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Top 10 Movies of 2010


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I'm not sure if I can remember all the movies I've seen this year.

Here are some that stood out and I'd consider my best of 2010:

1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World


(the rest are in no particular order)

Harry Potter 7.1

How to Train your Dragon

Despicable Me

Toy Story 3

Shutter Island

Get him to the Greek

She's out of my league

Robin Hood

Shrek 4



Before I get "how could you not include Inception and/or Social Network": I haven't seen them yet.

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Top 10s are VERY HARD for me, but I was thinking of this before and Ive got a top 5.


1. Black Swan

2. True Grit

3.Pirhana 3d(seriously, watch before you judge!)

4. Toy Story 3

5. The Social Network.


I do plan on seeing The Kids are All Right and the Kings Speech ASAP, although in 2011.

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I'm seeing an unfortunate lack of Tron in this thread.


I don't remember too much of what I saw new this year, so here's a top five and then a jumbled mess of the rest (of the ones that I liked, anyway). Keep in mind that while these may not be the best fims, they're the ones I enjoyed the most. (And no, I have NO INTENTION of seeing Black Swan.)


1. Tron: Legacy

2. Inception

3. The Social Network

4. The A-Team

5. Deathly Hallows Part 1


Also liked included:

The Road (I think that was 2010)


Toy Story 3

Robin Hood



But kudos for 2010 for not only giving me my new favorite movie (suck it Avatar), but my two least favorites of all time.

1) The Last Airbender: Just...no.

2) Killers: Even worse. I honestly want to see anyone involved with making that movie pushed out of an aircraft at high altitudes with no parachute.

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I though Tron was very boring!


I can see why 50% of people like it and the other 50 hate it. I just thought it lacked what I like in movies - Humour, a bit of action and a good storyline. The special effects were amazing in Tron, but the rest just went over the top of my head.

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The thing is, I think of movies as more experiences, kinda like how I can appreciate the experience of Space Mountain over the quality of Behemoth etc.


So while other movies (like Social Network) may have been better movies quality-wise, I just got so caught up in Tron, despite having no idea what the hell it was about going in.


Just putting that out there.

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I didn't see 10 different movies this year, that also came out this year. What I did see was Iron Man 2, Grown-Ups, Toy Story 3 (in 3D), Jackass 3D, A-Team, Harry Potter, and The Expendables. I really liked A-team...definitely a VERY underrated movie. The Expendables was pretty good too. Grown-Ups and Jackass 3D were funny as hell, and the extra fee to watch Jackass in 3D was definitely worth it. Toy Story and Iron Man speak for themselves, and Harry Potter is Harry Potter. Overall, I enjoyed them all. I did buy Predators on Blu-Ray, but have yet to watch it.

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I hate most movies, and rarely see them until they're on the On Demand service on FIOS. But here's a list anyway. And I'm counting stuff I saw on DVD or on the SyFy Channel. Just because.



Mega Piranha

Kick Ass



Lake Placid 3

Iron Man 2

Piranha 3D


Hmm, that might be it. I don't get out to the theater very often, and like I said I hate most movies. Oh, worst thing I paid to see was Skyline. I've seen tons of HORRIBLE movies on the On Demand, but since they're free I don't care. Well, I care because they waste my time, but then again I usually just start watching them because I have insomnia and there are not any good informercials on...



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Top 10

1. Black Swan (Love them doing Swan lake by doing swan lake, great special effects and it was creepy)


3. Burlesque (Funny, good music, Stanley Tucci)

4. How to Train Your Dragon

5. Toy Story 3

6. Alice in Wonderland

7. Tangled

8. Valentine's Day

9. Shutter Island

10. Harry Potter


Most surprising was Burlesque I did not expect to like that at all.


My honorable mentions go to the movies I prob. would have put on here if I had seen them


Saw VII (Im a fan guilty as charged!)

Paranormal Activity 2

Robin Hood


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For me:



The Social Network

Toy Story 3

True Grit

How to Train Your Dragon

Harry P. #7


The A-Team


Tron: Legacy


However, The Last Airbender is probably my favorite. I couldn't stop laughing!!! Now, alone, the elements of the film are just terrible, but put them all together, and you've got a 100 min. laughfest!!! It's funnier than most comedies, for all the wrong reasons!!

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I thought 2010 was a pretty good year for movies. There are a few I haven't seen yet so this list may change in the next couple of months. I haven't seen The Social Network, True Grit. Black Swan, The King's Speech and those may take up some of those spots.


1) Inception

2) Toy Story 3

3) Harry Potter 7.1

4) Despicable Me

5) Kick Ass

6) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

7) The Kids are All Right

8) Let Me In

9) Tron

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ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series.


1) "The U"

2-10) Pick nine others. For any sports fan who lived through the 80's and 90's,these were all very well done. Each of them was

informative, entertaining, and exceptionally well produced and directed.

Seeing the story behinds the convicts was entertaining, however my favorites were the Pony Express and Marcus Dupree documentaries. Then again as a sports fan I haven't seen one that I disliked yet.

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^ I guess if I had to pick, after "The U," "Once Brothers," "Tim Richmond:To the Limit," "Pony Excess, ""No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson," and "Without Bias" were my favorites. But like you said, as a sports fan, they were all really good and interesting.


I found myself watching so many of them and thinking, "Wow. I was so blind to what really happened back then." The whole series makes you seriously reevaluate the way you watch and interpret sports. I just really loved the way the human element was brought forward in each story.

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