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Happy New Year TPR! What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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^ Six Flags Great America you should definitely check out. I've heard from a lot of people that they find it to be one of the best Six Flags. It has a great mix of all types of rides, (water, family, thrill, etc..) and park itself has some decent theming, is clean and I've personally never ran into a problem with a rude employee. Lines generally aren't horrible with the exception of Superman.


If you do go to Mount Olympus you have to go to Timber Falls (just down the road) and ride their coaster. It's has great pacing and airtime. It's insane. If you're in to water rides they have a great flume to and their thrill ride, (a Spin Doctor) is also a ton of fun! There is also a FEC, Knuckleheads nearby which has a kiddie coaster if you're enough of whore.


About an hour from the Dells is Little Amerricka. If it's on your way, stop by and ride the 4 coasters. The park is cheap and you could be in and out in 15 minutes. And their one thrilling flat, Test Pilot, is an insane, old, janky roll-o-plane, tons of fun. If it's not on your way though, it's nothing worth driving too far for. Their best coaster is a mirror image of SFGAM's Little Dipper, (but LA's is much better) and all the coaster are clones, so you wouldn't be missing anything you can't just ride somewhere else. Still a nice park IMO, but I can't really justify going too far out of the way for it.

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Well as of right right now I am really looking forward to WCB. This will be my 4th year flying to LA for it. I seem to get blown away every year. Such a great time. Typically I fly in just for afew days to attend but this time I will be there from the 17th-26th. Hitting a bunch of LA stuff, looking forward to Griffith Observatory, then do four days at Disney, grab a tour of Angel Stadium. I'm am sure other stuff will just fall into place once I'm there. As for the rest of the year hopefully Albuquerque for the balloon fest in October and then NY at Christmas.

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-Getting the 100# Coastercredit (88# at the moment)

-Riding X-Raptor

-Maybe UK-Trip with Kyle

-Flying alone to NY (sightseeing) and going to SFGAv (KingdaKa,ElToro) for about 5days

-HD POV of the New Texas Giant

-HD POV of Cheetah Hunt


Happy new year !!

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- First TPR trip (Northeast)

- Reading everyone's responses to the "new" Intimidator 305 (This should be quite comical)

- Orlando and Tampa sometime this year, just haven't figured out what time.

- Some unknown trip in the last week of June. I am leaning towards Texas but I have a few other ideas in mind.


And a special thanks to the last 3 months of 2010 for my part time job (Have a full time job also) allowing me to have money for said trips!

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Weddingmoon cruise with 37 friends this Thursday !!


Honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in March


Cheetah Hunt opening weekend (hopefully, if not opening weekend then sometime this summer)


Legoland Florida at some point this summer


Finally check out Harry Potter


Six Flags over Georgia for Dare Devil Dive


Hall-o-Screams at Busch Gardens or Horror Nights at USO in October


Possibility of an overseas vacation late summer early fall (maybe Oktoberfest)


Hopefully lots of sporting events and concerts over the spring and summer

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I am looking forward to:


-Our Texas trip in April/May (SFOT, SFFT, SWSA)

-Our Northeast trip in September/October (SFGrAdv, Hershey, Dorney and maybe Knoebels)

-More good times with friends

-Getting more credits and travelling more

-Dare Devil Dive media day

-Finally getting to ride El Toro, Kingda Ka, Nitro, Green Lantern, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, Lightning Racers, Talon, Hydra, S:KC, Titan, Steel Eel and Texas Giant

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Coaster and Theme Park Related:



--TPR Northeast Trip!

--Multiple rides on the "new" I305

--Riding my #1 overall coaster again--El Toro!

--Trips to Busch Gardens Williamsburg



--Trip to Carowinds and 1st ride on I-232

--1st trip to Dollywood

--Western PA trip--Lakemont, DelGrosso's, Idlewild, and Kennywood (all firsts)



--1st trip to Cedar Point

--Florida trip... Cheetah Hunt!



Continue my weight loss (partially to remove all doubt about fitting on rides and coasters, but mostly for personal reasons!)

Multiple weddings to attend (one in Colorado)


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Getting another season pass for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


Going to magic Mountain in late July to use the 4 VIP passes I won from state farm/six flags. Front of the line on all rides, all day at magic mountain... well worth a 325+ mile road trip.

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short list:


Japan (with TPR)

RCCL cruise (my second cruise)

April and may.. (due to the number of new rides opening in my area)


And who knows what the future will hold.. There might be some more random things happening.

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This is going to be one awesome season in 2011...


-Six Flags Great Adventure opening day April 9...can't wait for Green Lantern as I LOVE Mantis, and of course El Toro<3

-Florida in April for a week, hopefully Cheetah Hunt will be open

-Hopefully visiting SFMM sometime between now and spring

-Doing a Niagara Falls/Martin's/Marineland/Wonderland/Toronto trip in summer

-New and improved i305!

-Coastal Maine/Funtown-Splashtown/Canobie/My first Eurofighter


...and hopefully more!

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Parks I Am (Most Likely) Visiting:

- Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington (I need the new TG & Flashback credits)

- Sandy Lake, Carrollton (First Time Visit)

- Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah (First Time Visit)

- iT'z Family Food & Fun, Houston (Indoor FEC, First Time Visit)

- Zuma Fun Center, Houston (FEC, First Time Visit)

- Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio (Need all but 1 credit)

- SeaWorld San Antonio, San Antonio (Need all but 1 credit)

- Canton Christmas Tree Farm, Canton (First Time Visit)


I MIGHT be going to Magic Springs in Arkansas, but there is a lower chance of visiting this park than any of the others. If I do go, it will be my first time visiting the park. If all goes according to plan, I'll get over 18 credits this summer! In the enthusiast world, this is a small number, but keep in mind I don't have a car yet

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Here are my plans.


Become a radio DJ on local station AM1700 WPMD. (I start Tuesday!!!)


Finish my novel!!


Continue my journey to getting my AA for Animation/Graphics Design.


Conquer a couple coasters, and ride at least ONE B&M multi-Looper. (Go easy on me, I'm still terrified to death of coasters, period.)

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So basically I'm looking foward to Halloween, already.


Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream was really lacking this year in comparison to KD. NEW MAZES. Bottom line. Some of the mazes had lots of potential, but recycling the same thing gets boring.


Kings Dominion's HAUNT needs to not change. Bruno Mars could write a song about how good it was.



As for Six Flags though, it would appear Six Flags has been surveying season pass holders about Fright Fest, and I'm hoping they can really improve it this year. Obviously it won't be anything to the caliber of the other parks, but I'm crossing my fingers they can get a good start. Basically, the first thing would be to STOP UPCHARGING THE DAMNED MAZES. I'm also hoping they can add a few mazes.



Halloween + Themeparks = Incredible.

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Honestly, the only things I can invision myself accomplishing are:


-running my second marathon at some point (and hopefully doing it in under 2 hours)


-finishing my master's degree in December


And as the above poster said, I'm looking forward to Halloween, because Halloween is basically the greatest thing God ever created...hands down!

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