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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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Today I took a little hard hat tour of Fun Spot Orlando's new expansion. A couple of interesting things to note...


- Work on the Vekoma junior suspended is coming along nicely.

- Lots of GCI bents are on site

- SFOG's Wheelie is on site (although wasn't in a place where we could see it today)

- When finished, Orlando will have both the world's tallest and 2nd world's tallest Skycoasters!

- They are on track for a June 8th official grand re-opening!


Here's some pics....


The sign says I'm at Fun Spot, which is good, because that's where I'm meeting people to take me on a tour!


Not only are the expanding into the new area of the park, but work and improvements also continue on the current park as well.


You're looking right down the middle of the structure of the "2nd tallest Skycoaster" in the world! This one will be 250 feet when built!


Fun Spot's PR Director Mark gives us a bit of a perspective on how HUUUUGE these pieces are!


Skycoaster is getting painted and will be ready to go up very soon!


This will be the loading platform for the Skycoaster.


The underside of the Skycoaster loading platform.


This will eventually be "Skycoaster lake." If your false teeth drop out of your mouth while on the Skycoaster, they will fall into here...and here they will stay forever! =)


Bathrooms - these are very important, especially if you have any accidents while on the Skycoaster. (and we're talking about poopy accidents...not any other kind!)


These dots mark the spot where GCI wood....errr...I mean steel is going to go!


There are a lot of dots on the ground!


Connect the dots and you'll have roller coaster! (seriously kids, it's that easy! What are you waiting for? Build one in your back yard!)


Big Blue thing was birthed at Vekoma. Behind it you can see the new park entrance has taken shape.


The Vekoma junior suspended is coming along nicely!


More dots....


Dutch supports from Vekoma!


Hooray! We have GCI steel! Really looking forward to their first "steel structured" wooden roller coaster!


A few bents (actual term!) ready to go into place.


Here is what has been completed to date on White Lightning.


"You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel. So long, Dott."


That's as tall as the Vekoma is gonna get!


They sure have made a lot of progress over the last two photos! =)


Vekoma platform.


Work was being done on the junior suspended while I was there.


More GCI steel!


This will become the support structure for White Lightning.


A close up of GCI steel bits.


When it's all done, from afar, it will look like a white painted wooden roller coaster!


Vekoma track....


I'm pretty sure all the track is on site (or at least most of it!)


More Vekoma track and things...


That wraps up this Fun Spot update! Should have some more pics soon! Thanks to Fun Spot for letting us come and poke around today.

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I am looking forward to this. I have some plans to go to California this year but next year, Florida 2014, Fun Spot Orlando, oh yeah! Besides that, I still need to get the bad taste of Gwazi (pre-millennium flyers) out of my mouth, so here's hoping that White Lightning will be one of the good GCI's!

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I wish this expansion would've happened before my College Program. Then I would've had some GCI wood just a short I Ride Trolley ride away from Chatham Square!!! Oh well, more reason to go back I suppose.


But in all seriousness this looks fantastic and I can only imagine that it might be a taste of whats to come for Fun Spot.


I love this trend towards smaller, airtime focused woodies. I mean, look at how great of a ride Wooden Warrior is and it's so tiny!!! Maybe an FEC like Scandia in SoCal will pick one of these rides up. I think Scandia Screamer is past it's prime. Heck if they could find a way to fit it in (they won't) this would be a great new attraction for Belmont Park or Pacific Park.

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I've actually been impressed with the vast improvements made at the other FunSpot location...and it goes without saying this will be great! I can't wait to get my butt down there the day the GCI opens!

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Robb, Can a tall person over 6' 4" ride the Junior suspended, or is it like the one a Kings Island?

They haven't released any height restrictions yet. I'm assuming it's the newer restraints that will allow for shorter kids to be able to ride, but I'd say it's doubtful that Vekoma has extended the maximum height restriction.


As a rule of thumb, I'd say that if you can't ride the current installations, you should expect not to be able to ride this one, but in the off chance you can, it would be a nice surprise!

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