escape

Six Flags New England

Canada's Wonderland

Hersheypark (last visit was 2008, so that's pre-new trains)

Lake Compounce


And I have to say, they are a LOT better than most enthusiasts say they are. Are they rough? A little. But IMO they are well within the tolerable range, and they are actually quite intense. They're pretty much the only 5 G ride you can readily find around the world.

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Watched the video a few times. If that comes here I would be very happy, it seems to have all the right parts. There is a great spot at the end of the ride for an insane tunnel. Is there any reason other than cost not to add a tunnel to the ride. It just seems like an easy win. I am kind of hoping the steel coaster isn't a Boomerang even though I have never been on one. Many of the othe rides are new and innovative so I am hoping for the same from the steel coaster.

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^^Boomerangs can sure have some overwhelming forces during the backwards portions.


I am genuinely excited for the addition of coasters they will be doing. A Small/Medium wood coaster can have just as much air time as the big ones.

Absolutely. I've happily seen this proven several times on wooden coasters old and new.

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As great as that park artwork looks, I think this particular location is completely stupid for a

water park. Seriously, it's within walking distance of Wet N Wild -- a much larger and more sophisticated

water park. Does International Drive really need 3 water parks? Why would someone bother to go to

this tiny park over Aquatica or Wet N Wild (Not even mentioning Disney's 2 amazing water parks)?


At least if they added this water park to the Kissimmee area (where they have their other Fun Spot) -- it

would fill the void for Water Mania getting closed. But there are two vastly superior water parks already

on the same street.


Not to mention that there are many hotels in the area (CoCo Key / Several Timeshares) that already offer

a similar sized water park for free with their stay.


Just seems like a big money loser for an already marginal family entertainment center. I guess Fun Spot

is too cheap to pay for an actual feasibility study that would determine that the local market is already

saturated with excellent water parks.

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First, welcome to TPR! This site is a lot of fun and the people here are extremely nice if you treat them with respect. With that said, please don't call something "retarded" because that is very offensive to some people, including me. I think if you had just used a better adjective such as "odd", "weird", or "stupid," this could have been a great first post! So please try to refrain from using that word and you should quickly get settled into the forums.

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^^I think you're looking at it the wrong way.


A lot of people who go to Fun Spot are looking for a cheaper alternative to the big parks/waterparks. They do a few go kart tracks in the Florida sun and then would kill for a refreshing little water park to cool down in.

Edited by robbalvey
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First, welcome to TPR! This site is a lot of fun and the people here are extremely nice if you treat them with respect. With that said, please don't call something "retarded" because that is very offensive to some people, including me. I think if you had just used a better adjective such as "odd", "weird", or "stupid,"

Please let the moderators do the moderating. Do not EVER tell another member what they can and cannot post to our forums, ok? Personally, I don't find anything offensive with the word "retarded." If Family Guy is allowed to have an entire episode dedicated to the subject matter ("Petarded"), then it's ok to use on TPR, assuming you're trying to be funny, and not mean to kids with down syndrome. Got it?


--Robb "If using the word retarded offends you, then TPR isn't going to be a forum for you..." Alvey

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Sorry, Robb. It's just something that personally irritates me, I guess I just overreacted. It wont happen again, I promise!


So can we actually confirm that fun spot will be getting a Big FUn, or are we just speculating? Hopefully that park itself will announce exactly what we can look forward to within the next few months.

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The only piece of concept art I've been able to find has been in the video on this news website:




From the concept artwork the wooden coaster is not a big fun as it has an out and back layout. I'd be guessing it will be a Gravity Group ride.


The video/picture quality is so low that I have no idea what the steel coaster looks like, but appears to be the smaller of the two.

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^ Yeah - i'm on the fence though if Orlando can support another water park. If they keep the price super low it might work - but there is too much competition now with Aquatica. All the other water parks in Orlando are also "included" with various tickets which helps them to get business during the off season. It will be interesting to see!

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