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The Revenge of the Suspended Coaster!

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With all the recent ho-hum about Big Bad Wolf and the death of the suspended roller coaster, I decided to take on a new project.



of the Suspended Roller Coaster


The new-age Suspended roller coasters would be designed for parks who want a high-speed thrill ride on a hillside or low on the ground, or for parks who want a roller coaster that can zig-zag between narrow spaces with little danger to the passengers.


While I won't say much, I will say one huge detail about the ride. The trains are fixed - they will not swing. I've done research and concluded that the swinging would put too much stress on the track itself to be viable in the long-term.


Phase I - Model of the Train and Track

Train Model

Seating - 100% complete

Restraint System - 100% complete

Anti-reach Guarding - 100% complete

Outer Shell (front car) - 100% complete

Outer Shell (rear cars) - 75% complete

Chassis - 30% complete

Wheel Assembly - 0% complete

Train Assembly - 15% complete


Track Model

Track - 0% complete

Track Nodes - 0% complete

Supporting - 0% complete

Track Assembly - 0% complete


Phase II - Example NoLimits Track

Trackwork - 100% complete

Terrain - 0% complete

Supporting - 0% complete

Scenery - 0% complete


I'm really excited about making this project. Stay tuned!


Phase I.


Phase II.

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Will this new version of suspended coaster do inversions?


The over the shoulder restraint on Arrows suspended coasters always bothered me. They were never needed on any suspended coaster I have ever been on. A simple lap bar would be sufficient.


Another question, is it really a suspended coaster if it does not swing? This is something I have always wondered about coaster types. Why are B&M's called inverted and Arrows called suspended? They both ride under the track so why the difference in titles?

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I use the term "Suspended" the same way Intamin uses the term "Mega Lite". It's not necessarily what the coaster is, but it's what the enthusiasts would relate it to. It's a very controversial project, because of the rise of the fixed-train inverted roller coasters coming from Bolliger and Mabillard. I believe the accepted term for a coaster that runs below the track is "inverted".


The biggest reason why I chose to revive the suspended coaster was because there are no other inverted coasters like them. Not because they would swing from side-to-side, but because the coasters could go through narrower areas and didn't have the kind of reach envelopes that modern inverted coasters have.


Eliminating the swinging does in fact enable the use of inversions, comparable to an Intamin Suspended Looping coaster. Losing the swinging also gets rid of the swing guide on the bottom of the train, enabling the coaster to get even closer to the ground.


Like I said, the main advantage of this kind of coaster over normal inverted roller coasters is that it it can tolerate much smaller clearances, which is great for terrain coasters and zig-zagging.

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