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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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I'm curious; how much more land around the park is there, beyond this expansion? I've been there, a few years back, but I can't say I paid that much attention to that detail then.


I'm just wondering it this is as far as it'll go, a nice little miniature amusement park with one really good coaster, or if this is just the beginning and we're looking at the beginnings of a "real" park here. Given how popular the place seemed to be when I was there and how well run, and how this project seems to be being received, it seems quite possible. I had a great time there even when it was just go-karts and a few little flats, so I'd love to see the place just take off.

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If you see the map you'll see this is Phase 1, then they have one more plot of land which is to become the water park of Phase 2. After that, that's all the land they currently own and I don't see too many options around them for more unless they were to cross a road and buy out a strip mall.

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Right, I did see the map of phase 2. I wasn't sure if there was the possibility of it going any further than that. A little disappointing that it doesn't sound likely, but still, it's going to be great as is with both phases done.

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Here are the most recent renderings of phase one of the new expansion. The 50 foot deep footers for the SkyCoaster are in and it is now expected to be up by mid January. The photo shows the new entry building being blocked up, the pond is dug, and the footers for the SkyCoaster/restaurant building are in the foreground.


Latest park rendering.


New entry.


SkyCoaster area.


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I'm thrilled that Wheelie has a new home- and with this, they are preserving a great ride in EXCELLENT condition, as well as adding a top-notch thrill to their already growing lineup of rides. It is always good when a park chooses to preserve one of His works, and I give them Fun Spot many kudos for keeping Wheelie spinning into the future!



Praise be to Anton, Amen.

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Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves... Anyone hearing it on the internet is far from confirmation. I love to see classic rides saved just as much as the next, but I think it is far too soon to be praising Anton just yet.


Fun spot posted a picture of it... from their FB page. Thus the joy over it.

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Everyone ready for a Fun Spot update with some substance??



Time to check out Fun Spot's expansion progress!


Here's an overview of what will be installed.


Looks like they've started piecing together parts of the Skycoaster and it's about to go vertical!


Here is one of the foundations for one side of the arch.


They've also got the building that will be under the Skycoaster started. I guess the launch platform will be on the back of this building (to the right).


In the background you can see the giant hole they have dug for the lake that will be in the center of the expansion, you'll swing out over it on the Skycoaster!


Here is about the middle section of the "out" portion of White Lightning. They have the strips of concrete down, but no footers yet.


But that doesn't mean they haven't been pouring footers!


Footers ahoy!


It's a hard goodbye for the footers and their molds.


As we move further up the street, we see that they've done lots of work on the footers towards where the first drop is.


They've "landscaped" under the ride all the way up through the lift hill/first drop. Seems like they're taking it section by section down the length of the ride (as you'll see more later).


Here's the view from the end of the property, can't wait to see this coaster go up!


This is the new ticket building that will be at the "back" entrance of the park once everything is done.


Looks like not much has been done where the Vekoma Junior SLC will be. Gotta wonder when they'll start building that.


The little "S" curve you see there on the right portion of the picture is where White Lightning will make its final turn into the brakes.


They've started the foundation of the station for White Lightning!


This is the little turnaround from the final brakes to the loading station.


And that will be the new parking lot.


Not sure what this building will be, maybe a motor house for the lift? Or an electrical building? Something like that.


And now we're back down on the other end of the layout, still tons of work to be done on the foundation/footers.


This is as far as they've dug to this point, no concrete has been poured. The turnaround is just past this point to the right.


Just waiting on the concrete.


If you look closely, you can see the pink markers showing the reach of the turnaround, so it's going to be fairly close to that go-kart track.


I guess we can classify this as a terrain coaster, amiright??


So it looks like they've gotten some good progress done so far, but I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt that this expansion will be done by June. I mean, miracles happen, but they've got quite a lot left to do and only five months to do it. They're doing a good job getting a lot of stuff done during the dry season, but once spring hits, they better hope they have a majority of it finished, otherwise rain will slow this project WAY down.

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